Why he randomly texts me out of the blue? He misses me or just bored?

You haven’t heard from him for months and now he’s sliding to your DM so weird. Why he randomly texts me again? 

Why he randomly texts me? 

You don’t expect that it’s a text message from that guy again. Maybe an ex, a crush, or someone you were attracted to a long time ago. 

Trying to understand the mixed signals from a man is like putting together the small and many pieces of a puzzle. You feel challenged but also lil dizzy. 

Let’s find out why he randomly texts you again! 

1. He’s bored

Gurl, he might just be bored as hell. The text message from bored young man is mostly sent in the late night or early morning.

Maybe they have run out of entertainment media, checked their cellphones and just realized that there was a message from you five months ago that he had not replied to.

He’s just fad. Reply to your message just to ask and maybe look for opportunities. Especially if he feels you are more attractive than before.

2. He’s seeking your attention 

He just wants to get the attention of several women and one of them is you. Hope it can fulfill his ego or just accompany him. He will try small talk. In most cases when he gets the attention he wants, he will leave again.

3. He’s playing hard to get

Why he randomly texts me? Maybe he’s just playing hard to get. Stay away from you so you get curious and keep chasing him. Ah, the classic and annoying love game.

4. He changes his mind 

You know anyone can change their mind quickly. Today is love, tomorrow not anymore. Yesterday was ignorant, now maybe he’s attracted to you again. 

It could be that he saw something good in you, which he didn’t see yesterday. So now he wants to get to know you better.

5. He just checks you up

Why he randomly texts me again out of the blue? Umm, maybe nothing much just wanna check up on you. Wanna know how you are, what you’ve been up to, and how life is going. It’s like talking to your old friends with good intentions. 

Mostly in COVID era, it’s common sense to reach people again just to remind them to take care and wish everyone is healthy and happy.

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7. He just wants to talk as friends?

He’s been gone all this time, maybe he got so much stuff to do. Finally, he contacted you again because he wanted to maintain friendly relations. 

What’s more, if you used to be close enough as a friend. Please reply to his text friendly if you are sure he has good intentions.

8. He wants something 

So many questions about why he texts you randomly. Of course, he wants something from you. It could be: 

  • Attention Small talk He’s curious about you.
  • Maybe he wants sex Looking for opportunities in adversity. 
  • Want to be friends again. 
  • Just say hello Ask for a second chance. 
  • He is in need of entertainment Miss you. 

Oh, there are many more. You can guess what he means from his message. If it’s just a small talk, usually the message will be very short and discontinued.

9. He wants to get closer again

Why he randomly texts me and you know damn well he wants to get to you again. That type of guy.

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What to do when he randomly texts you?

Don’t get so happy when he texts you out of blue, again. You see there’s so many possibilities why and most of them aren’t good reasons. 

Here’s what to do when he texts you randomly:

  • Reply as needed. Yes, small talk.
  • If you think you can be friends, then say hello and chat like friends.
  • Don’t open the door right away. Who knows he’s just a fad when he pays attention to you again.
  • Let him know that you are busy and unavailable to people like him who’re likely easy come easy go. 
  • You have a bunch more things to do than to think about why he texts you randomly. 

Don’t care about him but be polite, especially if he doesn’t relate to your life or you have a new life with your partner now.