What to Do When He Won’t Leave His Wife?

Love affair is in the sky. Yes, sometimes we fall in love with the wrong ones but not with someone’s husband. Let’s find out what to do when he won’t leave his wife here! 

What to Do When He Won’t Leave His Wife?

Maybe you don’t know that he’s married but you are already in a relationship with him and won’t stop. Or, you know he got a wife but you are desperate to stay together. 

Being stuck in an extramarital relationship sucks. On the one hand, you feel that he is your soulmate, but then he has already started a domestic life with someone and even has children. 

What’s more disturbing, he makes sweet promises and it’s as if he really loves you and chooses you as her life partner. And you had no problem being his mistress all along. 

Umm, what to do when he won’t leave his wife to be with you? Let’s discuss it here! 

1. Maybe You Should Stop The Game 

The first time you commit an illicit affair, you should know this type of relationship is hard to last forever. It’s even confusing to be called true love. 

You’ve been someone’s mistress for years and he can’t make you the one, you can’t even be seen in public together holding hands. 

He can’t file a divorce to his wife. Admit it that the love affair is just temporary. Yes he likes you, but he doesn’t want a commitment. 

It’s time to call it off. The relationship is not going anywhere, just like running on the treadmill forever. 

2. Think about His Wife and Family 

You say you love him? But his wife sacrifices everything to be with him and he does everything he could to marry her, right? They have been on a long journey you don’t know. 

As a woman yourself, how would you feel if someone stole your husband and the dad of your kids? Think you are not only ruining her life and her dreams, but also the kids’ life. 

Please, give up on him. That’s what you need to do when he won’t leave his wife. 

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3. The Illicit Affairs Almost Have No Good Ending

Whether he is happy or unhappy with his life, he won’t leave his wife and the kids. Why can’t he divorce with his wife? Because they got their life together. 

The wife helps him on a daily basis with chores and activities. It’s not only about cooking, cleaning, or doing household stuff, but everything in between to complete his life. 

If she wasn’t a housewife type but a working mom, she completes him to work together to pay the bills, income sharing, retirement plans, education insurance, health insurance, home and car insurance, even debt. He is probably quite satisfied with his life. 

In fact, it is very rare for a cheating man to divorce with his wife for the sake of his mistress. If a man really doesn’t love his wife anymore, or can’t stand his wife’s shit anymore, he must have left her before he even met you. 

But now you see, after so many years of making you his mistress and acting like he gives you everything you ever needed, he is not divorced (well, even his wife got pregnant again!). It’s about illicit affairs, which start in beautiful rooms and end in the parking lot. 

4. Accept The Fact That Two of You Are Not Compatible

Why do you think he is into you? Because you can make him feel happier, but it doesn’t mean he will give his life for you. Doesn’t mean he needs you in his life. 

Yes he did everything to gain your trust and make you think it is love, but it’s not.

Also, he is a big fat liar. He lies to his wife, kids, and he tricks you too. Don’t you see?  

And the woman you compete with is his wife, he chooses her over again, not you. You are in one sided blind love, he doesn’t care if what you feel about him is real. He never thought to leave his wife for you to come in.

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5. History Repeat Itself 

Let’s say he got a beautiful wife and a perfect family, but he still cheats on them. Even if he really leaves his wife now for you, don’t you think he is gonna cheat you again with some prettier chicks out there? 

Umm, because you are no longer ‘making him happy’ when he sees you everyday. 

6. Remember The Karma 

When you hurt somebody, you will get hurt too someday. The same thing or other ways, you will learn that karma is real.  

7. Be Smart and Realistic

Dear beautiful woman, you are hurting yourself by being his mistress for so long and thinking he will divorce with his wife to be with you.

He gives you money and purses and a penthouse, but you will always be a back up plan for him. 

You are not his home. You know that. Even when he told you he will leave his wife soon, he is not gonna do that sooner or later. 

What to do when he won’t leave his wife is nothing but stop. That’s hard but it’s harder to keep an illicit affair, mostly if you are looking for real true love and commitment. 

Hopefully, you find the way to let go and move on from a bad relationship with a wrong partner. We can’t help who we fell in love with but remember that you should be smart to decide who you should and shouldn’t keep the relationship with.