Why my ex still wants to sleep with me?

Now you are asking why my ex still wants to sleep with me. Umm, that could so many possible reasons why, but maybe sex was the only thing he ever wanted to do with you or it was just a good-bye-sex he desired. 

Let’s find all possible reasons why your ex still wants to sleep with you here! 

Why my ex still wants to sleep with me? 

We don’t know what’s the back story, maybe he called you again at two am asking you to come over to have sex or it’s the damn season when he showed up out of the blue and the two of you insist to have sex again after so long. Well, this could be all possible reasons why ex still wants to have sex with you: 

1. He is just horny

This is the worst case scenario that your ex wants to sleep with you again simply just because he’s horny, lonely, drunk, and he remembers you will be there for him again. So, he called you at midnight and magically you wants to have sex with him too. 

After sex, no more conversation and everything is just back to be gone again. And you will realize, “my ex wants to have sex but no relationship”. Well, you should just block all people who call you only for sex, we guess. 

2. You let him to

Maybe we never learned from Dua “Lipa’s New Rules: 

One: Don’t pick up the phone

You know he’s only callin’ ’cause he’s drunk and alone

Two: Don’t let him in

You have to kick him out again

Three: Don’t be his friend

You know you’re gonna wake up in his bed in the mornin’

And if you’re under him, you ain’t gettin’ over him.” 

When you are always available for your ex, then he will be there again but not to love you, just to sleep with you without personal feelings and bonding. You will see those exes who comes to you only for sex and never care about how do you feel about that. 

3. He wants to use you

What does it mean when your ex still sleeps with you even when they’re seeing someone else? Your ex might just use you for sex. He knows all the sweet words to manipulate you and he thinks it’s easy to make you to go bed with him again all the times he wants it. 

It’s a brutal classic trick, we all should have known and learned. He might also go and sleep with somebody else, but he will run to you again to sleep when he doesn’t get what he wants from other people. 

4. He misses the sex not you

Why my ex still wants to sleep with me? Umm, could it be he just miss the sex with me but not missing me as a lover or even somebody sweet? Yes, that could be. 

Do you remember one best sex and you kinda want it again? But you don’t want the person back in your life, you just miss the taste of his touch. That’s sad but could be true. 

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5. The break up or closure type of sex 

Ah, this is the saddest reason my ex wants to sleep with me. When you broke up and he wants his one last wish, and that’s to spend one whole day with you and to have the last kiss, the last hugs, the last sex, and the end of everything. 

He wants to get the closure he deserves to feel better, to go through the break up well, and simply to understand the reasons why. That’s a farewell party with your loved one. 

6. He’s used to have sex with you

He thinks it’s easy to have sex with other people, but the truth is not. When he realized it, he might go back to you just to sleep with you, just because you guys used to have to do it before.

He’s familiar with you and everything in between the sex. He thinks it’s just easy have a physical touch with his ex than to find someone else. 

7. The idea of love

That could be the nostalgic type of sex, you know. And maybe he had the idea of love and sex and it’s with you all he remembers. Yes he never loved you, but he loved the idea of you.

So, he will come back to you again whether to sleep with you or just being obsessed with you. Because in the back of his mind, the sex with you, your kiss, your touch, and everything was what he thought was love. 

8. Reminiscing

I remember Taylor Swift’s lyrics: 

“We could call it even

You could call me babe for the weekend

‘Tis the damn season, write this down”

‘Tis the damn season

This is about the ex who crossed your mind again, when you revisit the places you used to hang out together and you feel nostalgic about them again. And you remember you loved him too much but it was tragic that you broke up. 

Life happened and everything, so you can’t ever go back with him again. But you wish you have at least one damn season to spend with that ex again, even only for the weekend to feel that good old love again. You will cherish sleeping with him again even for one last time, and you both will leave each other again, or it’s never meant. 

9. He’s the bad type

Umm, this the bad reasons but he could be the bad guy you should avoid forever. If he always calls you to sleep with you, he gets sweet talk, but he never wants to commit to you again. 

Or you know if he sees somebody else but he still puts you on his bed, and you become that lil dirty secret and game. Maybe he knew you still had love for him, so he manipulates you to take advantage of you. Be careful with that type of ex. 

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Is sleeping with your ex normal?

Some people might be okay with it, but other people wouldn’t do that. Some people said, “slept with my ex now I’m confused”. 

Some pro tips about what to with your ex that asks you to sleep again: 

  • Don’t.
  • Listen to Dua Lipa’s New Rules song on repeat.
  • Have no contact with ex. 
  • Focus on yourself and your worth.
  • Don’t let someone take advantage of you.
  • Move on.

Most of the time, it’s a bad idea to sleep with an ex. It’s already a bad idea to talk to your ex or meet your ex, mostly when you haven’t moved on. It would be so easy for them to manipulate you because you still got that feeling. Your ex will be so smart to make you do everything for him, and you will lose yourself like that. 

So, you know, it’s better not to talk to an ex again mostly if you just break up. Don’t ask again why my ex still wants to sleep with me. It’s gonna prevent you from move on, it’s gonna make you do some stupid things again that will hurt you in the end.