10 Undeniable Signs Pisces Man is Falling in Love with You

Your crush was born on February 19 to March 20? That’s Pisces man!

What’s the signs Pisces man is in love with you? Find out here! 

Signs Pisces man is falling in love

Once a Pisces man enters your life, it will never be the same again. A Piscesian is notorious for his empathetic, creative, caring, understanding, and loyal nature. When in a relationship, he is selfless and always puts others behind him.

But the question is, is he falling in love with you? Worry no more! Check out the undeniable signs Pisces man is falling in love below!

1. He wants to know you more

Pisces man doesn’t believe in love at the first sight. For them, love has to be nurtured over time. 

This is why he wants to get to know you more and more once he grows a feeling for you. Be prepared to be questioned with all sorts of things about you, in a casual or serious manner. 

He just doesn’t want to miss a single thing!

2. He sees only you

What’s more signs Pisces man is falling in love? 

A Pisces man will not pay attention to other girls when his heart is taken by someone. He will be so invested in everything you say that he will ignore everyone in the room. 

Once he decides that you’re the one for him, he will stop looking for others. His intense emotions help him to comfortably show and confess his affection to you.

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3. He makes you feel special

If you feel like a princess whenever he is around, it could be one of the signs Pisces man loves you. 

He truly prioritizes you so that it seems like his world revolves around you. His love languages include giving gifts, taking you on romantic dates, and many more.

4. He becomes protective toward you

When he falls in love, a Pisces man tends to show his protective nature. He wants to make sure you’re alright all the time. 

In fact, he doesn’t mind if you’re clingy and needy of him—it makes him happy. 

Instead of judging you, he sees you as someone who needs his emotional and practical support, and he will willingly give anything for you whenever you need him.

5. He makes you his passion

Showing his passionate side isn’t enough. Because among the signs Pisces man likes you is that he makes you his passion. 

He listens to you, trying to understand you, involve you in making decisions for his life, and include you in his future. 

6. He does his best to make you happy

Pisces man is sensitive and emotional by nature, so he gives his best to make his girl happy. 

He pays attention to what you like and dislike, and plants them in his brain. In short, he doesn’t want to make you upset or disappointed. That’s the signs Pisces man likes you!

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7. He frequently gives you surprise

Every girl likes surprises, so be thankful because one of the signs Pisces man in love is that he will surprise you often. 

Aside from his love for you, a Pisces man is generous by nature. That is why seeing people he loves happy makes him happier too.

8. He wants to spend all his free time with you

Still not convinced that you are his priority? Wait until he wants to spend all his free time with you: weekends, off-days, and night after work. 

He finds home in you and it makes him always want to go back to you. Isn’t it sweet?

9. He respects you

There is one trait that a Pisces man commonly has: every time he falls in love, he thinks it’s the love of his life. 

But the bright side is that he will treat you with utmost respect. When you set boundaries, he makes sure not to cross it. 

He treats you so well but he won’t interfere if you don’t let him to. Pisces man is an embodiment of a true gentleman.

10. He opens to you

Another  signs Pisces man is falling for you: he opens up to you. Piscean is not a talkative person by nature. 

They tend to be secretive unless they are comfortable and trust a person enough. 

He will not only confess his love to you but share his deepest concerns and take you to the darkest side of him that no one knows.

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11. He loves you the way you are

Among many signs Pisces man is in love with you is: he never wants to change you. He loves you and accepts everything about you, all good and bad. 

Even if he wants you to change something, he will never tell you unless you want to make the change yourself.

12. You will recognize him right away

When you find the one, there is this invisible voice that whispers to you: “he’s the one”. This could happen when you meet a Pisces man, too. 

After seeing all the signs that he is definitely in love, now it’s your turn to ask yourself. If he’s the one you’ve been looking for, trust your heart.

That’s the signs Pisces man is falling in love. But again, it depends and varies in every person. 

If he loves you, he will show up and you will feel it.