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23 Surprising Benefits of Being Alone for Your Physical and Mental Health

You may be alone but you are not lonely! You can be all single, but actually there are some psychological benefits of being alone. Don’t be so sad just because all of your friends are hanging out with their lovers and you are just here surfing on the internet looking for something fun.  Well, I…

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My Girlfriend Is Ignoring Me, What Should I Do to Handle This? The Signs and Tips!

I often hear this question, “my girlfriend is ignoring me, what should I do to handle this?” There are thousands of reasons why your girlfriend is ignoring you. She might want your attention, she’s into something bad she can’t tell, or she might be just not into you anymore. 

Confusing? Yes. Rather than confuse yourself, I would like to share some information and tips, and hopefully these will work. She is literally ignore you if she shows you these signs:

Subtle Signs That She Ignores You

I think you already know the difference between an ignorant person and someone who is ignoring you. Two different things, you can feel that. 

1. She Tends to Forget You 

Yes people get busy all day and they don’t have even 60 seconds to text you in a week. Or, she just doesn’t really want to spare even 60 seconds to text you and explain why she’s been away. 

You need to keep respect her if she did that. You know she is ignoring you but hold on. Don’t bomb-texting her asking a bunch of questions that’s going to make her ignore you more and more. 

2. There Is Space Between You and Her

All of sudden, she is out of blue. There is now way for you to reach her. No text, no phone call, no facetime, and you can’t even meet here. She ignores you or she gives so many excuses not to meet you. 

Then you are wondering what to text a girl that is ignoring you. Send her this, “Hey, I am a little worried about you. Hope you are okay!” That’s clear, not needy, and just a cool line to show her that you care and miss her. 

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3. She’s Off 

She’s changed a little bit. She doesn’t talk too much like she used to. You can tell by her face when she is in a bad mood, wants to be alone, or angry, or you might do something that turns her off. 

How to Win Your Girlfriend Back When She Wants Space

So, if my girlfriend is ignoring me, what should i do to handle this? Here are the tips!

1. Let herself alone

Now you are saying “my girlfriend suddenly stopped communicating with me!” I got it. When your girlfriend is ignoring you, please notice that she wants to be all alone. Because if she doesn’t, then why would she? Give her a space so she can calm herself down. By keep asking her what was happening only makes her day worse. 

2. Don’t ignore her back

Give her the space she needs but don’t ignore her back. Text her that you are going to be there when she needs everything. Also, tell her that she can share with you about everything when she is ready. 

When someone is mad, angry, or sad, they tend to ignore people because they need to balance their emotions. Indeed, they want to be alone but don’t wanna be left alone. Stay there until she is ready to open up. 

3. Show that you care

Even if she is ignoring you, you need to keep showing that you actually care for her. For example, keep texting her good morning. Basically just do the daily habit you usually do to her without reminding her of her problems or the things that may make her day worse.

4. Offer yourself to listen

Chocolate can increase the amount of happiness, so you can give it a try. When she is calmer, then you can start to offer yourself to listen to all of her story without judging her. Sometimes, when someone has a problem what they need is not a solution, but only someone who is going to listen to their problem.

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5. Look at yourself

Maybe you say or you do something bad that hurts her and you don’t realize it. I know, a girlfriend who does silent treatment instead of discussing the problems is a little toxic. But, maybe you love her way too much to accept it. 

Or, you should be the one gentleman to tell her that it’s better to talk about the main problems. If she feels you are hurting her, tell her to tell it to you. Well, then you may need to say sorry or just try to understand each other. 

What to Text A Girl That Is Ignoring You

“My girlfriend is ignoring me after a fight” is a common issue in a relationship. Better you sit back, relax, and text her this calm lines: 

  • “I wonder if you have a bad day, but anytime I am here to listen to all your problems”
  • “I really miss your noise, babe”
  • “I wish I could hug you to make you feel better”
  • “Babe? Don’t forget that I fancy you all the time”
  • “You still look cute when you are off but you look cuter when you start smiling”
  • “How about ice cream and a little chat? I am sorry if what I said last night turned you off” 
  • “Knock-knock! Hope my girlfriend is doing good”

Be patient. Give her some space maybe 3 days or a week or so until she is ready to talk to you. If she doesn’t show any attention to talk to you, you need to figure out what is really going. 

You must know her better than I do. Consider if she might have bad days, hard days at work, if she is in period, or maybe family issues. If the cases have nothing to do with you, then chill and keep by her side. 

If it was about you then, you need to think about the whole relationship. Don’t blame each other but please have a nice conversation where both of you are calm to decide everything that’s better. 

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8 Insane Things You Didn’t Know About Gemini Traits

A person with a Gemini zodiac is seen as a two faced person. Is this true? Absolutely not, everybody can be two faces and many people just can’t or having a hard time to understand each other. There are a lot of things you didn’t know about Gemini. Aside from the bad stigma that gemini has which has two faces, Gemini is also known as the best zodiac sign, and why is that?

