23 Tips on How to Make Capricorn Guy Fall in Love with You

Capricorn, anyone who was born on December 21 to January 21, typically passionate and unique. Capricorn man is also shy but loyal, they are a great catch.

How to Make Capricorn Guy Fall in Love with You

If you currently have a Capricorn crush, you must be wondering about how to make Capricorn guy fall in love with you. Seeing their astrology sign will help you make the connection between his traits and how you can use it to make him fall in love with you. So, here are brief explanation how to make a capricorn man happy with you:

1. Be his friend

Before any relationship, capricorn men value friendship. As he is shy, a capricorn man will want to make a bond with you first before doing anything romantic. So, be his best friend and you will be his love interest.

2. Be patient

Most women like to have a fast paced and mysterious chase with their target, but a capricorn man will not fall for that. You need to be slow and patient when making moves with a capricorn guy, he will like you more for your patience and loyalty.

3. Keep things interesting

Being in the friendship-zone can either create or break your future relationship with him. Even if you are only his friend currently, this is a time for him to decide if he wants to get along with you or not. So, we suggest keeping things interesting. 

4. Show your intellectual side

A physical beauty won’t attract a capricorn guy for long. So, show your intelectual side. Challenge him with your brain. He will be more fascinated by you and will want you more.

5. Support him

Since capricorn men are a natural born goal striver, they will want to have someone that supports them at all times. What you need to do is to be behind his back and become his number one fan. He will thank you and love you for that. Stay with a Capricorn man during bad and good times. 

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6. Do not play games

Capricorn men value loyalty. So, do not try to have a short-lived relationship with him. Show him that you are committed and that you are here to stay, so that he will feel safe with you. Slowly he will show the signs that a capricorn guy likes you. 

7. Do not make him jealous

He wants to know that you are really for him only. Capricorn men naturally do not show if he feels jealous or bad about what you did. If you make him jealous for fun, he will leave you instead.

8. Respect his space

It is easy to be clingy with someone you want. Since a capricorn man is reserved and shy, he often needs some alone time. Give him that time. Remember, this is not because he doesn’t love you.

9. Prove your strength

How do you win a Capricorn man’s heart? A Capricorn man loves someone who challenges them. Indeed, show him that you are hardworking, ambitious, and that you have goals for your future. This will make him admire and respect you more and more.

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More tips on how to make Capricorn guy fall in love with you

If you already know how to make a capricorn man happy, here is more tips:

1. Be brave 

Show that you have an opinion and a strong value that you hold. Be yourself, only braver. He will start admiring you that way. This is a great way on how to make a capricorn guy fall in love with you

2. Know manners

Capricorn man loves a sophisticated, cultured woman. So, know your boundaries and show him the classy woman that you are. How do you win a Capricorn man’s heart? By showing him that you are a true beauty that he would regret not to kiss. 

3. Do not show affection publicly

Capricorn men are shy so showing your affection in public will be kind of embarrassing for him and it will make him even hate you.

4. Show your love for your friends and family

Show him that you love your friends and family because he is a family oriented guy. If you do show him, you are not going to win his heart. 

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5. Genuinely compliment him 

Capricorns love to be adored, but only when it is genuine. Do not throw him too much compliment or he will see you as someone fake.

6. Take care of yourself 

Take good care of yourself so that your life does not seem like a mess. This will make a capricorn men feel secure to be in a relationship with you

7. Be busy 

Do not be too available for a capricorn man because he wants to know that you have a great, exciting life. This way, he will be more interested in you. 

That’s how to make Capricorn guy fall in love with you. Indeed, astrology signs can be typical but people are different. Once you know your crush better and closer, you will learn how to win his heart. 

Indeed, you need to be an awesome woman for yourself and your family. You need to love yourself and be happy on your own and not begging someone to love you. 

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Signs that a capricorn guy likes you 

You have been hanging out with this Capricorn guy or he might say yes to you about the potential relationship. This is more signs that a Capricorn guy likes you: 

1. He prioritizes you in his life 

Even though a capricorn man has a lot going on his plate, he will make you his first priority. He will always make time for you to make sure you are happy and okay.

2. He wants an exclusive relationship 

A real relationship is a big step for a capricorn. So, if he finally asks this from you, that means he is really crazy about you. What you need to do in this moment is show that you are not hesitant and commit fully to the relationship. If you don’t, you will quickly lose him

3. He expresses his feelings 

How do you know if a Capricorn man is falling in love with you? Even though he is shy at first, when he really loves you he will feel secure around you. So, he will have no doubt when speaking about his feelings.

4. He will be your number one fan 

A cappy man will not hesitate to support you fully and be your number one fan if he really loves you. This is because he wants you to have the best life and he wants to show you that he really cares about you.

5. He will introduce you to the people in his life 

When he is sure about you, he will want you to be involved in his life more. This includes having his circle of family and friends know you more.

A Capricorn is quite a catch, the chase is long and complex but when you do catch him, your love life will be more than exciting! Pay attention to how to make a capricorn guy fall in love with you. That’s how to make Capricorn guy fall in love with you.