10 Reasons Why Your Girl Doesn’t Have An Orgasm

Orgasm is an intense feeling and erection during sex but some women can’t have it. Let’s find out reasons why your girlfriend doesn’t have an orgasm even she says it’s the best sex she ever had! 

Reasons Why Your Girl Doesn’t Have An Orgasm

As stated from Medical News Today, orgasm is the peak of sexual activity, creates “powerful feeling of physical pleasure and sensation includes a discharge of accumulated erotic tension”. 

In men, orgasm is characterized by extreme pleasure that triggers sperm to come out and cannot be suppressed, commonly known as ejaculation. 

While in women, orgasm is hard to tell but it is the sexual climax where you feel contractions on vaginal muscles. 

And it’s not easy to have an orgasm for women or women who don’t even know when they are in the climax. Meanwhile, here are some reasons why your girlfriend doesn’t have an orgasm. 

1. It Takes Time 

Men have an orgasm faster than women. Men and women might not climax at the exact same time.

Women needs more sexual pleasure to feel it, that’s why roleplay needed to build the tension.

Men can’t wait for it, they want to play fast and that’s why women won’t have an orgasm as men reach the climax. 

The fact women needs stimulation to turn on, she can’t have sex anytime you want. 

2. Not in The Mood

She can’t turn on when she is not in a bad mood. She might be tired after work, feeling sad about something, or just too stressed out. 

She might still have sex with you, but she won’t haver an orgasm. Just because it’s less intimate during the course. It’s even worse when she might have a mood disorder. 

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3. Bad Communication

Maybe you don’t want to ask her what she likes in sex, where to touch, or what kind of foreplay that turns her on. And most women feel shy too to tell her man what she likes and prefers during sexual intercourse.

That’s a bad communication between couple about sex. Sex is the way you love each other. It’s teamwork. 

Better you ask her about her wildest imagination and you also tell her what’s the ideal sex for you. Treat each other well and create a hot teamwork in bed. 

4. No Foreplay

It’s not like in the movie where couples meet and suddenly they take off their clothes, throw it away, and make out really quick. 

Real sex needs foreplay to build the sensation, tension, and light up the mutual desire. You need to touch her slowly, whisper beautiful things, and let her feel how you love her. 

Take it slowly, man. Do more foreplay as she likes. Maybe she wants to dress up, or you want to act like a hero, and build a sexy story to create a meaningful time together. 

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5. She Doesn’t Feel Comfortable and Confident

There’s time when women don’t feel good in her own skin and that’s makes her uncomfortable to have sex with her partner too. Maybe she feels ugly, too fat, too skinny, or anything. 

That’s why, as her lover, you have one job to tell her that she is so beautiful inside and out. You are proud of her and will work it out together. 

Accompany her to love herself, while you love her deeply too. Tell her she’s sexy and you love her the way she is. 

6. She’s Stressed Out 

What’s more reason your girl doesn’t have an orgasm? Maybe she’s been stressed out lately. Problems at work, mental health issues, financial problems, and other things that stuck in her head.

Anxiety and too much stress prevent her to enjoy sex with her lover. During this time, what she needs the most is a deep hug and deep talk with the one who gets her, instead of sex. 

7. Distruption during Sex 

She’s enjoying it with you, but too much distraction will ruin it. Like, the phone, TV sound, or even needs to pick up the call during intercourse. 

She won’t likely have an orgasm if there is too much distraction. She needs to rebuild the tension over again or not in the mood to have sex again that time. 

8. Medical Issue

There are a number of medical conditions that can make it difficult or impossible for a woman to have an orgasm.

For example, multiple sclerosis can affect a woman’s ability to climax.

In addition, certain medications to treat pre-existing medical conditions can hinder a woman’s ability to orgasm.

Medications such as antidepressants and antihistamines can suppress orgasm. So be sure to regularly review the types and doses of medications you are taking with your doctor.

9. Loss of Connection

If you and your partner are having problems in a relationship, of course it lowers the quality of the relationship as well. There may also be trust issues, argument, conflict, or disharmony.

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More Reasons Why Your Girl Doesn’t Have An Orgasm

  • A previous traumatic sexual experience.
  • Worring about sexual performance. 
  • Hormonal changes or hormonal problems.
  • Side effects of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) type of antidepressants.

Talk to your girl about this issue and help her. If you are concerned about sexual problems related to health, please consult a doctor for further examination.

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