New Year Gift Ideas for Girlfriend – She Will Love It

Celebrate New Year’s Eve with your partner by giving them a special gift as a thank you note for accompanying you throughout the year. Here is a list of recommendations for New Year gift ideas for your loved ones!

New Year Gift Ideas for Girlfriend

If your partner’s love language is gifts, it means that she will feel loved by giving gifts–no need to be expensive but memorable.

Conversely, the language of love of receiving gifts also means that the way you show affection is by giving special gifts.

Well, there are many moments to send gifts to your partner, for example on New Year’s Eve. If you also celebrate Christmas together, then giving gifts is a must as a sign of affection and making beautiful memories at the beginning of the year.

If you are confused, let’s consider some of the following recommendations for New Year present ideas for girlfriend!

1. Journal or Planner

A daily planner book is a journal that contains various segments to help you write down your ideas or goals, such as reminders, memos, resolutions, daily schedules, and notes in one book.

Journals or planners are perfect as gifts at the beginning of the year. If you’re planning a wedding, you can buy a wedding planner to fill in together to help make New Year’s resolutions for your partner come true.

2. Watches

Watches (branded) for gift will always be right and liked by the recipient. A watch can be a reminder for your girlfriend not to be late for any appointment and always remember you.

3. Purse

Make sure the purse gift matches your girlfriend’s style and preferences, OK? It’s even better if the purse is filled with your romantic photos and a few dollars, hehe.

4. Perfume

Give her a perfume with a scent that you like, which every time you inhale it will leave a feeling of happiness and a strong memory of her.

5. Jacket or Sweater

What about the matching jacket or sweater for a New Year gift idea for your girlfriend? Yes, not exactly the same but matching colors or patterns.

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6. Shoes

Find out her shoe size, don’t get it wrong. Previously, you could just go around the shoe shop to find out what style of shoes suits her.

7. Corkcicle

Corkcicle is a tumbler brand but cooler! This can be a fancy way to remind your gf to drink water regularly.

8. Ornamental Plants

Ornamental plants such as flowers, cacti, or succulents can be used as symbols of your love. Plant together until it thrives which indicates your relationship will also last.

If your girlfriend is not familiar with plants, you should look for ornamental plants that are easy to care for, such as:

  • Fortune bamboo (Dracaena sanderiana)
  • Jade plant (Crassula ovata)
  • Parodia Ornamental Cactus
  • Haworthia Cactus Zebra
  • Ornamental Beaver Tail Cactus
  • ZZ Plant (Zamioculcas zamiifolia)
  • Etc.

9. New Mobile Phone

Maybe you have to prepare a budget in advance if you want to buy your partner a new cell phone. 

Especially if her cell phone doesn’t support or it’s already broken, it’s also important so that communication runs smoothly.

10. Something Related to Her Hobby

Give a New Year’s present to your girlfriend according to her hobbies. Something you know she’ll love!

For example, an album or vinyl from his favorite band, a new guitar if she likes playing guitar, books, new cookware if she likes cooking, etc.

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New Year Present Ideas for Girlfriend

Show affection to your partner with gifts. Here are recommendations for New Year’s gifts for your girlfriend to make her love you even more!

1. Skincare or Cosmetics

Find out what skin care and cosmetics she uses. Don’t get it wrong! Note her favorite brand, color, and shade! 

2. Shopping Vouchers

If you are confused about giving a New Year’s gift to a girl, just give her a shopping voucher at a skincare shop, department store, or supermarket–with an appropriate amount.

She must be really happy to be shopping for free!

3. Romantic Dinner

Invite your partner for a romantic dinner at your favorite restaurant on New Year’s Eve.

4. Cakes

5. Her Pet Hampers 

If she has pets–dogs, cats, fish, etc–you can buy her animal equipment gifts. For example, food, toys, or pet clothes.

6. Something She Needs

Hey, show her love attention by giving her some gifts that she really needs. Give it without her asking, she must be very surprised and happy.

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7. Vacation Packages

8. Jewelry

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” – Marilyn Monroe

9. Pleasure Box

10. Advent Calendar

An Advent calendar is a special calendar to help count the days until Christmas, usually with a small item or devotional phrase recited each day.

Various well-known brands usually release their advent calendar series in December, which are gifts hidden in numbered boxes from December 1-31. You open one box per day and see what gifts you get.

This is a perfect gift for your significant other. Even so, advent calendars from well-known brands are usually quite expensive but some of them are with the price.

11. Love Letters

Whatever New Year’s present ideas for your girl, complete the gift with a love letter. It will touch her heart deeply and is sure one that she will keep forever.

Those are recommendations for New Year’s gifts for girlfriends. What gift would you like to give your baby?

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New Year Gift Ideas for Boyfriend, Unique and Memorable

Sometimes I am confused about what present to send to my baby boy. Come on, see the following New Year presents ideas for boyfriend!

1. Hair Care

Here’s a list of men’s hair care products that you can give as aNew Year’s present, so your boyfriend can look as handsome as possible!

  • Shampoo;
  • conditioner;
  • Hair serum and vitamin;
  • Pomade;
  • Hair wax;
  • Hair gels;
  • Electric shaver;
  • Razor;
  • Shaving cream.

2. Sports Equipment

Encourage your baby boy to get more exercise by giving him a gift of gym equipment, such as a yoga mat, dumbbells, a new tracksuit, or a protein shake.

3. Flannel

Flannel made of comfortable material and neutral colors, so that your boyfriend looks more handsome and nice.

4. Belt

Guys also like a collection of belts, as one of the men’s accessories that is a must. A belt can support your baby’s appearance to make him cooler.

5. Bag

Hey, there are tons of cute bag options for guys! Choose a leather bag in neutral colors.

6. Special Food or Cake Hampers

Most men like a woman who can give him home-cooked meals like his mother’s.

New Year’s Eve is a special moment that will be even more romantic with homemade food or cookies!

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7. Coffee Hampers

Is your boyfriend a coffee addict? If he has to drink coffee to keep him awake, buy him coffee hampers and a coffee machine if possible.

8. Wine and Chocolate Hampers

Celebrate New Year with wine and chocolate with your partner. Romantic…

9. Something Related to His Work

As a good partner, of course you have to support him in his career. Because his financial security will also affect your life, right?

So, buy him gifts related to his job. For example a portable mouse, monitor, casual work outfit, office shoes, branded lanyards, iPads, and so on.

10. Game Equipment

Most guys like games, you can also give him gifts related to his playing games hobby. But then you can note that he can play them as long as he knows the gaming limit for his health!

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