What to Do When Your Boyfriend is Stressed and Distant?

He seems down lately and you don’t know what to do when your boyfriend is stressed and distant? Check out several ways to comfort him!

What to Do When Your Boyfriend is Stressed and Distant? Here are 11 Good Ideas to Comfort Him

When things in life are not going well, someone becomes very vulnerable and about to break down every other second. 

And if it happens to your loved one, oftentimes you don’t know what to do when your boyfriend is stressed and distant.

Not only it affects him, but also it affects your relationship negatively. There are so many causes for stress: be it work, families, or other personal problems. 

As someone to whom he is closest, you want to do something to help him destress. Here are what you can do for him:

1. Hug him tightly

Physical touch such as giving him a hug is the least of what you can do when he is stressed. 

If he doesn’t tell you anything yet, let him take his time until he’s ready to open up. 

According to research, physical touch increases the production of oxytocin from the brain, a hormone which reduces stress and promotes cooperation.

2. Massage him

A weak mental condition due to stress takes a toll on his physical health too. Which is why a simple massage will be much appreciated.

Massage is good to reduce tension in his muscles and improve his blood circulation. 

Regardless of what’s happening inside his mind, make sure you take care of him physically and show him that you care a lot about his well-being.

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3. Cook him his favorite food

Nothing is better than devouring your comfort on one of those worst days. 

A good food makes a good way to de-stress, especially when he has a bad appetite due to his current condition. 

Even though you’re not a good cook, no need to worry about that. 

Your meal might not be as perfect, but the efforts you put on it will definitely crack a smile on his face.

4. Be a good listener

Gain his trust so that he feels comfortable enough to vent out his stress.

Encourage him to express his frustrations and remember not to take it personally. 

Picking a fight in the midst of it should come last in your lists.

And if you wonder what do you say when your boyfriend is stressed and distant, and finally able to vent out, don’t do anything. 

Just listen to him and not give him any suggestions or thoughts unless he asks you to.

5. Ask him how you can help

The next thing you can do is ask him how you can help to relieve his stress. 

You don’t need to figure it out all alone because all he wants is for others to listen to what he needs. It will give some sense of power in his hands.

When he says “nothing”, don’t force him to let out answers that can satisfy you. 

You can step back and give him time to be alone with his mind. This way, he will respect you more for not crossing the line.

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6. Be patient with his fluctuate mood

Everyone handles stress in their own way. But one thing that is most likely to happen is a roller coaster mood. 

When this happens, make sure to be as patient as you can. Don’t take everything personally and feel irritated by everything he does or says. 

Or worse, picking a fight with him. When you can’t take it anymore, simply leave the scene and calm yourself until you’re ready to face him again.

7. Suggest a quick getaway together

Here is what to do when your boyfriend is depressed that will be good for you too. After his condition improves, take him for a quick getaway to cleanse his mind. 

No need to go far, maybe a picnic in the park, golfing, a staycation on weekend, or visiting the amusement park will do. 

You can invite his best friends to have fun and to improve his mood too. At first he will hesitate to interact, but as the time goes by he’ll loosen himself and be happier.

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8. Provide some distractions for him

The best distraction when people are stressed is physical activities. Take him to a gym for workout sessions. 

Physical activities increase the production of testosterone, a hormone that could decrease stress.

9. Arrange a surprise

Surprises can be small and simple, as simple as notes you scatter around him: inside his bag, on his bedside table, and on his lunch box that you send him. 

His favorite activities also count as surprises, such as suddenly taking him to his favorite coffee shop or going for a drive together.

10. Give him some space

Know when to step back and leave him alone for a while. 

Being alone will bring some clarity in his mind, so that he can pull himself together and find solutions for his problem. If he is not yet open up to you, wait until he is ready to.

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11. Don’t forget to take care of yourself

So, how do I calm my stressed boyfriend down? First, you need to take care of yourself too. 

When your boyfriend is stressed, the negative vibes around him can affect you negatively too. So don’t forget to be happy and do things that you enjoy.

Lovers are here to encourage, understand, and make each other feel like home.