30 True Signs That a Man Loves You Unconditionally

It’s amazing when the one you love loves you back. There’s nothing better than knowing that someone feels the same way you feel about them. When a man loves a woman, he will do anything for her. You have loved your man and you’re sure that he loves you too. 

Signs That a Man Loves You Unconditionally

But, is his love true or is it just a temporary love? Find out the truth in these signs that a man loves you unconditionally. See if he really loves you no matter what or is just fooling around. Here are the signs that a man loves you unconditionally: 

1. He thinks you’re amazing even without any makeup on

You just woke up and he asks for a video call. You’re kinda embarrassed cause you’re such a mess when you wake up. He doesn’t care about it and thinks you’re amazing anyway.

2. He cancels another thing just to be with you

His boys call him out to go having fun for the weekend, but at the same time you want him to come with you to your friend’s wedding. He doesn’t mind canceling his boys day out and comes with you instead.

3. He cheers you up when you’re down

Your happiness is his happiness and your sadness is his sadness too. He hates to see you cry, so he does whatever he can to see you smile.

4. He will go the distance just so he can see you

You’re out of town for stuff and it makes you and him unable to catch up. When he’s not busy, he comes to you even though you’re miles away.

5. He listens to you

When you want somebody to listen to whatever goes in your head, he’s there. You just need someone to share your thoughts with and he’s the one you can count on.

6. He always tries to make you happy

Your happiness matters to him and he will do anything to make you happy. He doesn’t want any single tear fall from your eyes.

7. He gives you a moment when you need time to be alone

Sometimes you need a moment for yourself where nobody else interrupts you. He understands that you want to be alone and will wait until you feel like letting him in.

8. He doesn’t get mad when you behave a little annoying

Being in your period makes you screwed up. He understands it and doesn’t get insulted when you seem to be more annoying.

9. He can see through your eyes if you’re not okay

You pretend that everything’s okay when you actually are having a bad day. Although you try your best to look okay in front of him, he can see through the look in your eyes that something is bothering you.

10. He knows from your voice that you’re not telling the truth

There’s something you don’t want him to know yet, so you’re not telling him what. He understands you very well that he can know that you’re saying something that isn’t the truth.

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11. He can see if you’re keeping a secret from him

He knows that you’ve been lying to him about something. You try your best to cover it up, but his sense can spot something weird about the one he cares about.

12. He doesn’t let you do things alone

He never wants to see you do the hard things that may hurt you. Whatever it is, he tries his best to reduce the weight on your shoulders.

13. He keeps you safe no matter what happens

When you two walk together, he holds your hand. He watches for everything so there’s nothing that can come and hurt you.

14. He patiently waits for you

He doesn’t mind waiting for you until you finish your thing. Even after some time waiting, he still gets excited to finally see you.

15. He doesn’t let you wait

He will patiently wait for you no matter how long, but he never wants to make you wait. You tell him it’s okay to wait, but he tries his best to finish his stuff as soon as possible.

16. He quits doing something you want him to stop

There must be something about him that you can’t accept like his smoking habit. You want him to quit smoking and he will.

17. He’s willing to change

There’s a difference between you and him. He’s willing to change so he can fit in your world. Ah, what good signs that a man loves you unconditionally.

18. He doesn’t hear what other people say about you

How to know if a man loves you unconditionally? Some people say that you don’t deserve to be his girl. You’re not pretty or rich. He doesn’t care about what they say cause he loves you for who you are.

19. He’s honest about everything

He opens up to you about everything that happens in his life. He shares every good news, bad news, his opinion about things and whatever.

20. He introduces you to his exes

Since he always opens up about his life including his past relationships, he has no problem introducing you to his exes. He tells his exes that you’re his girl and he seems so proud to call you his girl in front of his exes.

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21. He introduces you to his friends

How to know if he loves me unconditionally? He lets you know his friends. To him, his friends are your friends too.

