Here’s The Signs She Doesn’t Want A Relationship with You

Been seeing this girl for a while and ready to confess that you love her. But wait, let’s check some signs she doesn’t want a relationship with you here! 

Signs She Doesn’t Want A Relationship with You

This girl is so attractive and you guys have been talking for quite some time. You see some potential and you get attached to her too. 

But then you wonder, could it be something special? Or she just put you in one sided love? 

Here’s some signs she doesn’t want a relationship with you! 

1. She’s Hot and Cold 

One day she acts hot to you, very nice and sweet, gives you the attention you need, or even tells you she misses you. 

But the next day, she turns like the ice queen. You can’t talk to her. You can’t reach her anywhere. She keeps you at arm’s length. 

Most men don’t know what to but likely tolerate her bad behavior toward you because again you think it’s going somewhere but it doesn’t. 

By that, you mostly try and chase her even harder. But do you think she wants a relationship if she keeps treating you like that? 

2. You’re Waiting for Her Texts Like Forever

You just staring at your phone wishing she texts you but it’s always the text from the provider company again. 

She takes forever to reply to you, once she replies back it’s always that short word or just emoji you don’t know what she means. 

Or she puts you in blue. She reads your text but never replies to them. 

It’s the red flags, dude. If she is attracted to you, she will manage to keep the conversation going even just from text messages. 

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3. She Never Calls You First, or Picks Up Your Calls

We can understand some people don’t like to talk by calls. But if she rejects you all the time and never does a follow up text, it’s the signs she doesn’t want to talk to you. 

4. She’s Always Super Busy

She’s the busiest woman you have ever known. You always hear the “Sorry I’m busy” excuse all the time when you ask her out or why she’s unreachable.

Yes, women have a bunch of things to do. But it’s different when she makes herself unavailable to you. She doesn’t even want to make the effort and time for easy online communication. 

You also hear another excuse to not be around you, like, “Let’s see” “I’ll let you know” “I’ll text you later”. But you never really heard anything from her for weeks. That’s all signs she doesn’t want a relationship with you. 

5. She Cancels Plans, Last Minutes

This is so annoying when you’re ready to meet someone you’re attracted to, as they confirm yes they will come on time, but then they cancel plans at the last minute. 

“Are these really urgent things or they literally just want to avoid you?” you ask that to yourself again. 

6. You Are Not Her Priority

It’s never about you, dude. She never makes time for you. Never make any efforts to make this right. Never initiate communication. 

She’s about all you could want for her, but never make you her priority. Maybe not even the second option 

7. She’s Not Interested about Your Life 

She doesn’t ever care about what’s going on in your life. She never really asks a single question about you. 

Everything is about her. It’s like she needs to give you that attention for her own ego.

Yes, you are so invested in her and what’s going through. But it’s not equal, she won’t do the same. 

Maybe she’s interested in you only about the dating thingy, not about your life in general. 

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9. Been Dating but No Label

Some people are okay with no label in a relationship, unless they keep working together to make things work. 

But some people are not. You ask “are we couples yet?” And there’s really not a sure answer. By that, she might also be seeing somebody else. 

10. She Keeps You Like A Secret

She never introduces you to her social circle. No one in her circles knows you, or you are just ‘that guy’. 

And she likely doesn’t want to be around your friends. Because she doesn’t want to be involved deeper in your life. 

11. No Deep Talk

She is not emotionally attached to you like you are to her. Yes, you guys might have a very deep talk you think but it’s only you. 

She’s telling it for attention, not for some deep connection.

12. She’s ‘Breadcrumbing’ or Even ‘Ghosting’ You 

She’s sprinkling little pieces of her so you keep chasing. And you think it’s a good sign, it’s not. 

She’s teasing you knowing you will always chase her. And you are enough by only the breadcrumbs, she never serves you the real tasty bread. 

Or worse, she will be ghosting you just like that. 

13. The “You Are too Good from Me”

The excuse “you are too good for me” or “it’s me, not you” but what she really means ‘I don’t wanna be in a relationship with you”.

14. Or The “I Like You but As A Friend”

Being friend-zoned. You think she’s into you after all the good shits and memorable moments spent together. 

But at the end of the day, when you are really in love with her, it hits you so hard when she says I like you as friends. 

That’s clearly the sign she doesn’t want a relationship with you, you gotta respect it even when it hurts you the most.  

15. She’s Seeing Someone Else or Stuck with Her Ex 

The two worst possibilities: 1. She’s seeing someone else, and 2. She hasn’t moved on from her ex. 

You are in the middle of nowhere, but she likes you only when she’s bored, lonely, or has some free time to play around.

If you clearly see that, you better stop what you’re doing. You can try harder, but you gotta be ready to get your heart broken, again. 

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16. Your Efforts Mean Nothing to Her

After all these times, you don’t see the green light. Your maximal efforts, your time, your energy, the way you love her, your wine, and everything means nothing to her. 

You look like a little hamster rounding on the wheel here. That’s entertaining for her.

Know your worth. Also, maybe she’s not the right one for you. 

What to do? Know when to stop. If one keeps hurting you or things don’t work out well. Indeed, that doesn’t mean she’s evil but again, maybe you guys are not the right fit together.