98 Things to Say to Your Crush to Make Her Smile Over Text

In this modern day, texting is a very efficient way to get to know someone. Especially in the dating world, it is a great tool to be closer to your target partner. Making someone smile through text is not hard at all, as long as you have the right tool. That is why you need to choose the right words. We already arrange that for you.

Things to Say to Your Crush to Make Her Smile Over Text

Here are the things to say to your crush to make her smile over text :

  1. Hi Baby / Pumpkin/ Sweetheart/ (other cute nicknames for your crush).
  2. You’re Always on My Mind.
  3. I Dreamt A Sweet Dream About You Last Night.
  4. You’re The First Thing on My Mind.
  5. You Will Always Be My Love.
  6. How Can You Make Me Be So Happy?
  7. I Never Want to Lose You.
  8. I Am So Lucky To Have You in My Life.
  9. No One Can Replace You.
  10. How Can Any One Not Fall in Love With You?
  11. I Am Here to Make You Feel Loved.
  12. I Care About You.
  13. I Will Always Be Here for You.
  14. I Need You in My Life
  15. You Keep Me Sane
  16. You Make Life Worth Every Second
  17. I Hate Not Being with You
  18. My Main Goal Is to Make You Happy
  19. I Can Imagine A Future with You
  20. You Are Such A Girlfriend Material
  21. I Feel Blessed When I See That Smile
  22. You’re The Prettiest Girl in The World
  23. You Are More Than Beautiful
  24. I Will Never Let You Go
  25. I Can’t Imagine A Future Without You
  26. I Want to Be A Shoulder to Cry on for You
  27. You Matter The Most to Me
  28. I Want to Get to Know You Better
  29. You Are So Mesmerizing
  30. I Believe in You
  31. You Are My Guidance
  32. You Make Me Grow into A Better Person
  33. You Are So Interesting
  34. You Always Bring Out My Best Side
  35. I Can Never Forget You
  36. Your Smile Is The Reason I Live
  37. I Will Forever Feel Gratitude For Having You
  38. How Can You Be So Pretty?
  39. I Think You Are The One
  40. Anyone Will Easily Be Attracted By You
  41. You Have Some Kind Of Romantic Power Over Me
  42. You Are Amazing
  43. Why Can’t I Ever Be Mad At You
  44. Is This Love I Am Feeling Towards You?
  45. I Want to Live The Rest Of My Life With You
  46. I’ll Do Anything For You
  47. Good Morning Sunshine
  48. Good Night Princess
  49. You Will Always Be My Queen
  50. I Am Loyal to You
  51. Can’t Shake The Thought Of You Out OF My Head
  52. No Words Can Explain My Love For You
  53. I Am Attracted to You Since Day One 
  54. I Will Never Be Satisfied Until You Are Truly Mine
  55. I Always Imagine My Ring Around Your Finger
  56. I’ve Never Been Happier
  57. You Are Someone That Have Complete Control Over My Heart
  58. I Am Not Afraid to Love You
  59. I Am Devoted to You Always
  60. Anyone Is A Fool to Lose You 
  61. I Will Try to Make It Better
  62. I Love Every Bits of You
  63. I Have A Feeling That You And Me Are Going to Last A Lifetime
  64. I Am One Call Away
  65. Your Text Always Brighten My Day
  66. Call Me, I Want to Hear Your Voice
  67. Missing You Is Torture
  68. I Long For Your Touch
  69. I Miss Your Hug
  70. I’ve Been Dreaming for A Kiss From You
  71. I Live For You
  72. I Have A Feeling That We Are Meant to Cross Each Other’s Path
  73. You’re The Girl I’ve Been Looking For
  74. You Are The Dream Girl
  75. I’ve Never Felt This Way
  76. You Make Me Feel All Sorts Of Things
  77. I Need You By My Side
  78. I Want To Experience Everything With You
  79. Everything Reminds Me Of You
  80. You Are So Inspiring
  81. Can We Go for Coffee? 
  82. Won’t You Go with Me to McDonald this afternoon? 

That’s all the things to say to your crush to make her smile over text, try to text your crush with those cute texts. 

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Cute Things to Say to Your Crush in A Text Message

Are 80 things to say not enough for you? Do you want to keep the romantic momentum going in your text right now? Lean back and relax, we’ve got just the thing to make your relationship go to a whole new level. Here are more things to say to your crush to make him like you: 

  1. I Only Have Eyes For You
  2. You Are My Everything
  3. I Only Know You For A Short While But I Already Know That I Love You
  4. My Love For You Is Unconditional
  5. I Love Hanging Out With You
  6. Talking With You Makes My Day
  7. Seeing Your Smile Lights Up My Whole World
  8. Holding Your Hand Is All I’m Thinking About Right Now
  9. Your Eyes Always Captures My Heart
  10. I Can’t Go A Day Without Talking To You 
  11. I Promise I’ll stay
  12. I Love Hearing Your Advice
  13. You Are Beautiful In Everything You Do
  14. I Support You
  15. I Will Always Be Cheering For You
  16. You Are Much Better Than My Ex 
  17. Where Have You Been All My Life?
  18. We Are Cute Together 
  19. I am A Mirrorball, You Can Dance Under Me 
  20. Taylor Swift Said You Belong with Me 

Those are all the cute text messages to send your crush to keep them interested. You might be shy but be brave to send it to your crush. If you are afraid, you are not ready to be in love. You can send it with a little joke so you don’t scare them. 

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Signs That Your Crush Likes You Too

After sending all the cute things to say to your crush to make her blush, you want to know if your crush feels the same. There’s a big chance that her feelings for you will start to bloom after you say those things. To know for sure, here are the signs:

  1. Texts You – She texts you fast and in length. She also uses cute and sometimes annoying emojis. 
  2. Initiates Things – She’s not afraid to text or make plans for dates first.
  3. Not Afraid to Show Affection – Your girl is not afraid to hold your hand or hug you in public.

Now that you’ve known the things to say to your crush to make her smile over text, you actually need to get your phone and send it. She will feel all sorts of positive things then. In the end, hope your crush feels the same. Then, your relationship is safe to grow!

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