Why Ex Blocked Me on Everything for No Reason? 

That seems rude when your ex blocked you for no reason. This is the reason why. You will be shocked that it’s actually good. 

Why Ex Blocked Me on Everything for No Reason? 

Break up happened and everything feels wrong. You will be sad or even want to die, plus your ex blocked you on everything too. It’s like the end of the day. 

But please calm down, understand the reason why your ex blocked you for no reason below:

1. Your Ex Got So Mad

Bad break ups lead to ex blocking you. Your ex might feel so stressed out about the break up, get mad, or even told themselves they hate you.

That’s kinda cruel but we guess that’s a ‘normal’ response to a bad break up. 

When someone blocks you, it means they don’t want to talk to you. 

But that could be temporary. When your ex calms down a bit, they might unblock you for some reason. 

2. And So Sad, Bad Break Up

We believe everyone is sad through the break up, even for the breakers too.

You used to get along but now you don’t. Your ex might block you to prevent that sadness and pain. 

If they see you again on social media, they will need you again but they know it won’t work. So, it’s better not to see you again until they feel okay. 

3. Your Ex Confirmed You Guys Broke Up

Blocking you is a statement that you guys broke up (and might never get back together again). Yes, cruel and painful for you.

Is it childish like that? Everyone has their own perspective. 

Should you break up nicely without hating each other? That’s almost hard to do.

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4. Your Ex Tries to Live Without You

You spent some time together, shared everything, and now it’s all over. Your ex got hurt as you. 

One way to get used to living without you is to block you, so that your ex is no longer curious to chat with you again. It is also a reminder that your relationship is over. 

5. It’s A No Contact 

No contact for weeks or months to get rid of everything after the break up. It’s actually good that your ex blocked you so you can focus on yourself now. 

Use the no contact period to heal yourself, to be a better person, or just to feel okay again. 

6. So None of You Can Stalk

If you guys still follow each other on social media, one of you will stalk.

Stalking is not a good action after the break up because any update from them can make you super sad or super angry. 

It’s better to block any news from your ex so you stop thinking about them easier. 

7. To Clear The Air 

Most people feel stressed out and even depressed after the break up. They don’t want to see you hanging out happily with friends or new lovers that will make them feel even sadder, so they block you.

They want to find peace by not seeing you in any form possible. Maybe they feel hurt again by just hearing news from you. 

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8. Your Ex Tries to Move On 

It’s time to move on. Your ex will actually block you cause they try to forget the bad memories about you.

Your ex wants to do something else to make them feel okay, to gain confidence, and to fix the broken heart. 

It’s also easier for you to move on when your ex blocked you on everything. You can get rid of them and forget them slowly. 

9. Time to Heal 

You think it’s a war when your ex blocked you for no reason. It’s a war if you wanna take it as a war.

But you should take it as a good opportunity to heal yourself. Don’t call them, don’t stalk them, don’t check their stories, don’t do anything about your ex. At least until you find the inner peace within yourself and you let go of the break up. 

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Why Is It Good That Your Ex Blocks You on Everything?

For the first few weeks, you feel really bad after the break up and you will hate it even more because your ex blocked you away like it was nothing. 

But let’s take the good side. Here’s the reason why it’s okay to block ex or get blocked by ex: 

  • You don’t have access to communicate with them, which means you should get used to it. 
  • Break up is a break up. It’s over. Accept the fact that you can’t communicate with them the way it was. 
  • It’s relaxing to not hear from them again, mostly if they hurt you.
  • Time to go, time to let them go, time to move on. 
  • It reduces the anger. It stops you wanting them again. 
  • Less obsession, less trying to reach out again, less reminders about them. 

Darling, it’s okay to let them go. Yeah you might still love your ex but yourself is over. Take some time to heal yourself. You can win it.