How to Choose Your Perfect Wedding Dress and Not Regret it

Most women have probably imagined the look of the wedding dress to wear, for a beautiful and sacred dream wedding.

Indeed, finding the perfect gowns is one of the wedding to-do lists that may be astounding. Don’t you worry, check out how to choose a wedding dress for your body type and style here! 

How to Choose Wedding Dress for Your Sacred Moment

What to consider in choosing a wedding dress is to find the type, style, material, and color of the dress that fits your budget.

Not just that, the wedding dress must match the theme of the event and the personality of the bride and groom.

Must be prepared carefully, follow how to choose the wedding dress style below!

1. Set Your Budget

There are many budget allocations that you have to prepare, one of which is the budget for wedding gowns and accessories.

Make sure you choose a dress that does not exceed the specified budget, because it’s not fun to look perfect on the wedding day but you will be dizzy to pay the bills afterwards.

If your dress budget limit is $1000, don’t buy a dress that costs $1000. Know that you also have to pay for accessories, tailoring, or other related services. 

2. Decide on A Wedding Theme

You absolutely want your wedding dress to match the overall wedding style and theme.

Whether you want to use a luxury, minimalist, traditional, classic, or other wedding theme.

Always remember the theme/style/place when you browse wedding dress inspiration.

3. Know The Location

A wedding party held in a ballroom is more suitable with a glamorous wedding gown.

Meanwhile, for an outdoor wedding party such as a garden party, it is more suitable to wear a chiffon gown with a romantic floral sense and beautiful but comfortable footwear.

You can wear a more sexy classy dress for a wedding on the beach, but it must be a formal gown for a wedding in the churchyard. 

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4. Choose Your Best Color

In fact, many couples and their families are debating choosing the right color of dress and wedding theme.

How to choose wedding dress color:

  • Choose a white dress color that symbolizes purity and loyalty.
  • You could try on a non-white gown by considering your skin tone and the color theme of the party venue decor.
  • Besides white, pastel colors are very warm and appropriate for wedding dresses.
  • You can also choose other dress colors with a philosophy that you and your partner believe in and reflect your personality.

You can even consider a beautiful black wedding dress, check this stunning bride look from AW Bridal!

5. Find Comfortable Material

Dress material sets the look of the dress. 

Soft and silky but heavy materials such as shantung, satin, taffeta, or guipure lace will help form a beautiful body silhouette. But women with curves are less flattering with sheer chiffon or structureless silk. 

Also make sure the dress material is not easily wrinkled because it will make your appearance less elegant, and also look less aesthetic in your wedding photos.

6. Do Research

Don’t go to a bridal salon and store with nothing in mind.Find a dozen wedding gown inspiration and ideas from magazines, celebrity brides, and trusted bridal websites.

Compile all the looks that you think are fascinating and will look good on you and fit the wedding theme.

If you are looking for mesmerizing wedding dresses, go check out AW Bridal for the most beautiful bridal trends.

AW Bridal is the brand that is popular for designers and luxurious bridal attires that are effortlessly crafted for comfort and perfection.

Provides a wide selection of styles, lengths, materials, and colors for wedding dresses–as well as price ranges to suit your needs. 

Not only wedding dresses (free customization), but also bridesmaid dresses, mother of bride dresses, and more accessory selections.

7. Tell Them How You Dream It 

Contact a bridal boutique or salon for a consultation about your wedding dress dream. Trust them they will give you the best options and suggestions.

Don’t be afraid to share your preferred style with the price range you have in your pocket. Tell them how you love it.

You may need to make an appointment directly so that the seller or wedding consultant can help you more deeply, plus take a look firsthand at the dress selection.

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8. Get Some Advice

Ask your fiancé, mom, or your voguist best friend to check the wedding dress recommendation.

Even though you like the dress, you still need other people’s opinions.

Indeed you don’t need to accommodate all opinions, but you can take them into consideration.

9. Feel It That You Really Love The Dress

Try on the dress and look at yourself in the mirror. Do you feel the best and loveliest of yourself?

The dress not only has to look beautiful, but you also have to really love it. 

That belongs and explains your soul and how you feel about the wedding with your significant other. Be 1000% sure before you say yes to the gown.

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10. Take Several Photos of The Look 

All wedding dresses look beautiful on mannequins and it makes you confused. 

In fact, the dress will be more beautiful when worn by the right woman, because dresses also reflect personality and beauty.

You can try on a few dresses. Take photos in various angles to make sure it is The Dress you are looking for.

That’s some tips on how to choose a perfect wedding dress. Like finding a soulmate, the process of choosing a wedding dress will be the same. 

If you’re not sure, imagine wearing it on your special wedding day. Does it make you feel like a real queen? Will it make your future husband blush and slowly cry because you are so damn beautiful inside and out.

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