What to do when your crush doesn’t text you first?

You tried so hard to text your crush but they take forever to text back and even worse, your crush never really texts you first. So, what to do when your crush never texts you first? Let’s find out here! 

What to do when your crush doesn’t text you first?

Texting a crush is never easy. We type, we delete it again, we type again, and it’s a miracle to be brave to press send. We put the phone down, so afraid, wishing every notification was a text back from crush, but it seems like it will never come. 

Then the worst thing is, your crush never tries to text you first. It’s always you who starts the chat and keeps the conversation going well. 

Why is it like that and what to do when your crush doesn’t text you back? 

1. Do nothing about it

I know that would be the best day to receive a text back from your crush and it’s even a good sign when your crush texts you first when you don’t try to reach them. That means they want to talk to you even deeper. 

But what if your crush doesn’t text you back and never texts you first? You should just do nothing about it. 

Your crush will text you if he/she wants to. If you keep reaching out when they don’t respond to you, ah that’s just gonna hurt you a little bit. Also, it might disturb them because they seem don’t really want to talk to you. 

After texting your crush for a while and they don’t show interest in you, then stop there. You can assume that your crush might be busy right now, or being shy and mysterious, or don’t know what to reply, but just don’t try to reach them again before getting a good response. 

2. Don’t wait, do something exciting in your day 

What to do if your crush never texts you first? Don’t stare at your phone and do nothing but wait for them to text you first. That’s not attractive and you just make yourself look so desperate to be loved. 

You would be better to do something else, fun things, exciting activities, and just live your day like you should be. When you are busy and being active, you attract good things and good people to come to you.

Also, the good things that you do in life might make your crush get attracted to you too. Also, you will have so many exciting topics to talk about to your crush. 

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3. When you wanna text first, make sure it’s not lame or boring

Maybe you should think about why your crush doesn’t reply to you. Is it you being boring? Is it you being annoying? 

When you wanna try to talk to your crush again and you are ready to reach back after sometime, make sure you create a good vibe with exciting topics to talk about. Something that you already predict can attract your crush and keep the conversation going on and stay longer. 

You can try a new conversation like, “Hey, have you watched Squid Game yet? If you haven’t, I highly recommend you to watch the series because it’s mind blowing”. 

Or pick a viral good topic, a funny meme, a hot news topic, talk about food maybe, some music, holidays, or more. Make sure you will always have another question, good response, and nice vibe to get connected to your crush on text messages. 

4. Remember texting it’s not the only move 

If your crush doesn’t text you first, then do another way to get close to them. Say hi to your crush directly if you could, have a little chit chat when you meet your crush somewhere (I know it’s so fxxxing hard but come on). 

But there are so many possibilities, right? Your crush might not reply to your text because they don’t like texting or your messages were mistakenly hidden. But, your crush might like the effort if you try to reach them directly. 

In this digital era, everyone is texting on their phone but I guess they never really talk in person. So if someone finally tries to talk to me in person in a polite way and show some positive vibes, I think I would like them for real. 

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5. Read the signs

Maybe we don’t know what to do when your crush doesn’t text you first, but I wish you know how to read the signs if they might or might not like you. 

I know it’s gonna break your heart if your crush if they doesn’t like you back, but you should give up on your crush if they do these: 

  • Never start a conversation with you. 
  • Never text you back, never really talk to you.
  • Always ignore you no matter what you do. 
  • Doesn’t care about you, doesn’t even want to know you better. 
  • Neither by text nor in person, they avoid you. 
  • Remember when your crush ignores you, they are not being evil. Yes your heart is broken but you can’t force anyone to love you. 

So, I hope now you know what to do when your crush doesn’t text you first. After putting so much effort to get your crush’s heart and attention, you should know if they are worth it or if you should just give up on them. 

I believe you know better. I just hope you will find someone who you love and love you equally at the right time, right place, sure the right person.

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