What to Say to Your Girl to Send Nudes?

Well we think it’s not right that you want to ask for her revealing or dirty photos. It just doesn’t sound right.

What to say to your girl to send nudes?

Boys, don’t ever try to ask for girls nude photos. Love doesn’t build from sexy photos, hot videos, or even sexting. 

Love is all about earning trust from time to time, the feelings, the emotion, some quality times together, creating good memories, honesty, and just accumulation of pure souls wanting to grow together. 

If you start a so-called love story from nudes photos, that’s not love, that’s just lust on a very bad level. 

She is not gonna love you like that. Not any best couple fell in love with each other because one asked for some nudes and one sent it directly. 

Even if she sends you some revealing photos, that’s highly risky on the internet. Anyone can misuse it and you don’t want it to happen. 

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And also, when you ask for girls nudes, two possible things may happen: 

  1. She sent you some hot pics. Later on she regrets it. She will hate herself for doing so and she will hate you from the bottom of heart. 
  2. You ask her for nudes. She doesn’t want to send it. She hates you from the bottom of heart.

So, don’t type ‘send nudes’. 

You better love her right m know her personality, remember her smile, treat her well, and do normal dating terms is always beautiful. 

If you ask for pictures, let her send some cute and beautiful photos online. Like, the photos of her pets, her cute selfies, her stuff, her looks when she gets really bored, or just any fun and cute pics about her life. That’s gonna be beautiful. 

So, what to say to your girlfriend to send nudes? Do not do that. 

Even when she is willing to do so, it’s better not. Her cute selfies are more heart-warming I guess. 

Also, why do guys always wanna see naked girls pictures or videos all the time? Don’t make girls an object to complete you just because you are horny and cannot handle it. 

Mostly, if it comes to your girlfriend, someone you are supposed to love right. You should love her right.

One thought on “What to Say to Your Girl to Send Nudes?

  1. Don’t ever ask a girl to send nudes. It makes you look like a complete moron and Grade A pervert. And if one sends you nudes unsolicited, send her one final text. This text should let her know that you don’t appreciate the pictures, they have been deleted, don’t ever contact me again, don’t expect me to contact you, and we are finished. Then complete no contact.

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