15 Obvious Signs Cancer Man Loves You

If you even find any signs Cancer man loves you, you may consider yourself as the luckiest woman on earth. Cancer (June 22 to about July 22) are known for their commitment, protectiveness, and devotion to the ones they love.

Find out some signs cancer man wants relationship here!

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As someone who is reserved and not easily open up, it’s rather hard to tell whether he really likes you or not. But worry no more! This article will make sure that you will never miss any signs Cancer man is falling for you.

1. He is open with his feelings

No men are more reserved than Cancer men. He is not the type who easily shows or tells his feelings, unless he wants his significant other to know it. So when he is in love, he will spend a lot of time with you and tell you all of his feelings.

As a romantic person, he will tell you he loves you without any hesitation. And he will go beyond words as well by showing his affections through action.

2. Your happiness is everything for him

Once a Cancer man falls in love, he will show a completely different side. He might be an introvert, but he makes sure that you will never feel any dull moments with him. Simply put, he is willing to do anything to make you happy.

Even though he is a shy person by nature, he will act silly and joke around just to make you laugh. Whenever you seem down, he will lift up your mood in the most amusing way.

3. He includes you in his future plans

One of the most apparent signs Cancer man likes you is that he will easily include you to all of his future plans. 

He starts by sharing what he aspires to be, his dreams, and his visions a few years later. In every single one of it, he will never leave you out.

Either directly or subtly, he is going to make sure that he wishes you to become a part of his future.

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4. He opens himself to you

A Cancer man is an affectionate man that will let you know how important you are to him. He will open himself up to you gradually so that you can know him better. 

As the time goes by, he will talk more about himself and about things he doesn’t usually share with other people.

To be able to expose his deepest secrets, a Cancer man needs to feel secure. So when he does open up himself, it means that he is also sure about your feelings toward him.

5. He wants your affection

Since he will show you through words and action how he loves you, he will expect the same too. Cancer would love when the woman he loves shows her affection towards him. 

Make sure to show your love language to him as an assurance that you reciprocate his feelings.

6. He pays attention to every single thing about you

All women wish their partner to be very attentive. Luckily this is one of the many signs Cancer man wants a relationship: he remembers every little detail about you that you might feel amazed by.

From your favorite food, your dress color on the first date, your hobbies, even the silliest thing you told him. Everything about you is important to him, no matter how small and insignificant.

7. He shows intention for a serious relationship

If you are up for a long term and serious relationship, a Cancer man can be the best partner for you. 

He is not someone who falls in love easily, so when he does, he will truly be invested in it. He will want a serious relationship by showing his commitments through words and actions.

8. He brings you to his family

Among the signs cancer man is in love is how he wants you to know his family and closest relatives too! 

As a homebody by nature, a Cancer man loves his family a lot and he dreams of having a family on his own.

By introducing you to his family, he is showing his intention for a more serious relationship with you. He wants someone he loves to get along well with other people he loves too.

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9. His friends become your friends

Bringing you to his family is not enough to a Cancer man. He brings you to his friends too until you befriend them too. 

He will likely seek approval from them, albeit unspoken, and want them to love you as much as he does. 

This is actually a good thing because if a Cancer man introduces you to his friends, it means he’s serious with you.

10. You are his best friend

Last but not least, one of the signs cancer man is falling for you is that you become his best friend. He might already have a lot of friends, but he will be different from you. 

He will share things that he doesn’t usually tell his friends like his deepest secrets, future plans, etc. which makes you feel more special!

That’s all about signs cancer man loves you. Hope it helps you to figure it out. But at the end of the day, you will know if he loves you by the way he treats you and commits with you. Also, that he stays through thick and thin with you.