What do you do when your girlfriend is on her period?

What do you do when your girlfriend is on her period? All you have to do is care for her and give her love because menstrual cramps are so painful. It’s like giving birth to a bird with a shard everytime you sneeze. 

What do you do when your girlfriend is on her period? 

Wait, what is it about? Do you mean about cause your girlfriend is on her period so you can’t make out with her for a week? Or, do you really mean you wanna care for her because she doesn’t look okay during period? 

Umm, I wish the second thought is what you are thinking about. So, here’s what to do to calm your girlfriend during her period: 

1. Don’t start a war 

It’s just about the unstable female hormones that make women so emotional during period. So, you’d better not start a war with her. Don’t say anything that will offend her. 

Don’t bring up old discussions on the table at least for now. You need to keep her safe and sound. She’s holding so much pain in her stomach. If she can’t handle it, she can explode in a second. 

2. Be patient

She will have extreme mood swings during period, mostly in the first few days. She can be sad, the next second she will get mad over everything. 

What do you do when your girlfriend is on her period and angry ? Just be quiet, listen, and don’t argue back. Calm her down. Anything she says, try to understand. Offer her some help too. 

To handle it, you need to be extra patient. 

3. Bring her food 

Food can cure most pain, I believe. Some women will crave specific food during period. Menstrual cycle can increase appetite too.

That would be helpful if you can buy her some good food. Better, recommend her to eat something warm like soup or porridge. 

Note to her to drink enough water. Grab some lemon and ginger water, add more calcium into her diet, and healthy snacks may help ease the period cramps. 

4. Massage her, a gentle rub on stomach will help

What do you do when your girlfriend is on her period? Pamper her with a gentle touch. Massage gently, rubbing the stomach with essential oils will help so much.

If the cramps are very severe, try to help him to compress her stomach with warm water.

Also gently rub your gf’s hair to calm her down. Take her hand, kiss her forehead, and let her lean on you.

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5. Ask with care 

Take care of her. She doesn’t look okay so ask her what you can do to help her feel calmer. 

Take some good initiative too. Now help her to cook food or wash the dishes as she’s sick. Help her to clean the room maybe. 

Make her a cup of tea or if she needs something else. 

If you are away from her currently, show your concern via text or phone. Ask how she is or send food if necessary. Send a voice note to comfort her too. 

6. Don’t say, “it’s just a period!” 

Period. It’s not just a period. Don’t you dare to say, ‘it’s your period, that’s why you act like that’ those words can offend her really bad. 

Period cramps or called dysmenorrhea can be really intense. Pain on her stomach or lower abdomen, spread to the back and thighs. The spams can be dull and constant, lasting for 1-3 days all day. 

The premenstrual syndrome is also killing, that’s just so damn painful unforgiven. It also causes headaches, soreness, and tiredness.

While holding the cramps all day, she must continue to live each day with various heavy tasks. That’s not easy, boy. 

So when your girlfriend is on period, please do call her weak because she lost it. Try to understand and comfort her better. 

Once you feel how hurt period cramps are, you will understand what she’s going through. 

7. Let her just take a rest 

Let normalize period cramps like any other symptoms or disease. When you feel sick, you need to take a rest. So it is for a girl during her period. 

Don’t ask anything. Just let her sleep well. Or better cuddle with her.

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8. Make her feel loved 

Again because she is experiencing extreme mood swings during period, she mostly will cry or get angry. Calm her down by showing your love to her. 

Don’t blame her. Just nurture her as much as you can. 

If you have a good joke to cheer her up, go ahead. Also, send her some positive affirmation, give her good vibes, make her keep happy, and yeah love her the way you do. 

9. Be there for her

Be available for her. If she needs help or something. Also, listen to her. Follow her orders. It takes effort to be a great boyfriend for her. 

So, that’s what you do when your girlfriend is on her period and angry for no reason. Just be patient and care for her. It’s not like she is being too much or annoying, but period cramps really hurt inside and out.