15 Subtle Signs Aquarius Man Likes You More Than A Friend

Aquarius man tends to hide their love for someone. He needs sometimes to figure out what he feels about you, but you can still see the signs Aquarius man likes you more than a friend. Find out here!

Signs Aquarius man likes you more than a friend

Born around 20 January to 18 February, Aquarius is known as a lovely, shy, funny, good communicator, and intelligently smart figure. 

Yet when it comes to love, Aquarius man cannot express it. He tends to hide the feelings as he is afraid to fall in love. He needs sometimes to finally believe it is love. 

Yes, he is good to everyone and everyone who sees him loves him. But, he is so complicated and picky. 

If you currently got a feeling for an Aquarius man, here are the signs Aquarius man likes you more than just a friend: 

1. He looks happier

People who fall in love look happier when they are around someone they like. And that’s also for an Aquarius man, even though he hasn’t got the girl yet, he is already feeling so much joy around. 

It’s something about the girl he likes that makes him always want to smile and spread some positive vibe. That love, even though he cannot express it directly, makes him feel better just thinking about the girl’s existence in his life. 

2. You’re his best friend now 

It’s not easy for an Aquarius man to commit in a relationship. Before he makes someone his lover, he wants to know the girl better by making her his good friend first. 

Being in a good friendship, he will learn about you better, build trust, and improve bonding. So, guess it’s a good move when an Aquarius considers you as his best friend now. 

3. He wants to explore new things with you

Aquarius’ character type is that he gets bored easily, therefore he likes to try new things. Well, if he feels right with you then he will also invite you on his adventures and explore new things that you both are gonna like.

Also, he wants to share his good experience with the one he likes, so you can know him better now. Indeed, you want to get bored with an Aquarius man as he will show you your wildest side too. 

4. Sure he wants to know you better 

You can feel it in the way he talks to you and he looks at you, that he is attracted to you. He likes to ask you some questions, share with you, make you laugh, and enjoy the times he spends with you. That’s because he wants to know better.

If he likes you, he doesn’t want a small talk or a one night stand, he wants a long good conversation and company. He wants to know your perspective about a certain issue, he will remember every detail of you, as he makes sure whether you are the right match for him or not in the future.

5. He respects you 

Signs he respects you are he asks for your opinion, he’s okay with argumen or debating, he doesn’t lie, he opens up to you, and he lets you be who you are.

He appreciates you for being honest and true, that’s what Aquarius man thinks the best in woman. 

6. He knows your boundaries 

He respects your boundaries. He asks and listens to what you like or don’t like. He won’t force you to do things, he won’t force the process too. 

He will try to communicate to get things right and understand where you are coming from. 

7. Yes, deep talks

Signs Aquarius man likes you more than just a friend is he loves to have a deep talk with you whenever he gets the chance. Aquarius man likes a woman who keeps him thinking, expressing, laughing, and just makes him feel alive to the fullest. 

By that, both of you will get to know each other better, getting closer and closer. 

8. He cares about you 

He cares about you more than just a friend. He may remember your every detail, remind you about something, support you, offer help, and be by your side all this time. You can feel it in your heart that the way he cares about you makes you feel better too. Plus, Aquarius loves to fight to get what he wants and what his heart desires most. 

9. He’s daydreaming about you

Like everyone else who is in love, we daydream about all the sweetest things possible. So yeah Aquarius man will daydream about the girl he likes the most. 

And if it’s you, maybe you will catch him smiling while staring at you during a serious conversation.

10. Flirts with you a little

Aquarius man is naturally playful and easy going, but he is not flirting with every girl he meets. He only flirts with the one he likes. 

And that’s not a form of lame joke, false hope, and dirty flirts. Aquarius man will express his love and desire by his words and actions to catch your feelings. 

11. He will test your love 

Aquarius man is hard to fall in love with. He refuses love too many times. He might be afraid to commit in a relationship or he wants to be fully ready before entering a relationship. 

That’s why when he falls in love, he will try to get closer to her but he will have maybe too many love tests. 

He wants to make sure you belong to him, he can trust you, you understand him, and the two of you can really get along in a good way. 

12. He wants to get close to you

Of course, signs Aquarius man likes you is he wants to get close to you mentally, emotionally, and physically. And you know Aquarius people cannot get along with everyone, they will connect really closely only with a few people but he will maintain the relationship at its best. 

When he likes you, he starts sharing secrets, opinions, hopes, and everything. That’s gonna be the strong connection and belonging between you and him. 

He will talk and discuss anything, your favorite songs, movies, family issues, your childhood, his dreams, and everything. 

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13. Aquarius man kinda like physical touch 

Aquarius man can be a bit quiet in public, but he expresses his feelings more directly to his closest people. 

When it comes to love, he wants to be intimate. He expresses his love by some physical touch. That makes him safe and sound and warm. 

14. He listens to your things 

Ideal type of relationship for Aquarius man is a deep connection from each other. That’s why he is a good listener. Listening to your stories can help you out and build a good connection between the two of you.

He will not judge you or mess around, he is happy if you can trust him by sharing stories or even some secrets. 

15. Now you see it, he shows his love to you

After quite some time when he finally figures out his feelings and is ready to commit to a relationship with someone, he will show it directly, no more hidden feelings. He will confess love and take you as his. 

Once an Aquarius man is in love, he will open up to you completely. Head over hills. But Aquarius man keeps wanting freedom and independence in relationships. 

That’s some subtle signs Aquarius man likes you more than just a friend. He might hide some feelings when he’s not ready yet. But you can always feel it in your heart if somebody likes you secretly. They will try to get close to you and care for you.

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