10 Reasons Why You Should Date A Sleepy Girl

As a sleepy girl, I’m gonna tell you that dating a sleepy girl will be easy for you. 

Reasons Why You Should Date A Sleepy Girl

Did your girl sleep a lot? Here’s reasons why you should date a sleepy girl!

1. She’s Not So Annoying

She won’t bother you because she prefers to just sleep.

She won’t ask you anything but a comfy bed, goose pillow, and soft blanket.

And please turn off the light as you leave the room. 

2. She Likes to Cuddle 

Any bad day, good day, lazy day, she likes to end the day to cuddle with you. Pat her and kiss her goodnight.

Cuddle her as she sleeps. She feels loved and loves you more. 

3. Most Likely She’s Not Gonna Cheat On You

It looks like she won’t have the time and energy to cheat on you. She uses her energy for work and food. 

She won’t go anywhere but the warmest bed in your room. 

4. She Looks So Cute 

Isn’t she so cute? Yes, she is a cute cat. 

She looks like a little kid when she sleeps, a very deep sleep. 

That touches the soft spot in your heart and you wouldn’t have the heart to hurt her. 

5. Kind of Low Maintenance Girlfriend 

She might not like going out because it’s tiring.

She prefers lying on the couch eating snacks and deep talk with you until she falls asleep.

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6. She Won’t Be Out at Night

Nighttime is her peace. She would probably wake up in the middle of the night to herself.

She was hungry or suddenly had a random mental breakdown at 2 am.

Nope, she won’t be at parties unless it’s really necessary or big events. 

7. Most Likely She Won’t Be Clingy or Mad at You 

You can play video games as you like. You can play on your phone. You can go out with your bro. You can spend time with yourself. 

She’s cool with that. As long as you stay loyal and love her, she will be quiet and back to sleep again.

8. Low Cost Dating

Less time awake, less going on a date outside, less money you spend. 

9. You’ll Be on Peace

She values her sleeping time, she won’t even talk in her sleep. Green flag for quiet girlfriend

10. She’ll Be Happy and Recharged When She Wakes Up

When she’s tired, angry, or in a bad mood, she just needs a little more sleep.

She will wake up happy and in a good mood. 

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The Cons of Dating A Sleep Girl 

Besides the many reasons why you should date a sleepy girl, what are the cons?

1. Bad Idea for Movies Date

You can’t take her to the movies because she will fall asleep easily. 

You can’t enjoy the movie. Nobody buys movie tickets but just to sleep.

2. She’ll Be Always Hungry

I’m a sleepy girl and I’m alway hungry. Feed me before and after sleep. 

I might be looking for snacks at midnight too.

3. She Can Be Extra Lazy Too

There are days and nights for sleepy people where they can’t get up to move. 

Just wanna lay in bed all day. She may also be too lazy to go out with you.

4. Turn Into Bad Communication?

It’s not okay if she’s always sleepy when you want to talk to her deeply. 

She can yawn at any time even when she’s been sleeping for a long time.

Or even for pillow talk, if she feels so comfy and warm she can immediately fall asleep.

5. You Can’t Move

You watch her sleep soundly and it’s cute. You cuddle her and don’t want to wake her up. All night in that position makes your body sore.

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6. Too Sleepy for Sex? 

Her intention with the bed is a good night’s sleep. Yes, she loves to sleep next to you but for sex maybe later. 

That’s all about the reasons why you should date a sleepy girl. Do you agree or nah? 

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