Managing Layoff Anxiety: How to Move Forward After Losing A Job

Getting laid off can be a difficult and emotional experience, but it’s important to know that you’re not alone. Here are some tips to help you cope with the emotions that come with losing your job!

Moving Forward: How to Recover from Being Laid Off

Getting laid off is never easy. It’s a challenging experience that can leave you feeling stressed, anxious, and uncertain about the future. 

While it’s natural to feel upset and frustrated when you lose your job, it’s important not to blame the company or yourself. 

Instead, focus on taking care of your emotional well-being and preparing yourself for the next opportunity. Here’s how to deal with the emotions of getting laid off: 

1. Allow Yourself to Feel Your Emotions

It’s normal to feel a wide range of feelings after being laid off such as anger, sadness, anxiety, can’t sleep, and uncertainty after being laid off. 

Don’t try to suppress your emotions, instead, allow yourself to feel them and process them in a healthy way.

2. Talk to Someone

Reach out to family, lovers, best friends, some trustworthy coworkers, or a therapist to talk about how you’re feeling. 

Sharing your emotions with someone you trust can help you feel less alone and provide you with emotional support.

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3. Focus on What You Can Control

We can’t stop the layoffs from happening to us, yet we can’t tell the company about what better decision they should make for us. 

It feels like breaking up with someone you gave the best of you to. You can’t ask them to love you again when she/he has decided to cut you off. 

We should just focus on what we can control, such as your job search, networking, and personal development. Taking action on the things you can control can help you feel more empowered and less helpless during this transition.

4. Take Care of Yourself

Take time to rest, exercise, and eat well. Practicing self-care can help you reduce stress and anxiety after layoff, and feel more positive about the future.

Listen to Folklore or Evermore albums, cry it out. Do meditation, watch comedy shows,  jog a little, go out with your favorite people, and journaling. 

In the meantime, maybe there is no good advice on how to deal with layoff anxiety but to do any good things to make you feel a little better. 

5. Evaluate Your Financial Situation

This is the worst thing about getting laid off, especially if you’re supporting a family. 

Try to assess your financial situation and create a budget to help you manage your expenses. 

Look for ways to reduce expenses, such as cutting back on discretionary spending or negotiating bills with service providers. Maybe you can discuss with your family members to help you split the bill. 

6. Update Your Resume and Start Job Searching

After getting laid off, it’s important to update your resume and start job searching as soon as possible. This will help you feel more in control of your situation and provide a sense of purpose and direction. 

Customize your resume to fit each job application, highlighting your skills and experience that match the job requirements. 

Consider using job search websites, reaching out to your professional network, attending career fairs, and seeking out recruiters to help you find new opportunities.

7. Consider New Opportunities

Losing your job may provide you with the opportunity to explore new career paths or industries that you’ve been curious about. 

Consider taking courses, networking, or volunteering to gain new skills and experiences. 

Look for free or low-cost options, such as online classes, workshops, or bootcamps, that can help you expand your knowledge and improve your marketability.

8. Set Realistic Goals

Setting goals can help you stay focused and motivated during your job search. However, it’s important to set realistic goals that are within your control. 

For example, setting a goal to apply for five jobs a day is within your control, but getting hired within a specific time frame is not.

9. Seek Out Community Resources

How to deal with layoff? Let’s look for community resources that can help you with job searching, finances, and mental health support. 

Local job centers, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies may offer assistance or volunteer programs that can help you during this transition.

10. Network and Connect With Others

Connect with former colleagues, friends, and professional contacts to let them know you’re looking for new opportunities. 

Attend industry events, job fairs, and online networking groups to expand your professional network.

Use social media like LinkedIn to connect with valuable people in the industries and to learn from them. 

11. Consider Freelancing 

If you’re struggling to find a new job or want to explore new opportunities, consider freelancing. 

Freelancing can provide you with the flexibility to work on your own terms, and can also help you develop new skills and gain valuable experience. 

Consider exploring platforms such as Upwork, Freelancer, or Fiverr to find freelance opportunities.

12. Start A New Business 

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, consider starting your own business. This can provide you with the opportunity to pursue work that you’re passionate about, and to build something that is entirely your own. 

Consider exploring new business ideas or industries that interest you or you’ve been curious about, and start developing a business plan.

Many people succeed in their own business they discovered and developed after getting laid off. 

13. Engage in Self-Reflection and Personal Growth

Use this time to engage in self-reflection and personal growth. Consider taking a course on personal development and prayer to help you stay centered and focused on your goals. 

Use this opportunity to explore your values, strengths, and aspirations to help you find a career that aligns with your personal goals and vision for your life.

That’s how to deal with layoff anxiety. It’s easier said than done but may these tips can certainly help provide some guidance and support during this difficult and challenging time.

Remember to take care of yourself both physically and mentally, lean on your support network for help, and focus on the things that are within your control. With time and effort, you can move forward from a layoff and rebuild a successful career.

I got laid off, like a month ago. And it was, really weird. I didn’t know how to feel or react. I didn’t shed a single tear, even though I’m usually a dramatic queen.

But I’ve been experiencing strange effects lately, like ‘that old familiar body ache, the snaps from the same little breaks in your soul…’ Where you can’t even function in daily life activities cause things just really hurt you, but you just don’t know what to do. 

As I know there are many people suffering from these layoff tragedies around the world, as I am still trying to survive from whatever it is, I hope these tips about how to deal with layoff anxiety could help us to breathe a little okay and find a better solution at the end of the day. 

I love you, guys. We all can get through this.