How to tell your boyfriend he has body odor without hurting him

You really like spending time with him but you can’t handle the odor. Don’t want to be rude but how to tell your boyfriend he has body odor? Let’s discuss it here!

How to tell your boyfriend he has body odor? 

Body odor from a person can be very disturbing. It makes us uncomfortable and reluctant to be close, even though they are good in personality. 

Especially if your boyfriend has body odor or bad breath, it’s really annoying. You want to be with him, to be close to him, but you can’t help the smell. 

It could be that his body odor is a turn off. Reduced intimacy and quality of relationships. 

You want to help him, but how to tell your boyfriend he has body odor?

1. Find out the causes 

Is the smell recent or has it been a while? If you’ve been together a long time and it was fine before he didn’t stink, then it’s not in his habit for him to smell like this. 

Does he have body odor? 

The most common cause of body odor is the deposition and combination of sweat and bacteria, usually in moist areas of the skin such as the armpits or groin. 

It can happen because of bad hygiene and lifestyle, such as not bathing or wearing dirty clothes. 

Does he have foot odor?

The bad smell from your boyfriend can also come from his feet, for example wearing dirty and damp socks or shoes. 

For example, he was forced to wear wet shoes, which often happens in the rainy season. 

Does he have bad breath?

Ah, talking to someone with that mouth sucks. You can’t focus on the conversation and become resentful of the person for one simple reason. 

Moreover, a boyfriend who smells bad breath, so disgusting, imagine having to kiss him. 

Bad breath generally occurs because of the habit of rarely brushing your teeth or not using mouthwash. Dental and oral problems such as cavities also cause bad breath. 

Bad breath may also appear after he eats certain foods, such as too much garlic, jengkol, petai, onions, horseradish, or some fish. But, that kind of bad breath should be gone after brushing your teeth. 

Does your boyfriend wear smelly things? 

Yes, find out the source of the smell. Whether it’s his old jeans that have never been washed, or his rotten jacket, or his shoes. 

Does your boyfriend have any health problems? 

Several health problems can trigger symptoms of body odor and bad breath. If this unpleasant odor persists and gets more intense, and cannot be removed with body care, then contact a doctor. 

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2. Be honest and caring 

We assume that you’ve been with your boyfriend for a while. Should have known each other well enough or know how to talk to him. 

Honesty, openness, and communication should be the foundation of your relationship. So, it should be okay for you to say that your boyfriend smells bad. Of course, say it well. After all, this is a form of caring for him.

3. Tell it nicely

How to tell your boyfriend that he has body odor? Let’s try! 

  • Hon, let’s take a shower together! I will bathe you with all the fragrance in the flower garden!
  • Isn’t it show time? Let’s clean our dirty bodies with my new body shop and fragrance! 
  • Let’s kiss in the shower like in a romantic movie! But before that, we will bathe each other until there is no more body odor and we smell like newborn babies. 
  • Honey, I used to love your scent, but now I don’t really like the way you smell. 
  • Honey, have you showered regularly lately? 
  • Do you have problems choosing the best body soap? 
  • Baby, I wanna smell you, breathe you in, but I don’t think I can cause you ain’t smell good like you used to. 
  • Baby, should we go to buy body care products together now? 
  • Honey, have you brushed your teeth?

I think it’s okay to use those lines to tell my boyfriend he is smelling like shits lately. But if you have better ideas, go on. 

You know your boyfriend better so you know. If you are dating sincerely, you will really care about each other. 

‘I love you’ is not only in words but also in the way you take care of each other. You don’t wanna let your boyfriend walk out the door with body odor so someone else will tell him.

4. Offer solution

Yes, find solutions. If the body odor occurs due to an unsanitary lifestyle, then it can be overcome with good body care. 

You can invite him to take a bath together. Bought him body care and oral hygiene products.

Find out the causes together. If body odor or bad breath occurs because of a suspected health problem, then take him for a consultation with a doctor. 

It could be that he has a good lifestyle, but there are hormone problems or other disorders that make him easily sweaty and smell bad. 

5. Set boundaries 

Also, we think it’s safe to set boundaries. Like, ‘I don’t wanna kiss you if you have bad breath’ or ‘go clean yourself before you hug me’. 

It is related to cleanliness which results in comfort in relationships.

That’s how to tell your boyfriend that he has body odor. Easy? Maybe not. 

But you’ve known your boyfriend for quite some time and you should know how to handle him. Better to tell the truth than hang out with stinky boys. 

It’s not going to be a pleasant dating experience, tho. 

And a note to self: If he can’t change the bad habits that make him smell bad, then it represents his personality. If he can’t treat himself good, you know he’s not your best choice to date.