10 signs Gemini is not interested with you 

One of the signs Gemini doesn’t like you is they are not excited to talk to you, even though most Geminis like to chat and are friendly with anyone.

Let’s find out the signs Gemini is not interested in you here.

Signs Gemini is not interested with you 

Gemini are those born from May 21 to June 20. In general, Gemini are known for their outgoing, communicative, slightly flirtatious, and sociable characters.

When a Gemini is interested in someone, he will ask a lot of questions and take the time to just have a casual chat. On the other hand, Gemini won’t respond if they don’t like someone. Let’s find out signs Gemini is not interested in you!

1. Gemini avoids you

Signs a Gemini man is no longer interested with you is they will avoid you in any way. You will feel Gemini slowly fading away. You will try to reach out but Gemini won’t give you a room. 

2. Gemini ignores you

More signs Gemini man is not interested anymore, they won’t reply to text messages, receive calls, or just casually forget you exist.

Yes, they might be busy but if they are interested, they will reach out anytime soon. 

3. Gemini won’t really talk to you

There’s really no good and long conversation between the two of you. Maybe just a casual small talk that Gemini will forget.

Gemini is sociable and likely will talk to anyone, but not with people they don’t like. 

4. Gemini is not passionate about you

Signs a Gemini woman is not interested anymore, when she shows no effort to build a connection with you. She is not curious and passionate about you. 

She won’t ask questions about you or the conversation is not mutual. Also, she will make it short politely. 

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5. They won’t reply you

He puts you on blue. Even when Gemini is interested in you, they are not really responsive in text messages but they still do. 

But if Gemini never responds to you anymore, whatever you texted, that’s the sign a Gemini man is no longer interested. 

6. They won’t initiate the first move 

It’s normal for a typical Gemini to give you mixed signals. But one thing for sure, Gemini won’t initiate communication or move to get to know each other better if they are interested in you. 

7. They picks a fight 

Geminis don’t really like fights. He will compromise and look at problems from different perspectives to resolve them in a peaceful way. Sometimes Gemini also avoids disputes and allows their opponents to dominate them. Especially with the person they like, Gemini will understand and listen to their opinion. 

However, the sign of Gemini doesn’t like you is that he dares to start problems even from small unnecessary things. 

8. He doesn’t include you in his life

Signs Gemini lost interest in you, he/she won’t include you in every small part of their life. He can share anything with many people, but not with you.

Like he is friendly and fun with a lot of people but being cold to you. Especially if you were close enough, you could feel the difference clearly.

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9. They ghost you

It’s not like every Gemini will ghost crushes or people they don’t like without context. 

Gemini will also find a way to tell you that they don’t like you in a nice way so they don’t look bad. 

10. They’re always unavailable for you

Gemini seems always busy avoiding people they’re not interested in. Instead of saying no, Gemini will tell you to wait or reschedule the plan but they will never be available for you. That’s signs Gemini man is not interested.