So How Long The Honeymoon Phase Last?

They said the honeymoon phase is where the magic of love begins. Let’s discuss what is the honeymoon phase and how long it lasts! 

So, What Is The Honeymoon Phase?

Honey is sweet. Honeymoon phase is the term used to explain how sweet it is in the new beginning of a relationship, it’s a new romantic. 

You feel so excited. Everything your lover does is perfect and special. It’s like flying in a fairytale. 

You are as happy as you could imagine and feel so connected with your lover. Nothing could go wrong, you said it to your best friends. 

It’s also known as the New Relationship Energy (NRE). You are so in love, dancing ’round the kitchen in the refrigerator light, and everything seems carefree.

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Signs You’re in Honeymoon Phase

You can feel it in the early stage of the new relationship where you feel the happiest with your baby. Here are the signs you are in a honeymoon phase: 

  • You see every good side about them.
  • You give them the best impression about yourself. 
  • Everything is fascinating.
  • Oh my god you are so in love, you smile all the time. 
  • Every part about them, every word, it’s all great.
  • You haven’t argued with them. You always agree with everything. 
  • Feels so sweet, like heaven is real between the two of you.
  • The sunshine, the rainbow, making out a lot, laugh till your chest hurts.
  • Your brain, your body, your soul, your heart, all feel so much joy like it could last forever.

These many forms of happiness occurred because you just met them. You haven’t had so much time to learn about their real behavior and their true colors. 

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When Is Honeymoon Phase Over? 

The honeymoon phase seems to be over when you start to see the reality that they are not always perfect and they could make some mistakes. 

You finally realize that they will make you mad or sad too. And they realize you are just human beings too and the magic is not there any more. 

You guys begin to argue, even for the smallest thing. They see your imperfections or your bad habits and every negative side about you that they don’t think you would do. 

The honeymoon phase is over when you hit reality. 

Is it gonna hurt? It might hurt because you were in a fairytale but now you are in real life. 

Your lover might not meet your expectations, neither you nor them. 

But that’s gonna be okay. You will start to learn about them in a deeper emotional connection. It’s about can you stay in the storm with them? Can you expect them for the way they are? 

What Happens After The Honeymoon Phase Ends? 

Some couples break up after the honeymoon phase ends. But some couples prove the power of love, true love, going through another hard phase in the relationship.

This is where you start to build a strong connection and relationship with the one you love. 

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How Long The Honeymoon Phase Last?

Nobody knows. It depends on the couple. 

Some research stated that the honeymoon phase could last for two years. Most couples felt the honeymoon phase for a few months only, 6 months or so. 

What to Do to Make the Honeymoon Phase Last?

This is the same question as what to do to make the relationship last and get stronger day by day. 

  • They said communication is the key. 
  • Go to new places. Go vacation somewhere nice. 
  • Try new things together. 
  • Build a deeper bonding with your baby. 
  • Trust each other. 
  • Grow together. 
  • Create fun and exciting moments days by day. 
  • Deep talk. 
  • Give some surprises. 
  • Learn to communicate your feelings clearly. 
  • Solve the problems.
  • Forgive and try again.
  • Be faithful to each other.

There are more things to do to light up the relationship. Know that you and your baby cannot be perfect and every relationship has its ups and downs. 

The honeymoon phase will definitely end, but the love you build should last forever. 

Does Everyone Feel the Honeymoon Phase?

Not everyone feels the honeymoon phase. Some couples have slow burning love but it sparks constantly.