11 Unmistakable Signs Sagittarius Man Loves You

Trying to figure out some signs Sagittarius man loves you? Let’ds dig more here!

Unmistakable Signs Sagittarius Man Loves You

It’s not surprising if you are looking for signs Sagittarius man loves you. Secretive by nature, a Sagittarian never wears his emotions on the sleeve. 

You have to become someone who is close enough and worthy of his trust to see his true self. But if he naturally shows those sides in front of you, it could be that he is falling in love?

Curious for more? These are the signs Sagittarius man is in love.

1. He casually says love

No, he’s not joking. A Sagittarius man tends to be spontaneous when he confesses his love. It often comes out of the blue in a situation you least expect. 

It is also because he’s not the patient type who can hold his feelings and affection, especially when he is with that person. 

Sagittarius is known to be openly honest, so when he says it, he means it.

2. He’s not shy for PDA

A Sagittarius man wants you to know his feelings through his body language. Don’t be taken by surprise when he hugs you every time you meet or hold hands around the street. 

When in a relationship, he is a lovesick man.

3. He wants you in his future

In general context, someone will involve you in his future plans when he truly loves you. Andthis holds true to a Sagittarius man. 

Not only does he want you to be a part of his future, he plans his future with you. 

But don’t directly jump into marriage and children—talk about things that are highly possible to happen in the near future: it can be moving in together, traveling together, and many more.

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4. He adjust to your needs and wants

He is indeed an easy going man, but he is not the type who compromises and adjusts to everyone around him. 

That’s why one of the signs Sagittarius man likes you is when he values what you need and what you want to.

As much as he values his freedom, Sagittarius man thinks that everyone should have their own freedom. If you ask him to be with you instead of doing his hobby, he will say yes right away.

5. He cheer on you

He loves you and he wants to be with you in the future, but he doesn’t want you to lose yourself. 

A Sagittarius will support you and cheer you on as you pursue your dreams. 

He knows it’s important to you and it becomes important for him too. When he is in love with you, you gain yourself a biggest fan who will give his all in order for you to be happy and successful. 

6. He drags you to his hobbies

Among the signs Sagittarius man is interested in you is when he drags you to do his favorite activities together. 

For example, he likes biking. He will cajole you to ride the bike together with him until you say yes. 

And he is considerate enough to take you to beautiful places so that you enjoy it rather than feeling forced to do it.

7. He showers you with gifts

Who doesn’t love gifts? A Sagittarius man knows this and it’s what he will be doing to you: showering you with gifts. 

From a box of lunch that landed on your working desk to a sudden trip on the weekend. He pays attention to everything you say, and if you want something, he will do everything within his power to make it happen.

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8. He uses no filter to you

One of the traits that astrology signs Sagittarius man has is secretive. Even after you are officially in a relationship, it might take time for him to fully open up to you. 

When he is comfortable enough, he uses no filter when he talks to you. He will tell you everything in his mind , even ones that might disappoint you.

9. He makes time for romantic dates

No matter how busy he is, he will make time for romantic dates. 

It’s not your usual meeting at the end of the day, but a special date that involves a reservation in a restaurant with a city view, a bouquet of red flowers, and more. 

And he will never say a thing to you, as he likes to give you surprises and gifts.

10. He introduces you to his family and friends

If you suddenly become a part of his family gathering and know all of his friends, it’s a definite sign that he loves you. 

He wants you to know not just about him but everyone he loves and cares about.

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11. Marriage is within his radar

At one point in your relationship, a Sagittarius man might mention marriage. 

When this happens, he is already assured that you’re the one for him and he has fully given his heart away to you. Enough to say that he completely falls for you.

That’s some signs Sagittarius man loves you that you can catch. But again, he can be Sagittarius  and he can be different. 

Sometimes, it’s hard to see whether he likes you back or not. But when he does, you can see it easily and clearly by the way he treats you day by day.