Here’s Real Reasons Why Your Girl Will Cheat On You 

Honestly it’s hard to tell why women cheat. She could have thousands of ulterior motives but here are some possible reasons why your girl will cheat on you! 

Real Reasons Why Your Girl Will Cheat On You 

Do you find some proof that your girl cheated on you? You will ask yourself why she cheats on you after everything you sacrificed for her.

According to a study from The Kinsey Institute at Indiana University,  the average participants were 31 years ago, stating “there were no significant gender differences in the report of infidelity (23 percent of men vs. 19 percent of women).”

A woman could cheat to find sexual deprivation, accumulation of anger or sadness, or simply she’s just looking for a better financialy established man. 

Here are some possible why women cheat: 

1. She Feels Lonely

Loneliness could kill someone emotionally. Maybe you got her alone, the love spark and magic not there anymore, or you abandoned her feelings so she feels alone now.

Citing WebMD, anthropologist from Rutgers University, Dr. Helen E. Fisher says that women can have strong bonds with their husbands but are also more likely to cheat because of loneliness.

When her man is busy at work and she feels ignored, she could find love somewhere else. Men could cheat because they feel lonely too. 

2. She’s Doesn’t Love You 

This is not the thing you want to hear, but most people cheat because love is gone in the relationship. 

Maybe she can’t just break up with you because things happened. For example, you already have children, have a business together, or other matters but not love and affection

She just holds the relationship for nothing, she doesn’t wanna leave, then she chooses to share love with somebody new. 

3. Passion in Sex 

Husband and wife sex passion will never fit every time. There are times when one party is tired or stressed but the other wants to make out. This discrepancy is actually natural. What is not natural is if it continues to be left without a solution, it makes one party feel that their needs are not being ignored.

A monotonous and tasteless sex life can be the cause of a cheating woman. Although it sounds taboo, women often cheat because they feel that there is no longer a challenge or spontaneity in their sexual passion.

Alicia Walker, a sociologist from Missouri State University also said so. In her book entitled “The Secret Lives of Cheating Wives”, Aliac says that women who cheat actually really love their partners. Unfortunately, woman decides to have an affair mostly because their sex needs ignored by the partner she loved the most. 

In fact, almost every woman Alice interviewed admitted that the biggest reason they cheated because her husband couldn’t meet her sexual needs. As a result, they have to look for ‘other love’ to get it. Even so, it does not mean these women want to end their marriage.

Instead, they cheat only to seek sexual pleasure and still want to maintain the marriage or relationship with their partner.

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4. No More Excitement 

At an early stage of a relationship, most lovers experience the peak of love. They are in a new romance and everything about their partner is fun and exciting. 

At times, women could get bored and feel nothing. That could be she feels unloved or disrespected or restrained. 

Or simply the same routine from time to time turns off the feelings. That’s why couples should try new things to spark up the relationship. 

5. She Feels Wrong about You

A woman could have a change of heart. Yes, she loved you but no one can predict how long. 

ISome women admitted to having an affair because they felt the man they married was not the right partner and she wants to “explore” again to find a more suitable partner. In fact, you can’t judge compatibility in relationships from how ideal your partner is for you. But the key is to trust each other and work together to accept and improve each other’s shortcomings.

6. Revenge 

Do you ever cheat on her? Do you treat her badly?  

By cheating on you, she plays revenge. She wants to tell you that she feels hurt so you need to feel the same. 

It’s how you pay the bills. So don’t treat her wrong, dude. 

Even so, every woman has her own way of getting revenge for her husband’s bad treatment. So, not all women do this to take revenge on their partners.

7. Escape from Abusive Relationship

These are some real reasons why your girl will cheat on you. You are being physically and emotionally abusive to her. 

She will run away or she will cheat on you. She will find someone better who would love her without violence. 

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8. No More Emotional Connection

She felt left out and ignored. You guys just happen to be in the same room but your soul is apart from her. 

Women need and want love all the time. She needs attention and affection. 

She will likely find someone else to feel loved. She will definitely run away when you don’t give her enough love. 

9. Financial Problem

She is not being a golddigger, she’s just being realistic. In fact, money matters to form a balanced living and support household. 

Financial problems are the most common cause of divorce. 

10. Low Self-Esteem 

Women with low self-esteem will likely seek attention, validation, and love from other sources or many sources. She will feel good when someone else gives her the attention she needs. 

She feels neglected or worthless so that’s why she always wants to chase new lovers and new romantic love. 

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11. Attention Seeker

Do you remember this old trick to seek attention from your partner? Getting close with somebody so you get jealous and she wins your attention again. 

12. Just for Fun 

Another reason why women cheat is because she just wants to play with it. She does it just for fun. Because she was bored, that man looks hella attractive, and nothing just to play around with hearts. 

13. Not A Good Woman

Maybe she is not the woman in your dream. If she has the potential to cheat with every man she finds attractive, that is a bright red flag.

That’s the real reason why women cheat. That could be more possible reasons to cheat or an excuse to make her doesn’t look like a bad girl. 

If you find your girlfriend or wife cheats on you, you could consider leaving her or you could forgive her and give her a second chance for her to cheat again.