Proven Ways on How to Make Your Girl Love You More Through Text

Texting is typically the initial stage in every relationship and it will keep going even after you officially date each other. 

And you will always be wondering how to make your girl love you more through text. Scroll this article down to master the tips and tricks!

1. Find the right time to text her

Choosing the best time to text is very important, so you must find out the best time to send her texts. Otherwise, she’ll be preoccupied and won’t read your text. 

You must act appropriately and at the appropriate time when you are attempting to win her heart even more. 

Evening to night after work would be the best time to text her, since she’ll also be done with her own activities and have  more time to text you back or even engage in conversation!

2. Don’t leave out emojis!

Emojis aren’t there only for decoration. While it indeed makes your text more entertaining, you can use it to make her love you more as well.

Emojis make it easier for people to communicate their feelings and have those feelings be understood by others. 

Please let that kind of attitude leave your head if you believe that using emojis is not at all cool. 

Use it to let her know how you feel about her and make her feel more comfortable around you.

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3. Keep it simple at times

If you ask how to continuously make your girl love you more, that is by going as simple and straightforward as “I love you” through text. 

If you have been dating for a while, you may forget this little thing but conveying verbally how you love her can keep your relationship warm and last long.

4. Cheer her up after a bad day

How to make your girl love you more through text? You could use text messages to cheer her up or just ask how her day was. 

When you couldn’t meet in person or in a long-distance relationship, texting can be a good way to cheer her up when she is having a bad day. Cheer her up and tell her that she can tell him about what makes her day go badly.

You can also take this to the next level by sending her surprise gift, such as order delivery for her favorite foods without her knowing.

5. Let her take time to reply

When you are in love, there are times when you just can’t help but want to learn as much as you can about the person you’re crushing on. 

But you’ll have to wait patiently for her reply. Your attitude toward her will be reflected in how long you wait for her to respond.

That being said, let her take her time to reply. If she doesn’t reply in an hour, don’t send her another text since she could be busy and occupied with other activities. 

Give her space to show you how you respect her and not being clingy towards her.

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6. Mention details about her

To make the moment truly special, include specifics. 

Do you recall your girlfriend’s appearance when you first met her? Or perhaps the instant you realized she was the one for you? 

She will know she has a place in your heart if you text her with a recollection you truly adore.

7. Send her good mornings

Start your day nicely by sending good morning to her. 

Especially when she has something important that day such as first day at work or exam day, don’t forget to cheer her up.

8. Thank her after a date

Texting after going out on a date can be too much sometimes. But telling her that you are grateful for the day will make her happy. 

Let her know that you also enjoyed going on a date with her and tell her to rest well.

You can also send grateful messages at other times, for example when she’s there for you during your hard time and help you go through it.

9. Send spontaneous texts every time you are reminded of her

Sometimes you will be reminded of someone you love when you see some pictures, hear songs in the supermarket, or anything. 

Let her know that you instantly think of her because of that. This way, you indirectly tell her that you always have her in mind and that you never forget about every little thing you said. This is how to make your girl love you more and deeper.

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10. End conversation nicely instead of leaving her hanging

No matter how much you want to keep talking to her by text, you can’t do that all day and night. 

When you should be ending the conversation, make sure to do it nicely. Tell her that you need to go back to your activities and say goodbye. Don’t leave her on read and disappear in the midst of texting.

That’s how to make your girl love you more through text that you can follow. But again, it’s important to approach her in real life. 

From text message, but again you need to be connected with her in real life.