What to do when your boyfriend thinks you’re annoying?

Mostly it’s okay to annoy your boyfriend in a fun way. That helps to keep things exciting. So you could laugh together and enjoy the moment.  

But what to do when your boyfriend thinks you’re annoying?

What to do when your boyfriend thinks you’re annoying?

It’s all fun and games to play around, tease, and annoy your boyfriend. At some point, this could help to paint the relationship bright. 

Indeed, you seek peace through healthy romantic relationships. But, you want to annoy your boyfriend because you are too excited and love him.

But it would be annoying if your boyfriend said you were annoying.

1. Ask him why 

Is it something you said, something you do, or something you bring that he thinks is so annoying from you that he can’t handle?

Ask him what and why?

It would be better if he can explain it in detail so that you can understand what he is feeling.

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2. Talk nicely 

You might think it’s just a joke, but maybe he has a different perspective so he feels you’re bothering him a lot.

It’s okay for him to express his feelings if he thinks so. We learn to express ourselves and not hold back our feelings, right?

This way, you will also learn how to position yourself.

He will also learn how to deal with you and find the best way to keep both of them from getting annoyed and hurt.

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3. Apologize

Maybe you don’t realize what you’re doing is really bothering him in a bad way.

Of course you didn’t mean that.

Let him know that you really just want to tease him for fun, don’t want to upset him.

Apologize if you annoy him to the point of harming him too.

4. Set boundaries

What to do when your boyfriend thinks you’re annoying? Know the boundaries.

Indeed, when we are dating, we will melt into almost one unit.

But, know that you are two different people with personalities and all other differences.

Keep separate time for each.

Too much time together sometimes makes couples feel bored or bored. Little things can trigger fights because you both dwell on the same thing and may lose yourself when you’re always with your partner.

5. Try to understand each other 

One way for a relationship to be balanced and in line is to understand each other.

We have to know when to joke, when to have fun, when to be together, when to annoy your partner, or when to be serious.

If your boyfriend is tired, he may not want to be bothered or even talk to you first.

He’s probably a sensitive person who can’t be bothered like that.

Vice versa, your boyfriend will also learn to understand you and treat you in a way that makes you comfortable.

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6. Self reflection

There’s nothing wrong with correcting yourself.

Your boyfriend said that (not so nice things) not to attack you, but so that we can learn to understand each other.

He loves you so much that he expresses what he thinks and feels.

7. Is it you or is it him? 

Well, this is what you should pay attention to too.

Are you really bothering him too much, or is he the only one who has the same problem with you?

I once had a boyfriend who said I was annoying. He said I called him too much and asked him for too much.

I took some time to think, was I really annoying?

Turns out, he didn’t love me as much as I loved him. The slightest thing I asked for would annoy him.

He just doesn’t want to give me the love I deserve.

In fact, too, he’s manipulative and he makes me feel guilty about things I didn’t do.

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8. Know if it’s gonna work? 

Make sure that this is not a one-sided relationship.

If he keeps thinking and telling you that you’re annoying when you’ve been quiet, that’s his problem.

After all, it’s normal for boyfriend and girlfriend to tease each other or act weird. It makes the atmosphere cheerful and fun, right?

Silly behavior from a partner can also make you happy and increase bonding in a relationship.

That’s what to do when your boyfriend thinks you’re annoying.