What to Do When Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Care Anymore?

Take off your rose colored glasses and please notice the red flags that your boyfriend doesn’t care anymore about you!

Figure out some signs he doesn’t care anymore and what’s best to do! 

What to Do When Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Care Anymore? Here are the 10 Things!

It takes two for a relationship to work. Love is not the only thing that matters, but how to show love and make your significant other feel your love is the oil that will keep the machine of your relationship running smoothly. 

But one day when he starts to ignore you, you begin to ask what to do when your boyfriend doesn’t care anymore.

Will it be the end of it all? Of course you have to fight for it and mend your relationship with all your power. 

Here is everything you can do when your boyfriend doesn’t care about you anymore! 

1. Rethink your relationship

Are you sure this is the kind of relationship that you want? Is it okay for you when he behaves that way? 

This is the time for you to rethink what kind of relationship that you want and what do you expect from your boyfriend. 

Figure out what kind of action you require from him and how you should deal with this situation.

2. Talk it out to him

The first and foremost thing to do is talking to him about it. Thinking about it all by yourself will not solve the problem. 

You need an open and honest conversation with your boyfriend, to convey all your feelings instead of letting it bottled up and explode one day.

There’s always two sides of the story, so you need to hear his version and put yourself in his shoes. Make sure you are being honest and being truthful to one another.

3. Make time to be together

There must be something that happens so that he doesn’t care about you anymore. 

Maybe you’ve been away from each other for quite some time or the spark begins to fade. 

Then it’s the cue to spend time together and rekindle the flame.

No matter how busy you are, make time for a short staycation or getaway together. 

Without any distraction or disturbance, you can be truly focused on each other’s presence and enjoy the togetherness.

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4. Find out what’s happening in his life

How’s his life lately? Has he been going through some hardships at work, losing his family, or experiencing a bad life event? Everything needs to be taken into consideration.

The lack of care could be caused by that unfortunate event that puts him in a low spirit and has nothing to do with you or your relationship at all. 

If this is the case, let him deal with all those problems first and try your best to be by his side.

5. Focus on your happiness

When he acts like he doesn’t care anymore, regardless of the cause, make sure to be happy all the time. 

Stay motivated by doing things that you love, spend time with your families and best friends, and surround yourself with positive energy. 

Remember that your world doesn’t revolve around him and you should prioritize yourself before everything.

“Puttin’ someone first only works when you’re in their top five,” Taylor Swift.

6. Don’t take full responsibility for it

No matter how bad your boyfriend behaves, don’t take the blame on yourself. 

Even when he accuses you as the one who turns your relationship as cold as ice, you don’t need to feel guilty. 

Even though you’re not perfect and you still have so many things to fix, him acting like he doesn’t care about you is also a problem. 

Make sure that both of you are willing to be a better person if you want to keep the relationship.

7. Don’t beg to him

When he shows signs he doesn’t care anymore and blames you, never ever begging for his love. 

It is very tempting to plead for it instead of keeping the fight going, but have to know your worth.

Bad guys will take this chance to step on you and manipulate you. In the end, you will get yourself trapped in the vicious circle of a toxic relationship.

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8. Open up to each other

Give him some time to open up and communicate. Make sure you are mindful of your boyfriend’s sentiments and ready to be patient in order to uncover the source of the issues you are experiencing. This process could take some time.

Give your lover the freedom to express himself and his feelings. If you give him the opportunity to express his perspective or the causes, you can come to believe that he no longer cares. 

It could make relationship problems that you both need to work out more clear.

9. Give him another chance?

Give him every chance to demonstrate his concern for you and your relationship. 

Give him time to make the necessary adjustments and deal with the issues that make him appear careless.

Never ignore him or belittle his efforts. Make it possible for him to demonstrate his affection for you and his desire to be with just you.

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10. Just leave him

What to do when he doesn’t care anymore after all the efforts you made, breakup seems inevitable. 

But it should be treated only as a last option and  taken into account once you have thoroughly examined all available information and the opposing viewpoints.