15 Ways on How to Tell Your Boyfriend You Love Him

Wondering how to tell your boyfriend you love him without saying ‘I love you’? There are many ways you can make him feel your love!

How to tell your boyfriend you love him? 

For some people, saying “I love you” no longer feels special. Even though the words hold a deep meaning and show your deepest heart, there are many ways to declare your love. 

So, how to tell your boyfriend you love him other than using those three words?

In fact, there are plenty of them. If you are one of those shy people who don’t feel comfortable being straightforward with your feelings, one of them will definitely help! Let’s dig deeper into what kind of words you can use to tell him that you love him!

1. “You make me feel special”

Being in love, to love, and to be loved always makes one feel special. Let him know how he makes you feel, how good he treats you, and that you appreciate it. Get ready to see his cheeks blush crimson!

2. “The thought of you makes me smile”

Isn’t this what we all feel when we think of the one we love? So why don’t you tell him that? 

Upon hearing those words, he will feel special and realize that he makes you happy just with the thought of him.

3. “I think of you the first thing in the morning when I wake up”

When you wake up with your mind in a blank state, he comes into picture before everything. 

It is because of how much you love him and wish him to be there with you. Give him a sweet good morning call and tell it to him in person.

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4. “I will never trade you for anything”

No need for further explanation: simply because he is the most precious thing you have in life. 

Why would you trade something precious, knowing that nothing will exceed its value. That is what your boyfriend is for you, and you better let him know.

5. “I feel so lucky to have met you in my life”

This is how to tell your boyfriend how you feel about him. 

That you are so grateful of his arrival to your life and among billions of people, you are fated to meet him.

6. “Life is never boring with you”

In the ups and downs, thick and thin of life, all you need is someone that will make you smile and happy in spite of anything. 

When you are feeling the worst, he knows how to cheer you up. His unexpected surprises make you smile. Tell him how he makes your life more fun than it ever was.

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7. “You are my most favorite person in the world”

After all he did and the times you’ve spent together, these words need no more explanation.

8. “I think I’ve spent my whole luck meeting you”

Another way to show how grateful you are to have him as a boyfriend, as if you have traded all of your luck for it. 

That being said, he is the best of luck you ever get in life and he will be very happy upon hearing that!

9. “I still miss you even when you’re with me”

Sometimes, we simply couldn’t get enough of someone we love. Even when you’re together with them, you still miss them. 

These words can create a romantic mood around you, which can be ended perfectly with a kiss!

10. “Thank you for always being there for me”

A good boyfriend will always be your number one supporter. He will remain by your side even when the whole world is against you. 

Know that it’s not something you can take for granted and tell him how much you appreciate it.

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How to tell your boyfriend you love him over text

Too shy to tell your boyfriend how you love directly? You can always leverage technology! Send him messages then convey your honest feelings toward him. Take a look at what you can do!

1. “I am happy today. Thanks for spending the whole day with me”

After a sweet date, don’t forget to tell him how happy you are. It means you enjoy his companion and would like for more in the future.

2. “Have a good sleep and nice dream, love”

Good night texts can never go wrong. Is there anything better than calling it a day with sweet words from your loved one? Give him the privilege too!

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3. “You are my sweetest escape”

Among many things that you can count on one, you choose him. Because he is special and whenever you are with him, you feel like you are in bliss and leaving all the reality behind.

4. “I can’t really wait to see you”

Are you currently in a long distance relationship? Tell him how much you miss him as you count to the day you will finally meet!

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5. “Fancy a date tonight?”

Boyfriends also love dates, and love it even more when you make the first move. If he usually treats you like a princess, now swap the roles!

There are actually plenty of ways to say love other than “I love you”. Whatever your choice might be, make sure that you make it a daily dose to strengthen the love in your relationship.