11 Unmistakable Signs Aries Man is in Love with You

Wondering if he’s into you or not. If he’s the Aries guy, may you check some of the signs Aries man is falling for you here!

Signs Aries Man is in Love with You

Telling the signs Aries man is in love with you is not a difficult task. Aries (March 21 to about April 19) are known to be passionate and energetic, thus they often wear their emotions on their sleeves. Which means, he will show you when he loves you.

But if you are not sure yet of the signs Aries man is falling for you, read through this article to find out!

1. He makes you his priority

Aries men are not only words but they take action in everything, including a relationship. He will put a lot of effort once they have set their heart to someone by making them their top priority. Upon deciding something, he is not scared of the consequences that follow.

Let’s say you ask him out for lunch during weekdays, he will willingly come no matter how far you are, even when he knows that it might take a lot of time to reach you. Well, being loved by an Aries man is truly a blessing in and of its own.

2. You become the center of his universe

Not to exaggerate, but one of the signs Aries man likes you is how you transform into the center of his universe, the core of his existence. Ever since you come along and take over his heart, he will put everything behind you.

This is very much aligned with how he will always make you his top priority. And he will make sure that you always feel comfortable and at ease.

3. He loves talking to you…

Although an Aries man is generally shy in nature, his different and unusual side will show when he is in love. 

They talk to you a lot, from his personal life, his experiences, his dreams, his fears, and his plans. It won’t take a long time for you to get to know him, because he is willingly giving away as much as possible about himself.

The reason is simply because you are now an important part of his life, thus he shares things that he normally prefers keeping behind the veil.

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4. …and he will ask a lot of questions about you

No, he won’t just talk about himself. In turn, he will ask endless questions about you too. This is a good opportunity to get to know each other better. As much as he wants you to know him, he wants to know you so badly as well.

5. His protective side emerges

Being protective is one of the many impressive traits an Aries man has. Especially when it comes to the woman he loves, he will do anything within his power to keep her safe. 

When you are irritated by something or a certain situation, he will keep you away from that.

Your happiness and good mood mean everything to him. At times, this side of him can be annoying, especially when he becomes too protective over little things. But do know that he will never let you be harmed in any way.

6. He takes your opinion into account

Among the signs Aries man is in love with you is how he takes your opinion into account. Everything you say matters to him. Whenever you speak, he will listen to you attentively and take action with your feedback.

Let’s say you don’t like the color of his clothes, he will never wear that again. The same goes with more important and crucial things in his life such as career, family, and even health.

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7. He will treat you like a princess

When Aries man loves someone, he will be the best gentleman for her. You will be treated like a princess and everyday he will never cease you impress and adore you in any way possible. He emphasizes your importance by paying attention to what you say, remembering what you like, and avoiding what you don’t like.

8. He introduce you to his circle

One of the best signs Aries man loves you is that he will introduce you to the people who are important to him. He might take you to his parents’ house over the weekend, invite you to hang out with his sisters, and let you befriend his best friend.

9. His actions will show

Love is not enough when it’s said through words only—real action is much better, and Aries man knows that. 

An Aries man will pamper you a lot until you get sick of it. Yes, even women can be sick of being treated too nicely. But it’s just how an Aries man is, loving you through action.

Get ready for small surprises that will come very occasionally. An Aries man will definitely go above and beyond to make his loved one happy.

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10. He will give all of his time for you

The last signs Aries man is falling for you is he will give all of his time for you. If you ask him to be with you the whole weekend, he will say yes right away. When it comes to relationships, an Aries man never hesitates to invest his time and emotion into it.

That’s all about signs Aries man is in love with you. Yes at the end of the day, you will know if he loves you by the way he treats you, commits with you, and that he stays through thick and thin with you. He ain’t give up on you!