How to Tell Your Boyfriend He Looks Handsome?

Ah, we’re going to help this cute girl who is shy to tell how handsome and cool her boyfriend is. Giving compliments to your boyfriend is one of the cutest acts you should do. 

How to tell my boyfriend he’s handsome? 

It’s not only girlfriends who need and want to be complimented, boyfriends also expect the same thing. Indeed, we live in a society where it’s not normal to praise men with sweet words and actions. 

Also, men are required to always look dashing. In fact, they are also very gentle and want to be treated sweetly. Especially for men who live hard lives and hard days, the presence of his girlfriend who can warm his heart with sweet phrases, expressions, and treatment will really make his day better. 

Your boyfriend may rarely hear praise for himself. You see him deeper than anyone else, right. Express your feelings and tell him how handsome he is. Here’s how to tell your boyfriend he’s handsome as hell!

1. Send a song 

If you don’t know how to put it into words, play it with songs that represent his beauty. 

I’d like to play this song for my handsome boyfriend one day: 

You’re so gorgeous

I can’t say anything to your face

‘Cause look at your face

And I’m so furious

At you for making me feel this way

But, what can I say?

You’re gorgeous

Taylor Swift, Gorgeous

What must it be like

To grow up that beautiful?

With your hair falling into place like dominoes

My mind turns your life into folklore

I can’t dare to dream about you anymore

Gold Rush, Taylor Swift

I noticed that there’s a piece of you in how I dress, take it as a compliment. 

– Harry Styles, Cherry

You could find more songs that speak about lovely, handsome, cool, and gorgeous men. Like, Positions by Ariana Grande and more romantic songs from Lana Del Rey. 

2. Cute good morning text

How to tell your boyfriend he’s handsome? By cute text every morning. 

  • Good morning my handsome baby 🖤
  • Bet you look so good today. Right? 😉
  • Morning my handsome boy. Can’t wait to meet you today! 
  • Morning, baby. In my dream last night you look so damn cool, and I know it’s true! 
  • Good morning. Another day to love is one finest day. 
  • Wake up, hon. You gotta light up the day with your best smile. 
  • Good morning, babe. You could be the best thing that happens to me today, and everyday. 

I believe you could come up with better punchlines and ideas. 

3. Direct complement 

How to tell your man he’s handsome with direct compliments? Let’s check some example phrases:

  • You look good in that outfit.
  • You’re so cute, ah. 
  • How could you be so cute? 
  • When you look at me like that, I fall to my knees.
  • I feel like everyone who sees you wants you.
  • Love you, handsome.
  • I love Harry Style, but you are the winner. 

4. Indirect compliment 

How to tell your boyfriend he looks handsome? You could tell it by indirect compliments, like: 

  • Look at him then smile. 
  • Kiss him all over his face cause you love him so much. 
  • Ask him to dance over the romantic love songs and pretend he is the king and you’re the queen.
  • Take a photograph of him and frame it on the wall or on your wallet. Say, ‘now I can watch to your cuteness more and more when you are not around’ 
  • Look at him like you want him so bad. 

5. Dirty jokes 

How to tell your man he’s handsome with dirty jokes: 

  • You’re hotter than the summer.
  • You got me melting like vanilla ice cream. 
  • You can turn me on just by looking at me. 
  • I believe you are the hottest man of the year. 
  • You and Harry Styles in one room, I’d choose you first and Harry next 🤭
  • Your cute jeans! 
  • Your smell is so tempting. I can’t…
  • I miss the shape of your lips and the way you hold me all night.
  • The Handsome Squidward will be envious of you. He will want you too.
  • You’re so hot and handsome and tall. You could be the pornstar we are all thirsty about. Eh 🤭
  • I bet they fear your beautifully handsome face, hon.
  • You are the handsome-handsome. You know what I mean? 
  • I need your strong big muscle to open the jar and… you know mmm
  • They should do a million dollars and multiple surgeries to look fine. Lucky you to be this handsome naturally, and a few kisses from me makes you the handsomest. 

I know, that’s lame and I believe you have some better dirty jokes to tell to your boyfriend or about him. 

That’s how to tell your boyfriend he looks handsome. I mean, you can tell him directly and spontaneously. That’s your honest thoughts about him. 

You don’t need to make up words. Your acts, your expression, the way you look at him, and the way you treat him shows him how you love him. 

And he is handsome not only from his looks and body, but the way he loves you speaks volume.