6 Signs An Introvert Doesn’t Like You

You hardly see the signs an introvert doesn’t like you, because they are so quiet and you can’t even tell it from their facial expressions. Indeed, let’s figure out what could be the signs when an introvert gets angry and dislikes you deep inside their mind. 

Signs an introvert doesn’t like you

Introvert is the calmest and most quiet figure in the world. They tend to avoid any social interaction and love being in their own world all alone. They spend most of the time in their own head thinking about so many things. 

They keep everything within themselves, they hide their anger, expression, thoughts, and they try to repress their feelings to anyone, so you can’t see it. 

Thus, when Introvert angry and dislikes you, they will express it in the most subtle but cold, and cruel, indirect ways possible. Here’s some signs an introvert doesn’t like you: 

1. They avoid you more than they avoid people 

You know a pro introvert doesn’t like talking to anyone, mostly strangers or people they meet at new places. Avoiding people or any social interaction is the most introvert thing.

However, an introvert can still manage some small talk to people before they make an excuse to leave. If an introvert doesn’t like you, they don’t even wanna try to have small talk with you. They will give you a bunch of other reasons not to talk to you. And they can avoid you for months or years or you never hear from them again.  

2. They don’t even bother to send a single short message

Most introverts prefer text messages rather than receive calls or direct communication. They might take a while to reply to you, but they will still reply to your message when they think they like you, you’re important to them, or they have good business with you.

One of the subtle signs an introvert doesn’t like you is they don’t even wanna reply to your message. Because just seeing your name on the screen can stress them out. When you try to reach them out again, they will give you some reasonable excuses like “oh sorry, I think I forgot to tap Send” with a smile on their face but they judge you badly in their mind.

3. They don’t want your help

An introvert loves to do things on their own. They wanna solve things and be independent. When they think you are cool and can be friends with them, they will let you help them. 

if an introvert doesn’t like you, they don’t even let you help them even when they need it the most. They feel rather to struggle alone or ask a professional or someone else but you. 

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4. They seem always busy

You might like this introvert boy or girl quite a lot and you have tried to get close to them, but that introverted crush doesn’t show a signal whether they like you or not. 

Yes, it’s so hard for an introverted person to show their expression or get close to people. But please note this, introverts love you when they can speak to you more frequently and about deeper topics. You can see if they feel comfortable with you and now relaxed and less awkward when they are with you. 

Yet the signs of an introvert doesn’t like you is they will seem busy to avoid you. They will tell you they got stuff to do all the time. 

5. They never tell they doesn’t like you 

I think most introverts cannot say something directly and straight forward. When they doesn’t like you or are angry with you, they will never tell you that. They will pretend that everything is okay.

You believe how they act around you is okay. Because an introvert is almost always quite, so you think yes nothing is wrong here. You believe they are okay with you too when they are probably not. 

6. You don’t feel connected to them

An introvert only will show their emotion and expression to the selected people they trust and are comfortable with. So even when an introvert is on silent mode, you can still feel a connection to them, that’s the silence from two people who understand each other. 

It’s a different type of quiet place or silent mode from an introvert to you if they don’t like you or secretly hate you. They will give the dead silence that makes you shut up too. 

That makes you feel like you are doing something wrong. You try to crack the cold moment, but the introvert in the room will just smile but give you a deadly stare. 

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That’s all about some signs an introvert doesn’t like you. It’s hard to tell because they will fake it all that everything is going well. But the obvious sign, we think, is that you can clearly see it from their eyes from time to time. 

If they keep cold and distant with you after so long, and they still are not able to show their emotion to you, I think that’s the sign they don’t like or they don’t want further any type of relationship or social contact with you.