Insane Things You Didn’t Know About Gemini Traits

Gemini is a zodiac sign to those who were born between May 21st – June, 21st. Here are the things you didn’t know about gemini that makes gemini as the best zodiac sign.

1. Hate conflict

The first reason why gemini is simply the best is because they hate conflict. Gemini will avoid conflict and try their best to be in a good harmony with other people and away from the conflict. This does not mean that they will just run away if a problem happens. They will try to be a mediator and help to solve the conflict.

2. A fiercely loyal person

Honestly, you do not need to learn so hard on how to make a Gemini man love you forever because they are a fiercely loyal person. You will see many Gemini being so loyal in the relationship they are going into whether it is friendship or family relationship.

What is challenging is,Gemini is easy to get bored, that is a normal thing inside a relationship. Yet once you can attract them with new ideas, they will stick with you.

3. Mindful of thoughts and ideas

What is great about Gemini personality is that their mind is full of thoughts and ideas. Once they are curious with something, then they will look for it.

They are easily attracted to many things and have a lot of interest in diverse things. I think you have faced the time when gemini keep asking you a lot of unpredictable questions. You may find it hard to answer their question and interested in the topic at the same time.

4. Free soul and independent

If you think you are able to control Gemini, forget it. Gemini is a free soul and independent person. They will make their own path to achieve the goals that they already set for. Moreover, trying to control someone is not a good thing. It will be better if you are trying to adjust to the person.

5. Observant

Everywhere Gemini goes, they will observe something or their surroundings that attract their interest. This kind of personality too, that makes gemini will observe you and see you in person without you even realizing that. Maybe you will see them like they trust you, but since they already know your real character, they won’t trust you in some fields.

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6. Friendly 

What you need to know about a Gemini is they are so friendly. They can make friends with anyone and anymore. They are easy going and cool with a new environment. 

7. Want a strong relationship

Yup, they are friendly and you think a Gemini can get along with anyone they meet. The truth of Gemini personality is they don’t want a temporary relationship. 

8. Manipulator 

They are two-faced and also a great manipulator. Indeed, they do it to protect themselves. 

9. Let’s talk about Gemini love 

A Gemini will make you think they love you while it’s so hard for them to love someone. Yet, they can make you fall in love with them easily. 

10. They are lovely 

They really can make you wanna stay with them forevermore. They seem to be such a perfect lover. By the Gemini side, they want a really bonding relationship and deep connection. 

11. They can’t trust people 

They need some time, a quite long time, to trust somebody. They know how to play the game, know the truth, and somehow know who to trust. 

12. They are so fun

Things you didn’t know about gemini are they are so fun, cool, talkative, and have so many interests. Everything is fun and game with Gemini. 

13. Always High Standar 

A gemini always prefers a high standard for every field in their life. That includes jobs, grades, lovers, and anything. 

14. When a Gemini falls in love 

They will spend some time deciding if you are the one. Once they have committed to you, they will love you with all their hearts. Once you hurt them brutally, there is no way to get them back. 

15. You love Geminis 

They say, Geminis are the best lovers. They can make you crazy in love with them because they are so sweet and so wild at the same time. 

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16. Active 

Things about Gemini are they are always active, wild, playful, and adventurous. They always have goals to achieve or crave for new experiences. 

17. Good public speaking skill 

Things you didn’t know about Gemini are, they are articulate, persuasive, clever, and seem to know how to talk to people. They know what they are talking and who they are talking to. It’s like, everyone is gonna trust Gemini.  

18. A supportive friend 

Do you have at least one Gemini close friend? See, they care about you in the first place. They know how to love and nurture people. 

That’s what you need to know about a Gemini. Either you believe in zodiac or not, most of it is typical traits. You may want to believe it or not, it’s all okay. 

How to Understand Gemini

So how to understand gemini? Is it hard? In order to understand someone, try to identify their main or dominant personality traits and know how to handle it.

1. Be patient

Aside from their strong and good personality traits, gemini is known as a moody person. Their mood can swing very quickly. In order to maintain a good relationship with gemini, you need to be able to be patient to face them. But don’t worry because they realize that they are moody. Knowing you can get over their moody emotion, they will appreciate you more.

2. Know what they like and dislike

Because gemini hate and always try to avoid conflict, try to know the things they like and dislike. This will help you to have less conflict. Knowing these signs will also help you to prevent the conflict become worse.

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3. Maintain a good communication

Maintaining good communication with gemini is an important thing to do. Ask how their day was and learn about their personality every day. This will help you to know them better and this will also help you to build their trust in you, which is a good thing.

So, those are some information I can give to you about the things you didn’t know about Gemini. What do you think? 

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