What to do with your boyfriend when bored at home? Here’s 25 dating ideas

Looking for something fun to do with your boyfriend? Let’s check out here some things for couples to do when bored at home!

What to do with your boyfriend when bored at home

When your relationship with your boyfriend is boring, you’re not looking for a new lover, are you? But, you have to find new fun activities together.

Some simple activity that is not only entertaining, but makes relationships get exciting again. You and your boyfriend can also get closer, have beautiful memories, and add value to each other.

So, let’s find out what things to do with your boyfriend when bored at home now!

1. Face mask together 

It’s skin care time! When you’re bored, try asking your boyfriend to wear a face mask together. 

This can be fun! You can give other skincare treatments to your girlfriend. While turning on aromatherapy and some lofi songs, it must be very calming.

2. Watch some movies 

What to do with your boyfriend when bored at home? How about some Netflix and Chill? Like, really to watch the big movies.

Try to explore new genres, maybe some Korean Dramas, masterpieces from Quentin Tarantino, or new released series. Oh, try to watch some Thai horror movies, they are creepy but fun! 

3.  Watch concert videos 

If you and your boyfriend are also tired of watching movies or have watched movies on Netflix, Disney, or other movie streaming platforms, how about watching concert videos? Many singers and bands document their concerts into a film or documentary. 

Dress up like you and your boyfriend attend the real concert. It’s really fun, especially your favorite musicians.

4. Play truth or dare

It’s like a highschool game, but try on. Ask weird questions or give weird challenges. 

The truth or dare game is not only fun, but you can get to know your partner better and fill the conversation. Eh, but you can be caught out if you used to lie.

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5. Trivia questions game 

Write the questions on the cards and arrange them randomly. Take one in turn, and you guys answer it. 

The trivia questions could be anything, could be as weird as you can imagine. Maybe questions to ask boyfriend when bored like, “When did you think I was most beautiful?” “Would you like to repeat the dance at the prom with me?” “What stupid thing do you wish I didn’t do?” 

Other questions may not be related to your relationship, but the topic is fun so go ahead.

6. Listen to some podcast

Today there are many creators who make interesting podcast broadcasts. Starting from serious discussions, conversations about life, to serving funny comedy. 

It can definitely cheer you up and your boyfriend when you’re bored. Or, listen to radio broadcasts about the latest issues.

7. Play your fave songs, sing along and dance 

What to do with your boyfriend when bored at home? Scream, it’s karaoke time! 

Turn on your favorite song and sing along. The strains of the song can make you want to dance too. Especially if it is your love song. 

This can be a romantic and fun moment. As for me, I’ll be singing and dancing with my boyfriend to 90s playlists tonight!

8. Take a walk 

What to do with boyfriend when bored? Just take a walk around the house to get some fresh air and see the scenery. Go jogging with your girlfriend. Or, drive around the city and get some street food. 

Me and my boyfriend also like to go around the city by motorbike. It’s kinda fun as long as it doesn’t crash. So, choose the best time like in the morning while exercising or in the afternoon while waiting for the sunset. Late night walk is kinda romantic, tho!

9. Groceries date 

I honestly like groceries date so I can sing these: 

“But you carry my groceries and now I’m always laughing. And I love you, because you have given me no choice but to” – Taylor Swift, Stay, Stay, Stay. 

“But I still remember everything. How we’d drift buying groceries. How you’d dance for me…” – Lorde, Hard Feelings. 

But I really like grocery dates! Cause, we’ll count, discuss, choose, buy, or fight about what to store in the fridge. And looking at those shiny foods makes me happy too! 

10. Solve puzzles or legos

Bored at home with your lover? How about cracking some puzzle to put them together again. 

Not only to fill leisure time, but also to sharpen the brain and train cooperation. Try putting together a 1000 piece puzzle. When finished, give rewards to each other and display the puzzle or lego as your most solid form of struggle.

