How to tell my boyfriend I’m pregnant (unplanned)

It’s easy and exciting to tell your partner that you’re pregnant if you are in a committed relationship and expecting a baby. But how to tell your boyfriend you got an unplanned pregnancy? Let’s discuss it here! 

How to tell my boyfriend I’m pregnant (Unplanned)

Having an unplanned pregnancy can be frustrating because you are not ready to be a mom yet and you don’t see this coming. All you know you and your lover were careful and protected, but this is unfortunate. 

In the situation where couples have not made a lifetime commitment yet (or you are not even sure if he was the one), you might feel so stressed out thinking about how to tell him, his reaction, about the future, how you could be good parents, and how you will go through this.

Whether you feel the pregnancy symptoms or you already tested positive, please know that you should tell your partner right away. Yes, it’s gonna be hard for you but sooner you tell him, you and him will have more time to discuss what’s best to do next. 

Be Emotionally Prepared 

Take a deep breath and think clearly. Prepare yourself to tell and listen to his reaction.

Try your best not to burst into bad emotions during this hard time. He will shock too, might show you some fears, anger, frustration, or confusion. 

He needs some time to think about it too. You and him need to calm down for a moment before deciding anything.

Both of you might have the same reaction about this unplanned pregnancy. Also, you need to brace yourself if he might not have the same opinion as you. 

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Where and How to Tell Him

Tell him at home for better privacy and nice discussion. Just somewhere safe and sound and quiet. 

When to tell him? As soon as possible.

Use this tips to tell him that you are unplanned pregnant: 

  • Be mindful and sensitive. 
  • Tell him about how the relationship meant to you.
  • Let him know that you are pregnant. You could say if you have some pregnancy symptoms, your period late for a few weeks, or the positive test.
  • Also, let him know how you feel about it. If you have concerns and some deep thoughts about pregnancy. 
  • You’re gonna be so emotional, you will regret everything, but please be mindful. 
  • Maybe, you could ask him to join a doctor to confirm the pregnancy by proper medical tests. This is to tell him that you love him and you appreciate him for being supportive. 

Knowledge His Possible Reaction 

You know better how he will react to this news. He could be happy, sad, confused, angry, or even covered with fear. 

Most times he will be mad at himself because he didn’t protect and control himself enough until this unplanned pregnancy happened. 

We wish that he is being supportive with you in this situation. Yes, he might get so afraid to take the next step in life (about being a father) but he needs to learn to be responsible. 

Get Some Support 

Growing a kid it’s not easy. Deciding to have an abortion is hard too. 

Ask your partner for his support, includes: 

  • Emotional support: Can he stay with you and take care of you? Will he work for this together?
  • Financial support: Raising a kid is not easy. Will he support the cost? 
  • Practical support: Can he help you to raise the baby in a good environment? 

Him being there with you will help the situation a lot. Don’t be afraid to tell him what you need. If he’s the good one, he will stand by you and meet your expectations. 

Please, also get some support from family, good friends, medical officers, or local community for unplanned pregnancy help. 

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Should You Tell Him or Not? 

Yes, you should. 

If you are in a committed and healthy relationship, he will try to comfort you and face everything together. He might even notice the pregnancy symptoms before you tell him. 

Do you hesitate to tell him that you’re pregnant because he was toxic and you don’t think he will like it? Tell him first, watch his reaction, take some time to think, then discuss it together. 

If you think he will be abusive, please get support from your trusted family. 

Investigate Your Option 

Even for a long term relationship couple with a high level of love and commitment, deciding to raise a baby is a challenge. But for some other people, it’s a joy to have a kid and they will sacrifice everything for the kid’s future. 

There are couples who finally get into commitment and get married after having an unplanned pregnancy. 

You need to discuss with you partner and family: 

  • If you wanna raise the baby.
  • If the abortion is the option.
  • If it’s gonna be for adoption if the two of you don’t get the support.
  • If your partner wants to take another path. 
  • Be mindful to decide this big thing.

Also, consider your parents and his parents advice, if you hold into religious beliefs too. 

If your partner decides to leave you because of the pregnancy, that’s gonna hurt you so bad. It’s gonna be hard to raise the baby alone, but we pray you get the support and love you need to raise the baby and live a happy life. 

This is about the baby life in your hand. Feel it.