What To Do If Your Girlfriend Doesn’t Want To Have Sex?

What to do when your girl doesn’t want to have sex? Know that some people don’t want to have sex before married and that’s okay. It might be about religion, culture, and her own decision. Respect her and you can still show love without sex before married.  

What To Do If Your Girlfriend Doesn’t Want To Have Sex?

Sex is one of many forms in expressing love. It’s sacred, emotional, and hearty. Some couples use it to improve bonding, quality time, and share love. 

But what to do when your girl don’t want to have sex with you? 

1. Respect Her 

She doesn’t want to have sex with you, that means a no. You gotta respect wants.

A girl can say NO, right? 

It’s her body, her will. She maybe doesn’t feel good about having sex with you or anyone. 

She has boundaries and you gotta respect it. Later on, just talk about each other’s boundaries and what’s best for the two of you.

2. Don’t force her 

Listen to her words and her body language. If she says no, don’t try to force her or trap her or even gaslighting her to do something she doesn’t want to do just because you say so. 

Sex should be mutual and based on consent from both side. If the sex is only about you, nah that’s a red flag for the girl. Think she deserves better. 

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3. Communicate

It’s always okay to ask your partner about certain things. She doesn’t want sex last night? Ask her way. 

But, don’t put pressure on her. Talk nicely and softly. Maybe make her a cup of tea, hug her, show some love, then communicate about everything in warm conversation.

4. Caring and understanding 

As a very good boyfriend, you should care for her and understand her feelings.

That could be hundred possible reasons why she didn’t want to have sex with you last night. She might be tired, she was on her period, she didn’t feel it, you asked for too much, or anything. Listen to her. 

Then, you know the causes why so you will know how to react. 

5. Make her feel comfortable 

What to say to your girl when she doesn’t want sex? You could say some nice things like, “It’s okay baby. Let me just hug you then. You are beautiful. or just wanna eat something sweet now?” 

Just do you best to make her sure that having sex with you it’s not a duress. Also, you should make sure that you are with her not only for sex but for love. 

6. Self-correction 

What did you do the other day? Did you piss her off? Did you treat her wrong? 

If so, it’s the reason why she doesn’t want to make love with you. You’ve been a bad boy, eh? 

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7. If she used to have sex with now she doesn’t

This is what to do when your girl doesn’t want to have sex with like it was before: 

  • Understand she might be having a bad day, exhausted currently, mood off, bad energy level, experiencing stress, or just busy lately.
  • Talk to her about what’s going on in her life, if she needs some help, or just anything to talk about. 
  • Ask her if she has some physical problems
  • Ask her nicely about her sexual drive, maybe vagina problems, or anything relate to sex and reproductive system. 
  • Be open with her. Tell her that you love her and you always wanna improve the connection and bonding with her in any way possible.

8. Come up with some alternative 

You want sex she doesn’t, then try some new things that could spark up the relationship. Also, maybe she got bored with the sex styles? 

Now it’s time maybe to cuddle all night, petting, just do roleplay without intercourse, tell some dirty jokes, or other fun things she is willing to do. 

9. Be intimate in other lovely way 

Just sex it’s not the only to express love, we tell you again. Create some quality time and be closer in different and exciting ways. 

For example, go for holiday, staycation, watch new movies, dance ’round the kitchen in the refrigerator light, or just escape town maybe. 

Communicate with her about the relationship. If you wanna keep her like an oath, you can’t just force her to have sex but you both will discuss any other beautiful ways to love each other better and cuter everyday. 

So, what to say when she doesn’t want sex? You know.