How to Tell Her You’re Not Interested without Hurting Her?

There’s a time when she likes you but you don’t. But you don’t wanna hurt her and you are asking yourself how to tell her you are not interested? Well, maybe we can discuss it here. 

How to Tell Her You’re Not Interested

We don’t know the specific case but it seems you’ve been hanging out with this girl and she gives you signs she likes you, but you don’t feel the same even when you try to.

Maybe you just don’t wanna get mingle, you are happy being single, you’re still not getting over your crush, or you might be having a crush with another girl.

Now you are asking how do you reject someone without hurting them? How to tell her you are not interested? 

Here are some ways: 

1. Tell Her, Be Honest

“So casually cruel in the name of being honest” 

Ah, honesty is sometimes cruel. You know telling “I am not interested in you” is gonna hurt her but it’s the truth. 

She’s gonna learn to deal with the truth and hope she understands it.

At least, you don’t fake it. You are not pretending to like her when you’re not. In this case, telling you are not on the same page as her is better than faking your feelings. That’s gonna hurt her even more. 

Also, we will learn that we don’t have to like someone just because they like us. We can’t be selfish. 

For now we think one-sided love is cruel and we hate the person who doesn’t like us back. But then, we will understand that that’s how the world works honey.

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2. Tell Her The Real Reason

The point of being honest is you tell her why you can’t be with her. It’s the real reasons, don’t lie or make up excuses just to make yourself look good.

If it’s about you are not ready for a relationship, or you wanna focus on your career first, or you are still healing, or else. 

Hopefully, that gives her a clear closure so she can move on faster. 

3. Don’t Insult Her

When you say you are not interested in her, that will make her insecure. She will think she’s ugly or she can never be enough. 

Thus, don’t add more pain by insulting her or tell her what you don’t like about her. 

Don’t tell her, “I don’t like you because you are short and I like taller girls” 

Yes, you have your taste and preferences but when someone doesn’t match your standard, don’t make them feel bad about it and that doesn’t mean they are not worthy. 

Say you appreciate her and hope she gets someone who gets her. 

4. Say Sorry

Genuinely say sorry to her that this is not gonna work. Maybe you could say that this is not her fault too or anyone’s fault, just you guys don’t belong together for some reason. 

5. Make It Clear 

Make it very short and clear. Don’t give unnecessary excuses.

Yes, listen to her version of it. Let her speak up so she can clear herself. 

But don’t be dramatic. 

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6. Don’t Give Her False Hope

Don’t tell her something sweet that you never gonna do just to make her feel less painful today. 

Like, don’t tell her you guys can be friends still after this, when you know you can’t. Don’t say something like, “maybe we can be together after I finish my study” or another case like that. 

If you do, she will be dying waiting for something from you, some wishful thinking that is almost impossible to come true. 

Better directly and mean it tells her you can’t continue the journey with her because of one, two ,or three reasons. I am sorry, good bye, and thank you. 

7. It’s Not about Her 

Make it clear if it’s not about her. It’s not that she is ugly or she’s not good. 

It’s just because you have another priority in life or something else.

It’s just because you don’t belong together, but she is still an awesome type of girl. 

8. Move On

After you tell her that you are not interested, now it’s time to move on. Let her move on too.

Don’t you dare keep texting her or orbiting your soul around her. At least for now, let her heal herself.

9. Don’t Be An Asshole

Now how to tell her you’re not interested? 

Please don’t be the type of an asshole guy. From the very start, don’t give anyone false hope or mixed feelings so they fall for you and you let their soul free fall from the cliff. 

If you know you can’t be with her, don’t try. Also, don’t initially make her fall in love with you just to break her like a promise. 

Don’t use her to fill the hole in you. Don’t play with her love.

If you can’t do that, tell her. Don’t make her assume that you fall for her too when you’re not.

Please make it clear from earlier. Communicate it clearly about the relationship. If you can’t or will do.