10 Signs Capricorn Man Likes You

If you believe in the zodiac and want to know some signs Capricorn likes you, then read on!

When we are in love, we want to look for more compatible signs, like from their zodiac signs. We tend to equate our crush characteristics with their type of zodiac.

Signs Capricorn man likes you

Men born between December 22 and January 19 are under the Capricorn zodiac sign. Typically, Capricorn men are ambitious in work, have a leadership gut, have high self-confidence, disciplined, and responsible. 

Capricorn men who are in love (more than friends) usually show specific traits, such as being weird, awkward, shy at first, but also starting to open up to getting to know each other. 

If your crush is a Capricorn, let’s check out some signs Capricorn like you are secretly here!

1. Good communication

Initially, it’s hard for a Capricorn man to start a conversation, especially with their crush. The most likely approach strategy is to send a short message, intensely. 

If you start to have a good, smooth conversation, that’s a good sign that he may be starting to be attracted to you. Especially if the content of the conversation is quite impressive and makes you know him better. 

After that, Capricorn man can start to feel comfortable communicating directly with you.

2. He’s shy  

Capricorn’s love mostly grows slowly. He does not like to be in a hurry even though he is aware that there is a seed of love that grows in his heart. 

He even looks awkwardly shy at first. This may often make their crush confused about his feelings. 

Capricorn men just need time to make sure he finds the right person. Also, Capricorns like to enjoy every good moment. 

The conversation might not go so well because he is shy, but isn’t he cute that way? 

3. He wants to spend more time with you

He will arrange a schedule so that he can connect well with you. Signs Capricorn likes you is that he enjoys spending time with you. 

Although a bit shy and clumsy, he tries his best to approach you. If you can’t meet in person, Capricorns like to communicate with simple text messages. He won’t put you in blue.

4. He’s reliable

One call away, maybe that’s how Capricorn men put themselves in someone they like. 

Whenever you need him, he will always be there and can be relied on. He will try his best to help you even when he’s unavailable. 

If he likes you a little too much, Capricorn man will accompany you in every joy and sorrow–and of course become a loyal partner.

5. Deep talks

Typically, Capricorn acts shy and closed. Yet if they like you, they will find a way to talk about more personal topics and opinions. He also enjoys the discussion even when you guys have different perspectives. 

6. He appreciates you 

Signs Capricorn man likes you, he will appreciate you. He feels that you gave or did something good to him so he shows that to you.

Maybe you are there when he needs it the most, so he will do the same amount of nice things to you. 

7. He’s excited to see you

He’s excited to see you, not like other guys who cancel plans at the last minutes. He will make time for you. 

Even if it’s just a simple date or some casual conversation, you can see how excited he is to talk to you. 

You know, Capricorn won’t respond to people they don’t like. They can’t even make small talk. 

But signs Capricorn man like you, he finally gives you clear signals that he’s attracted to you after some time. 

Also, Capricorns are mostly selfish and self-deprecating. But when he starts to be selfless, then it can be a sign that he is in love.

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8. He acts weird 

Capricorn guy looks calm, reassuring, and so cool. But when he likes someone, don’t be surprised if his demeanor turns weird and awkward. 

It’s just because the feeling of falling in love is one of the ‘high level’ emotions that he doesn’t often face. 

As a zodiac sign who doesn’t fall in love easily, he’s bound to act weird when he’s attracted to someone.

However, don’t expect too much from a Capricorn man who is known to be cold and quiet when he’s in love. You have to take it slowly too, because it takes a long time for him to open up and bond. 

If he engages you in a long deep conversation, that’s a good sign Capricorn man likes you. 

9. He’s a bit flirty

If you want to try to read Capricorn’s mind, watch him the way he acts. Usually, he is a serious person and likes to be alone. However, when he falls in love, he will be a little bit of a flirty guy. 

He will try his best to look cool in front of you to get your attention. That could be cute. After some time of thinking and convincing his heart, he doesn’t hesitate to show his feelings about you. 

10. He lets you in

Another sign Capricorn man likes you, he lets you know about him closer and deeper. He’s opening up about himself. 

Don’t take this for granted, because for a Capricorn man he doesn’t easily trust anyone. He won’t even invite people he knows to his place. 

He will only open up with people he likes and knows by heart

That’s some signs Capricorn man likes you. Most Capricorns are shy, introverted, and cold. But if he likes someone, he can open up more and try to be warmer.