How to Tell Your Girlfriend That You Love Her?

“How to tell your girlfriend that you love her?” What are you so confused about? Just express it, she will feel it. But okay, here are many creative and sweet ways to tell your girlfriend how much you love her. 

How to Tell Your Girlfriend That You Love Her 

You can say it directly with those three magical words “I love you” but some guys think it’s way too cringe or they are just shy. Don’t worry, there are many ways to say I love you without saying I love you!

1. Share Her Love Songs 

You can express your feelings in music. That never fails. You must have one lovely song that makes your heart warm and you wanna sing it to your lover. 

Or, one song that you and your girlfriend love and hit it as the theme song of your relationship. Or just name one musician and one masterpiece, tell your girlfriend that this one romantic song always reminds you of her. 

Or even best, create her one playlist on your Spotify and name it after her, all the songs that express your feeling about her. That’s love. That’s lovely. She will feel your love. 

2. Tag Her on Sweet Photos 

This is an easy and effortless way to tell your girlfriend that you love her. When you see some romantic places, love poems, or lovely photos, or cute couple cat videos on Instagram, tag her on it and tell her that’s how you wanna be with her. 

It’s a fun way to say you love her. 

3. Write A Note

Let’s go deeper and classic to express love. Grab a pen and white paper and just feel it, write it down all your thoughts about her or about being with her. 

Okay, that could be as simple as “Ily baby girl and have a sweet day” then tug it on her lunchbox. Or you can write a poem if you can, and a long ass paragraph about how empty your life would be without her. 

4. Cook for Her 

Food is the best way to tell somebody you love them. If you can cook, cook for her for special dinner or some breakfast in bed. That’s so damn sweet and special. 

If you can’t cook, buy her some special food. Say, “Don’t skip meals. You need some extra energy to love me, right? Ily baby girl 🖤”

The taste of the food, the little love note, and your love between it, make the meal double special for her. 

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5. Take Her Somewhere Beautiful

Sometimes it’s hard to say I love you directly. It just feels weird but you know you really love her. 

So just take her to some beautiful places on weekends. Some secret wonderland or places full of memories. 

She will feel warm and happy, by then she will know how much you love her. She will remember you in all the places you guys have been together in. 

On the beach, laughing at the grocery store, laying by the sunset, ice cream stores, and many other good spots. Then take her home, kiss on forehead, say you wish it was her best day with you, and “let’s go to more places cause I love being with you!” 

6. Buy Her A Drink with A Love Note on It

How to tell your girlfriend that you love her? Maybe you could buy her a drink with a love note. 

If it’s a coffee, then it should be a cup of coffee with latte art shaped like love or her name or something cute. 

If it’s Starbucks cup, ask the barista to write her name or your name like “Betty 🖤🖤” or her nickname you gave to her, haha I know it’s a bit cringe and you gotta tip the barista better. 

7. Surprise Her on A Special Day

It’s her birthday? Give something memorable to her. “Here’s for my baby. I love you!” Or do something adorable for her. 

Not just confess it but show her your efforts to make her feel loved. 

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8. Hug Her and Whisper 

It’s been a hard day for her? Say you wanna pick her up and drive to the nearest cafe to have dinner together. On the way back home, hug her and whisper positive affirmation about her, better say I love you too. 

9. Remind Her about How Precious She Is 

How to tell your girlfriend you love her? Remind her about how meaningful she is for you, that you never found love like that and you wanna fight for it. 

Say, “you are the best thing that’s ever been mine”. 

10. Flirting A Little Bit

Save your sweet dirty jokes for her. Don’t flirt with any other girl. 

“You’ve been watching a Korean Drama, right?”

“What is Saranghaeyo?” 

She says, “That’s I love you.”

You say, “NO. I love you more.” 

11. Have A Deep Talk

Always make time to have a deep talk with her. Ask her about her feelings, what she thinks, and everything. This kind of deep and meaningful conversation will give you more insight about her. 

This also shows that you love her and care for her. Also, the two of you will learn more about how to make the relationship work. 

That’s all about how to tell your girlfriend that you love her. Just be honest with her. Maybe you can’t say I love you in words, but show how much you love her everyday by the way you treat her. Treat her really well. 

Indeed, hope you have a good love life and be with somebody who truly loves you 🖤