22. He misses you few seconds after you leave

He seems a little bit sad when you’re about to leave the town for a few days. A moment after you leave, he already texts you saying he misses you and wishes you’re okay when he’s not around.

23. He lets you check his phone

Find some signs that a man loves you unconditionally. He doesn’t mind when you bring his phone and use it like yours. When his phone rings and he’s away, he lets you pick it up.

24. He doesn’t mind if you bring his place’s key

To him, his things are yours too. He lets you bring his place’s key so you can come in anytime you want.

25. He lets you eat his favorite food

The man who loves you unconditionally will give you everything, even what he loves the most. He will let you eat his favorite food to make you happy.

26. He loves you without reasons

When you ask him why he loves you, he doesn’t answer it right away. He just smiles and suddenly you don’t need any answer cause he loves you too good as the signs that a man loves you unconditionally.

27. After all these times, he still looks at you the same

You and him have been together for long but the way he looks at you remains the same as he did when he first saw you. He never gets tired of loving you.

28. He still chooses you even though there are many other girls want his love

There are some other girls who want his love, but that doesn’t make him being unfaithful. He still chooses you although there are many pretty girls out there. To him, you’re the only one that wants.

29. He involves you in every decision he makes

It’s hard talking about signs of conditional love but whatever he’s about to make decisions, he asks for your opinion. He wants you to be the one who helps you and guides you.

30. He doesn’t take advantages on you

Most boys only date girls to have fun and then dump them when they get bored. But he’s not that kind of guy. He respects you and treats you right. He doesn’t play with your love just to get some fun.

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Signs of Unconditional Love

You will never get any doubt whether he really loves you or not if he does these. Here are the signs that a man loves you unconditionally:

  • He apologizes first when you both are in a fight.
  • He forgives you when you make a mistake.
  • He includes you in his future plan.
  • He’s okay when you wear his shirt.
  • He doesn’t mind if you don’t give back his jacket.
  • He doesn’t stop staring at you until you look away.
  • He stays with you through the goods and the bad.
  • He finishes your food when you feel so full already.
  • He invites you to his family’s.
  • He calls you in the middle of the night cause he misses you.
  • He brings you food when you’re too lazy to eat.
  • He tells you about his pasts.
  • He accepts your pasts.
  • He understands when you’re busy and barely have time for him.
  • He encourages you to chase your dreams.
  • He gets worried when you’re sick.
  • He trusts you with all his heart.
  • He looks at you like you’re the only one he sees.
  • He loves your family.
  • He keeps his promises.
  • He puts your importance before his.
  • He can feel if you’re not in a good mood.
  • He’ll go wherever you will go.
  • He’s not embarrassed to act goofy in front of you.
  • He makes you comfortable to be who you are.
  • He’s blushing when you say something sweet to him.
  • It makes him happy when you say you love him.
  • He loves it when you cook for him.
  • He thinks about you all the time.
  • You make his heart beats faster when you look him in the eyes.
  • He loves you even even if the world against you and him.
  • He works hard to make you happy.
  • It tears him apart seeing you cry.
  • He tells the world how proud he is to have you.
  • He wants to be around you always.
  • He tells you his favorite songs.
  • He tells you his dreams.
  • He confesses how he felt when he first saw you.
  • He thinks you look beautiful even when you wear t-shirts and jeans only.
  • He wants to know your favorite music, he is the muse. 

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How to know if he loves me unconditionally

Here are more signs that a man loves you unconditionally: 

  • He cares about you. 
  • He lets you grow and shine. 
  • He teaches you things you don’t understand about yourself. 
  • He holds your hands through thick and thin. 
  • He loves you even though he never really said that. 
  • He wants to grow old with you. 
  • Both of you have mature and healthy types of relationships. 
  • You both might be fighting, but you guys can heal each other. 
  • He listens, you listen, and you guys communicate well. 
  • Know everything and love each other. 
  • You guys believe in each other. 

Those are signs that man loves you unconditionally that will blow your mind of how sincere his love is. Once you find a man like him, don’t you dare hurt him and let him go.