11. Cook together 

Another date idea is to cook together at home. It’s romantic! 

Cook together, try a new menu, or cook your favorite food. Prepare all meals from scratch and cooperate with each other. 

Oh, how sexy. After that, eat together while praising each other’s cooking skills and chat about the future.

12. Have a spa night 

Especially in winter, do a spa with your partner. Spa is part of body care and relaxation. 

If you can’t go to a spa, you can take a warm bath together and treat each other’s body. Yes, that’s a fun thing to do for couples when bored at home.

13. Easy workout together

Another dating idea is to workout together. For example, jogging, riding a bicycle, or a morning run together. 

You can also practice yoga or just stretching. Go to YouTube and look for simple physical exercises, follow the easy workout guide from Emi Wong. 

Not only increases bonding for couples, but makes a healthy and prime body. 

14. Do makeup and dress up

What to do when bored with boyfriend at home? Let’s do some cosplay or umm roleplay.

Dress up and make up! For example, ask your boyfriend to dress you or wear makeup according to what he requested. You can also dress up your boyfriend like certain characters, for example K-Pop idols. Look how handsome he is! After that, take some photographs and have fun!

15. Vinyl listening party

I am gonna say that I am bored and I want to slow-dance with my lover over a vinyl party! 

I wanna dress up first and pretend it’s our 50 wedding anniversary. That’s what I am gonna do when we have no plans and are bored! 

(But for that, I gotta prepare vinyl and records from now on!) 

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16. Watch cats or dogs cute videos 

 Watching cats or dogs or funny animal videos is always entertaining. 

If you and your boyfriend are really planning to raise animals together, this can be used as a recommendation. 

Watching adorable animal behavior can also be a fun therapy and relaxation session!

17. Take some polaroid or crazy photo

Other dating ideas, use your new camera to take candid photos of your cute boyfriend. 

You can also try new camera filters on social media. 

Not only are the results good, but you can also save them as a form of memory. One day you can look again to reminisce, the good days with your boyfriend.

18. Play board, card, or video games

What to do when bored with boyfriend at home? Play some card board or video games together. Not play games with love. 

I like to bet with my boyfriend that I’m going to win and he has to buy me ice cream and fancy snacks!

19. Tease him or tell jokes 

Things to do with boyfriend when bored are to laugh and joke around. Tease him in the kitchen too. 

Tell him about the new meme on the internet. I’d like to watch some comedy shows with my bf too! 

20. Do the cleaning together

Maybe it’s not the best thing to do when bored with boyfriend at home, but you could try it. Cleaning is not fun, but doing it together with bae can be.

Or, do the roleplay of you being the sexy maid and he’s the naughty boy. Lol šŸ˜¹

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21. Visit some friends or relatives 

Maybe you guys have been just with the two of you until you run out of topics. Why not hang out with some old friends? 

Watch rugby at the bar with his school friends? Or just have a casual night with everyone you guys know. 

22. Hangout outside 

Find a new exciting place to hang out! That will create new memories and more history, and endless new conversation. 

23. Gardening 

“Plant flowers with the family you choose”, Iā€™d love that. To create a beautiful mini garden and see it grow, like love grows. 

24. Just cuddles

What to do when bored with a boyfriend at home? Just cuddle together, being lazy, as you change your energy. 

Maybe nothing much to do, but just cuddle like it’s a lazy Sunday with bae. 

25. Take some time apart

Maybe you guys have some problems, or in the phase where you question what is love. 

Or maybe, you guys need some time apart. Being away for quite some time to miss each other again. 

Also, focus on yourself too. Let him solve his things too. Then, get back together in an exclusive way. 

Not to forget each other or try to replace him with someone else, but to get yourself together again. 

Loving someone will be easy when we are not fcked in the head. Also, you will have new fresh things and a clear mind to grow with your bf. 

That’s some recommendations about what to do with your boyfriend when bored at home. Hope it’s helpful.