What to do when he ignores you and comes back?

When we chase them, they ignore us. But when we stop chasing, they slowly come back. 

And now you are sitting there thinking about what to do when he ignores you and comes back. Let’s discuss it here! 

What to do when he ignores you and comes back?

Zombieing is a term in relationships that describes someone who likes to come and go as they want to and then disappear and come back again without notification. 

The act of disappearing and returning arbitrarily indicates an inconsistency in a relationship. You may also be wondering what to do with a crush, a boyfriend/girlfriend, ex, and people like this.

It’s slightly worse than being ghosted. When it comes to relationships, it’s important not to get into someone’s bad game and set boundaries to not get emotional hurt. 

Let’s discuss what to do when he ignores you and comes back here! 

1. Find out what he wants from you

Does he want a real relationship or does he just want to play around with you? If he ignores you then comes back, that’s not a good sign. 

But that could be the process of falling in love. Maybe he ignored you because he wasn’t ready for a relationship and now he makes up his mind for you. 

Or maybe, you weren’t what he was looking for but now he sees you in a different way and he’s into you. 

So many possibilities, but don’t let it confuse you. Read the pattern, so you can clearly know what he wants. 

2. Make sure what you need 

Do you finally ignore him because he’s not your type anymore? Or, he hurt you so much that you left him? If that’s the case, you surely don’t want him to come closer over again. Just ignore him then. 

But if you sorta play hide and seek or play hard to get, you feel like winning the game when he finally reaches again, right? 

Just if you know who you need and what you want, you won’t be confused. Just don’t give him another chance just because you got blinded with what-so-called love.

3. Set boundaries

Mostly, when someone is interested in the other person, he will respond with his best intentions. 

However, he will treat you the way you would treat yourself. When you are okay to be treated like shits, you forgive and accept him again even though he is always come and gone, and you don’t mind being his second option–then he will always treat you that way. 

So, if you think him being come and gone to come again isn’t a nice thing, let him know. or you can be more assertive by not accepting this form of bad treatment in a relationship. 

4. Hold on to your stance

Stick to the right principles and you have to be smart. He can’t come and go on his own. You have to be firm to know your worth. A good relationship must be based on love, responsibility, and consistency, and must be mutually exclusive.

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5. Make a decision

Make the right and wise decision whether you will take him back or not. After all, he must have shown his character and various signs.

If you suspect that he’s just playing around and isn’t really having anything to do with you, it’s best not to contact him ever again. Moreover, if you are already hurt and tired of his bad attitude. 

If you give him a second chance, make sure that he is serious about having a relationship with you as a partner while you work together to run this smoothly. Of course he will deliver all the good things and sweet promises for you to believe. In addition, you have to be prepared for the risks, given that he once ignored you and came back again.

That’s all what to do when he ignores you and comes back. Only you can leave him or give him a chance. You know better.