All Simple Yet The Best Ways to Make Your Girlfriend Feel Special and Loved

She’s here with you but a relationship can turn sour if you don’t do anything to make her feel loved. 

If you are looking for the best ways to make your girlfriend feel special, start from simple things that will make her fall head over heels for you.

Let’s find out what’s the best ways to make your girlfriend happy, loved, and special. 

Best ways to make your girlfriend feel special and loved 

Being in a relationship after a while sometimes makes the flame die down. Everything is starting to be taken for granted and both of you don’t feel anything special anymore. 

This is the last thing you want for your relationship, isn’t it? Reignite the love flame by doing the best ways to make your girlfriend feel special.

1. Surprise her frequently

Who doesn’t like surprises? Throwing unexpected surprises for your girlfriend will fly her over the moon, especially when there’s no special occasion. And the surprises don’t have to be grande and luxurious.

Pick her up after work unnoticed, cook her favorite meal for dinner, and buy her favorite flowers in the morning. 

Those little things show how much you care.

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2. Pamper her with your act of service

There are gestures that are considered less romantic but actually loved by women: act of service. 

Take care of things that she hasn’t had the time to do or simply not capable of. Such as washing her car, washing her dishes, or fixing the broken faucet of her sink.

You can also offer her a massage to relax her tense muscles, especially after a long and tiring day of work. She will appreciate this and love you even more.

“I owe it to you. Because you make me feel special” – TWICE

3. Remember all the important dates and places

What’s the best way to make your girlfriend feel special? 

Details always matter for women. When you are attentive enough to remember the important dates that mark the milestone in your relationship, she will definitely feel special. It shows that you value her and the relationship.

Not only major dates like your anniversary, but also when did you first meet and when was your first date. 

It’s a bonus if you also remember the places precisely. You will definitely score a perfect hundred in her heart!

4. Send flowers without reason

Flowers are one of the best ways to make your girlfriend happy. It can never go wrong as almost no woman on earth hates receiving flowers from the man she loves—especially when it comes in surprise.

You don’t have to wait for her birthday or the anniversary, or make up after a fight; just send her flowers randomly on a casual day to brighten up her mood! 

Imagine finding a bouquet of flowers at her doorstep after a long, tiring day. You can picture her bright smile instantly in your head.

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5. Be her no. 1 supporter

It’s not always gold and glitter in a relationship. There will come the times when you are not on the same page, disagreeing with one another, and ending up in an argument. 

But even though you have a different opinion on the matter at hand, keep being supportive toward her decisions. As long as it is good for her, make sure you’re always her number one supporter.

Knowing how much you try to set aside your differences just to support her comes as meaningful to her.

It shows that you are very serious about the relationship and when the tables are turned in the future, she is ready to give you her unconditional support too. That’s also the best way to make your girlfriend smile! 

6. Listen to her genuinely

When you love someone, you will listen to them. Not just merely responding by humming throughout her speech, but genuinely paying attention to every word she says, the tiny changes in her expression, and her body language to truly understand her feelings.

Make sure she knows that you listen to her attentively, so that she can be at ease to entrust even her darkest secret to you. There is more into it than what is seen through the eye—it builds the foundation of good communication that every relationship needs.

Even though she only wants to share her long day at work or the difficult assignments from school, make sure to sit there and give her your undivided attention.

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7. Show your affection through action

Every person has their own love language. But even though physical touch is not one of yours, showing your affection by physical contact is much needed. 

Not the excessive ones, but something as simple as holding her hands will make your brain release enough oxytocin to make her feel happy.

Especially when you take the initiative, it makes her feel protected and loved. Another kind of physical contact that could set up a romantic mood is the forehead kiss. 

While kisses on the lips are passionate, this one is rather sweet and caring. In some ways, it carries on more weight and meaning than the former.

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8. Give her the freedom she needs

Being in a relationship doesn’t mean that your world revolves around each other. In fact, it’s a ticking bomb when both of you don’t have a life outside the relationship itself. 

So if you are wondering what the best ways to make your girlfriend happy is, it would be giving her the freedom to live her life.

Let her have girls’ night with her best friends, spending weekends alone on occasion, and going on a solo trip. 

People say absence makes the heart grow fonder, so the more often you spend time apart, the more you realize how special you are to each other.

That’s some of the best ways to make your girlfriend feel special and loved. Try one of them to show her how much grateful you have her in life.