The Reasons Why Your Boyfriend Won’t Marry You Yet 

There are so many reasons why your boyfriend won’t marry you, and if you’re not ready to ask him yet, let’s dig into what’s probably in his mind.

Been Dating for Years Now, This Could Be The Reasons Why Your Boyfriend Won’t Marry You Yet 

At some point, marriage is a milestone in a relationship. After some times of dating and you feel like he’s the right one, you want to legalize your relationship. 

But sadly, he doesn’t seem to be on the same page as you. Which then left you wondering why your boyfriend won’t marry you.

There could be so many reasons and it doesn’t always mean that he doesn’t love you. 

And if you’re not sure how to ask him, scroll down to discover what’s probably inside his mind.

1. He wants to focus on his career first 

There are people who tend to be more focused on their careers—and your boyfriend may be one of them. 

Marriage is a kind of relationship that requires serious commitment and he doesn’t want to split his energy between romance and work.

But it doesn’t mean that being married and having a serious job can’t go hand-in-hand, but some people want to give his 100% and don’t want to risk it. 

Also, he wants to make sure that he’s financially stable to start a family. Cause we all know, you can’t have a good life with no money at so many points. 

So, he wants to simply have a stable career first before stepping into the next phase of life.

2. He is still haunted by his past

Marriage is a long-term relationship and bringing a lot of baggage from his past won’t do any good for your future. 

This could be the reason why he doesn’t want to marry you yet, even though you guys have been dating for years and years now. 

Maybe he is traumatized by his parent’s marriage or had a bad relationship with his ex. In this case, both of you need to have a deep talk or some therapy.

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3. He had been married once

Believe it or not, people who have been married once don’t likely want to get married again. 

Especially when his previous marriage didn’t end on a good note. There could be many issues around it, from co-parenting problems to incompatibilities. 

The failed marriage traumatizes him and he doesn’t want to experience it over again. Yes he loves you, but he knows marriage is so much harder to do. 

4. He has a particular perspective about marriage

Another possible reason why your boyfriend doesn’t want to marry you is his view about marriage itself. 

Free soul as he is, marriage seems like a bind that envelops him from everything that he enjoys. 

He loves his freedom and prefers to remain so. He does love you, but he isn’t ready to let go of his own life yet.

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5. There’s some administrative reasons

Do you and your boyfriend have different nationalities or both of you are living abroad? 

In certain situations, administrative reasons make it hard for two people to legitimize their relationship. 

When you don’t live in your own country or believe in the same religion, there’s so much paperworks to get done.

6. He isn’t ready financially

Weddings are expensive, and so is life after. Becoming financially ready must be a top priority before getting married. 

Some people just cannot afford to risk it and wait for themselves to be financially stable. 

This should work both ways, for you and your boyfriend. Do not step into marriage with debts or when you’re still financially dependent on each other. 

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7. He worries about the divorce rate

What stops men from proposing? The high divorce rate could be among the reasons. Divorce is not as simple as separation. 

It doesn’t solely affect people who are involved emotionally but it takes a toll on your finances too. That’s why prenuptial agreement is very important today. 

8. He doesn’t need marriage to legitimize the relationship

When you are so in love with each other and become very comfortable in the relationship, is marriage necessary? 

There are people who think that dating for a long time is better than being married, which brings many psychological burdens of being attached to each other for the rest of their lives. 

As long as you’re committed, marriage doesn’t seem as important, at least for some people. 

After reading all the possible reasons, now you might wonder what to do when your boyfriend doesn’t want to marry you? 

Don’t be devastated and feel unloved, instead keep your head cool and have a deep talk with him. Ask him to be as honest as possible and be ready to hear the worst of it.

You also have to prepare yourself for marriage. This is not an easy decision for everyone.

Marriage is also not about love alone, but commitment at every layer of commitment.

On the other hand, if he’s not ready and doesn’t try to prepare himself to start a family, maybe it’s a sign that he’s not on the same page as you.

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