11 Telltale Signs Taurus Man in Love with You

Reading the characteristics of a Taurus man is never easy, including when he is falling in love. Which often ends you up wondering what are the signs Taurus man likes you? Is he serious or just wants to flirt?

Learn some signs signs Taurus man in love with you below! 

Signs Taurus man in love with you

Some Taurus men (April 20 until about May 21) could make a concerted effort to hide their emotions and take extreme measures, like ignoring you. He might not be feeling this internally. 

You need to be patient in order to figure out where you stand with him and whether he actually likes you.

Learn more about the covert and understated signals that a Taurus man cares profoundly about you, wants to be with you, and is in love with you by scrolling down.

1. Yes, he becomes awkward whenever he’s with you

When he is not actually that interested in you, a Taurus man will be flirtatious and noisy. However, when he is smitten with you, he will appear bashful and avoid making eye contact. When you are speaking, he will pretend to be speaking to someone else. 

This is just his way of seeing if you’re interested in him and if he can approach you without hurting you. 

But you need to be understanding with him. The efforts of a Taurus man to win a woman over are nothing short of incredibly endearing. 

You’ll see that he stumbles when he speaks to you or cracks cheap jokes.

He will open up to you and divulge his deepest thoughts, dreams, and desires with you once you get past this awkward stage and as he becomes more at ease. 

Although Taurus men may appear distant, they are actually very kind and friendly.

2. He might purposefully ignore you

A Taurus man will make every effort to avoid speaking with you directly. He might focus attention on someone else and avoid eye contact if you are around other people. 

He might suddenly become totally absorbed in staring out the window or reading the menu if you try to start the conversation. 

This actually indicates that he is madly in love with you and is still attempting to hide this from himself.

3. He remembers your schedules and routines

A Taurus man will express interest in you by making himself familiar with your schedule and everyday activities. 

Taurus men like quiet approaches over overt displays of affection. In order to catch your attention, he will try to surprise you. 

He might make an attempt to do this by abruptly appearing where you frequently go. 

He may be too hesitant to approach you immediately, so he will likely stay back and observe you instead. 

Consider this action a complement; it’s one of the telltale signals that a Taurus guy likes you. This is his covert method of expressing romantic interest in you.

4. He gives you compliments

One of the signs Taurus man likes you is he will make an effort to win your favor by giving you sincere praises. 

He will work harder to leave a lasting impact in his own unique way. He will make an effort to win your affection by demonstrating his interest in you. 

When in love, a Taurus man will show his partner unreserved admiration. His compliments will always be sincere, considerate, and rarely showy. 

Perfectionism is a trait of those born under this sign, thus his courtship of you will be nothing but elegant.

5. He tends to take things much slowly

When a Taurus guy seems to move slowly in a relationship, that is an indication that he may be secretly attracted to you. 

This sign is well recognized for being very steady and slow. This sign is known for being a little cautious, but that’s just because a Taurus man strives for perfection. 

He will put off the pursuit until he meets a potential love interest so he may savor every second. He’ll want to savor and enjoy every moment of the connection. 

That’s why it’s a good indication that a Taurus man likes you when he resists leaping into bed!

Even though this drives you a little bit crazy, try your best to be patient. He really needs to move at  his own pace.

6. He minds every single thing about you

Among the signs Taurus man is falling in love is he will genuinely value your opinions, preference, and goals very seriously. 

Your Taurus man will cling to every word you say since it is pure poetry to him. 

He will listen intently and with genuine attention to whatever you say. He will recall each and every word you said. 

He will always openly support you once he gets over his initial timidity and makes contact with you! Since his zodiac sign is linked to security and stability, he places a high value on showing support and solidarity.

6. He is interested in your financial situation

Don’t be surprised but Taurus man will start analyzing your financial situation right from the start you date each other. 

He’ll be happy to assist you with tax preparation and bill organization. Although it may not be the most romantic action in your opinion, this is a sign of genuine love coming from a Taurus man. This zodiac sign is linked to wealth, resources, and morals.

A Taurus man takes his time organizing these things. He also enjoys seeing his love partner succeed in doing the same. 

He won’t ever pass judgment on your financial choices. When paying for a meal, dessert, or a date, he will always be the first to open his wallet.

7. He starts to display his jealousy

You must be noticing the signs Taurus man is falling for you: jealousy. But the thing is that he will never do this openly. 

Even if you are conversing with another man at the bar, he most likely won’t even blink. But when his love grows stronger, Taurus man begins to feel envious. 

He might go above and beyond to let people know that you are his. He will make an effort to subtly signal that you are no longer single by putting himself out there. 

His masculinity really shines through in this situation. He won’t be rude or intrusive, but his jealousy is a clear indication that he cares about you.

8. He tries to be handy for you

A Taurus man will probably appear to be quite robust and muscular. He will try to impress you with his “handyman” abilities by demonstrating them to you. 

A Taurus guy will put forth extra effort to win her over, even if it requires exerting physical effort on his part. He sees his body as a tool for any physical activities he engages in.

The Taurus man may offer to give your house some tender loving care, which is one of the telltale indicators that he likes you. 

He enjoys working with his hands and is not afraid of laborious tasks. He will know that you trust and like him if you let him handle the household chores.

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9. He show luxury gestures

When a Taurus man falls in love, his actions reveal how significant the woman is to him. Taurus men enjoy their material luxuries. 

These acts may not always cost money in the traditional sense. His bedridden grandma may be the subject of an invitation from him. 

Additionally, he’ll give you flowers and chocolates like a hidden admirer.

10. He becomes very protective to you

The bull of all the signs is thought to be the Taurus man. He behaves like a bull in a number of ways. 

He will be protective of those he loves, whether they are friends or members of his family. He will be quite protective of you if he has love feelings for you. 

He will fiercely guard you, especially from the way others treat you. The more severely a Taurus guy falls, the more his protective instincts will be. 

Anyone who shows you disrespect, especially, will not be put up with by him. Around him, you’ll always feel secure. Note that it is also among the signs Taurus man has feelings for you.

That’s all about signs Taurus man in love with you. You can agree to disagree. Cause we all know everyone has their own characteristic that doesn’t match the zodiac at all. 

Just if you are wondering if this Taurus man loves you or not, you could watch how he treats you day by day. He might not tell you he loves you directly, but one day he will and you can always feel his love through his actions.