How to tell her you miss her without sounding desperate?

Suddenly you miss your girlfriend and you don’t know what to say. Let’s find out how to tell her you miss her without sounding desperate! 

How to tell her you miss her without sounding desperate? 

Boys, it’s totally okay to express your feelings in words or deeper. Like when you miss your girlfriend, just tell her so she will know. 

Don’t be shy. That’s not weird. Most girls like it when the boys confess something sweet and deep. Show your vulnerability to the ones you love.

But yeah, most boys seem so cool and unbothered. They don’t do well to show emotions even when they do feel something. Maybe boys don’t want to sound desperate to confess ‘I Miss You’? 

Umm, this is how to tell your girlfriend you miss her without sounding desperate: 

1. I miss the day we fought over the last pizza slice. Can we fight like that again? This time I will let you win. 

2. I listened to All Too Well 10 Minutes Version by Taylor Swift. Your favorite. That made me think of you, baby girl. 

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3. Hey, look at these little cat videos. So cute like you. Ah. 

4. I miss the way you squeezed my hand three times at the back of the taxi when we went back from the office.

5. I just tasted a new cake flavor and I liked it. That’s tira-miss-u

6. I miss playing with your hair even though I know you will get mad cause I ruined the cute ponytail. 

7. I miss your cat. Can I come over there? 

8. I miss the way you laugh at my silly jokes, that’s even funnier than my silly jokes. 

9. The sky is blue. Would it be bright if you were here with me laughing together even if the joke is not funny at all? 

10. It was a hard long week, babe. Now is a complete 7 days of I miss seeing you. 

11. I saw a couple walking on the subway this morning. Oh, I miss us like that. 

12. I miss seeing you making funny faces when I talk shits about my roommates. 

13. I think the best Harry Styles lyrics are when he sings, “even my phone missing your calls”

15. I just listened to this song called “The Bed’s Too Big Without You” by The Police and this is true. 

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16. Ah, today I missed the train again but it’s okay, I can take the next one. The worst thing is I missed your smile again. 

17. These noodles made me think of you. Your face when you finished the bowl while saying “this is the best in town I want more” and you looked so happy. I like that. 

18. How many Mondays would you survive without me? I can’t.

19. You would eat all the cheese balls if you were here, but I love it. 

20. “Hon, I just miss you” or just as simple as that. 

Girls like when boys express their feelings, cause it’s not everyday like that. Your girlfriend wants to hear how much you miss her when she is away from you for a while. She thinks it’s cute, not desperate. 

That’s how to tell her you miss her without sounding desperate. It’s never wrong to confess your feelings to your lover. It’s an act of love language. 

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