What to Do When Your Boyfriend Cheats On You But You Still Love Him?

You don’t know what to do when your boyfriend cheats on you but you still love him? Find the answer here in this article!

What to do when your boyfriend cheats on you but you still love him?

Cheating is an action that cannot be overlooked, in whatever form, in any kind of relationship. You’d never want it to happen to you, but what to do when your boyfriend cheats on you but you still love him?

You will be conflicted deep inside, torn between your feelings that still love him but deeply hurt by his betrayal. There could be so many reasons behind why someone cheats—and none of them can be justified—but the heart wants what it wants.

If you couldn’t come to any decision, let’s read through it and find out what you can do about it!

1. Give some serious thoughts about what kind of relationship that you want

Finding out that your boyfriend cheats on you comes as a huge blow to your relationship and yourself as a person.

 But on the brightside, when you have come to terms with the situation, you will eventually figure out what kind of relationship that you want.

You will give some thoughts about the things you have never considered before. Is he the right guy for you? Will he change in the future or will this behavior persist? How does this affect my relationship with him?

Spend some time to think about all those things thoroughly, don’t force yourself to make decisions.

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2. Tell him how you feel about his infidelity

It is hard to acknowledge his betrayal, let alone bring the matter up to him. It makes everything seem more real and true. 

But you have to be honest with yourself and let him know how his action has affected you, emotionally and perhaps physically.

You don’t have any inclination to put up with his cheating just because you still love him. It even makes it more important for him to become aware of everything, especially when he decides to come back to you and you to forgive him.

You have the right to confront him and ask for an explanation. This is an important phase so you can move on to make decisions regarding your relationship.

3. Talk it through with him

What to do when your boyfriend cheats on you is not sweeping this under the rug or confronting the other woman, but to talk it through with him. Have an honest conversation about why he cheated.

Prepare yourself for the worst answer possible—that maybe you also play a part in it, even though you’re not the one to blame. Ask him about what he thinks about cheating and whether he thinks it’s natural.

Since you still love him, you might also consider fixing everything and continuing the relationship, so this is very crucial for you to find out.

4. Think about whether he deserves a second chance after his betrayal

What to do when your boyfriend cheats on you but you still love him? 

After that talk, you can take more time to decide whether you want to give another shot in your relationship. 

If he apologizes and is deeply sorry and he wants to mend everything with you, tell him that you need time. You don’t have to decide right there and then.

Only you can know whether he is true or not. If he is busy making excuses and justification, you might have to rethink rebuilding the relationship.

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5. Spend some time alone

When your emotions get the best of you, it’s almost impossible to think straight and logically. That’s why it’s better not to rush any decision before you can calm yourself down. 

One of the best ways is by spending time alone with yourself, such as by going on a solo trip.

You need to think about what’s best for you and your relationship. It also includes not meeting your friends and taking a break from social media to avoid yourself being affected by someone else’s opinion.

6. Set some boundaries if you give him another chance

If you decide to mend the relationship, think about it as if you’re starting from zero again but with some experiences. 

To begin with, set some boundaries going forward. For example, he is noy allowed to spend time with a female companion and that he agrees to tag you along whenever he hangs out with his friend.

Tell him that you will never tolerate any signs of infidelity—regardless of it being true or not. Which means that he is not allowed to flirt in any ways with females or consequences will follow.

7. Take time to rebuild your trust, no matter how long

Broken trust can’t be mended. You have to rebuild it from scratch and it might take longer that you would’ve expected. 

So, what to do when your boyfriend cheats and lies is by letting yourself takes as much time as it needs to build trust.

Don’t force yourself to trust him again just because you still love him. Don’t let your world revolve around him, instead build your own life outside him and know your worth.

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8. Seek advice from your family and friends

If you’re having a hard time deciding on your own, you can seek advice from your closest friends and families. 

Their opinions might help you to see the matter in a different light, which will become a big help to make your decisions. 

It’s probably the best answer to what to do when your boyfriend cheats and gets irate when you mention it.

9. Make sure you’re on the same page of starting again

When you decide to start again, make sure both of you have agreed on certain boundaries and  know where to take the relationship to in the future. 

This way you can move into a healthier and more mature relationship.

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10. Prioritize yourself above everything

Whatever the decision you make, remember to put your happiness above everything. You can still live well without him and a cheater definitely doesn’t deserve you.

That’s some tips on what to do when your boyfriend cheats on you but you still love him. 

Relationships are not just about love, but also commitment. One love and one commitment forever.

If he cheats, he has broken his commitment and hurt your love. You can forgive him and give him a second chance, but don’t neglect yourself in the name of his unfaithful love.