Feeling Left Out? Here’s What to Do When Your Boyfriend Ignores You

Being ignored is the worst feeling there is, especially when your boyfriend does that for no reason. 

When he doesn’t respond to your call and text, doesn’t show up for several days, and becomes cold all of a sudden, you couldn’t help but wonder why he behaves so and what’s wrong?

Let’s find out what to do when your boyfriend ignores you all sudden! 

What to do when your boyfriend ignores you for no reason?

There should be good reasons for it, but this behavior shouldn’t be greenlighted to go on forever if you don’t want to be trapped in an unhealthy relationship with your boyfriend. 

Someone has to break the ice, and if it doesn’t seem like he’s going to do something, you can take action.

There are actually a lot of things you can do when your boyfriend ignores you, and here are some of them!

1. Speak out loud

He’s been distancing himself from you, and after some time you’re going to notice the change. 

If it makes your relationship awkward, you can always confront him—but not aggressively. While speaking your mind out loud, don’t forget to give him a chance to explain himself. 

You might be feeling like the victim of this whole situation, but perhaps he’s not the only one to blame too.

Remember that you want to mend your relationship and find out what’s wrong with him, so it’s better for you to come to him without judgment. 

Addressing the issue means you’ll get the bottom of it quickly and move on to a better relationship.

2. Tell him about your feeling

Honesty is the most important thing in a relationship, so it is best for you to speak about your feelings about the whole situation.

Don’t be afraid to appear vulnerable, because the most crucial thing is to be clear, precise, and transparent about the reason why you feel upset. 

Make sure not to leave anything behind and pay close attention to how he responds.

Showing that you feel neglected by him and anything but comfortable with his behavior means that you acknowledge your emotions but you want to understand his reasons, too. 

He may not realize that he’s been ignoring you, so avoid being judgemental with him.

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2. Ask him how he feels

Sometimes, people only want to be heard. If he doesn’t come around, you can talk straight up to him, asking him what’s wrong and if anything bothers him. 

This is so much better than going around making assumptions of what’s wrong with him.

You will only ever find the truth if you ask him—and there are a lot of ways to communicate.

Asking him how he feels will shed some light for the problems in your relationship that you probably aren’t aware of either. It also shows that you care and his thoughts matter for you.

3. Give him the time and space he needs

What to do when your boyfriend ignores you?

The talk may go well, and maybe not. Whatever the result is—whether you’ve gone through a heated argument or talking it through in a cool manner—give your boyfriend the time and space to be alone. 

He might just need time to be alone and sort out himself and his own feelings. It’s not only good for him but also for you, and your relationship. 

Wait until he’s done with all the problems and comes back to you, only then you can readdress the issues in your relationship.

Don’t forget to let him know that you will always be supportive and be there for him.

4. No need to overcompensate

Nobody likes to be ignored, but it doesn’t mean you are allowed to lose self composure. The last thing you should do when your boyfriend ignores you is bombarding him with texts and calls around the clock. 

It won’t make him talk, instead he will feel pressured by what you do and he’s going to avoid you even more. If you reach out to him but he doesn’t show any response, leave him be. 

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5. Do apologize for your mistakes

In case you are wondering what it means if your boyfriend ignores you, you can be the reason too. You might have done something that upset him and ignoring you is how he retaliates. 

Whether you are wrong or not, it’s never bad to apologize first. But it doesn’t mean by apologizing, the problem is solved. Both of you still have to address it and get the bottom of it.

6. Seek advice

Another thing of what to do if your boyfriend ignores you is seeking advice.It can be anyone, as long as you trust them. 

You can speak to a relationship coach or your best friend. If you are close with his best friends, you can also ask them for specific advice on how to deal with him in this situation.

Talking to others can give unique and maybe better insights about how you see a problem and eventually leads you back on track. 

It always takes two to tango. If your boyfriend ignores you, it indicates that something is wrong with your relationship. 

It’s good if you want to make the first move, but you don’t have to make an effort for both of you. Ask him to show some effort too.