Should You Text An Ex on Christmas Eve?

So, should you text an ex on Christmas or contact them again with happy holidays texts? This could be tricky, this depends on your situation. 

Should You Text An Ex on Christmas Eve?

It’s a great thing to wish anyone A Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year because yeah, it’s a big and happy day. And we sometimes get the nerve to slide into an ex DM to casually tell them Merry Christmas, but is it okay to do so?

That depends on the situation between the two of you. How long you have broken up and both emotional conditions. 

Well, here’s the brief explanation about whether you should text your ex Merry Christmas or not. 

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Don’t Text An Ex on Christmas IF… 

Should you text an ex on Christmas? You should not text your ex on holidays if this happening:

  • If the two of you just broke up less than a month or two. The pain is still beating on your ex. They are trying to move on, so are you, then it’s better to leave it all behind. 
  • If you think or you suspect that your ex still has that feeling for you, your ex might still invest themselves in the love story with you, but you have moved on for good. Don’t text them a Merry Christmas, that will give them some false hope from you, that will be so damn hard for your ex to try to move on again.
  • If you still have not gotten over your ex but you suspect your ex has moved on and has a better life without you. Don’t slide into their DM because you know, it will hurt you all over again. 
  • If the two of you are now in a No Contact period, the time when you just broke up or after break up and it’s better not to have anything to deal with an ex. Don’t meet them, don’t text them, don’t hear anything about them, just do nothing but focus on yourself. This is for the best of you and your ex.
  • If it was the worst way breaking up with your ex, if it was a bad nasty breakup, then do not ever text them ever again even on holidays. Unless you have a very good reason to and you don’t try to hurt them ever again. 
  • If you are not ready to talk to your ex, you are not ready to know what will happen next after you initiate the contact, or you are unsure about what your ex might be feeling about you. 
  • If you know your ex is not gonna respond to you the way you hope to. 
  • If you use this holiday season texts to reach them again because you still love your ex or something. I guess, it’s bad timing mostly if you don’t know the possibility if you two can rekindle. 
  • If you are just feeling lonely or drunk. Don’t torture your exes like that. 
  • If that’s gonna be just a small talk. That will be weird. Your ex to their besties be like, “Hey, this ex just texted me a Merry Christmas again. It’s been 3 Christmases lol”.
  • If you wanna get back to your ex but you are not fully analyzing the situation. You are not even sure if that person is good for your life. You don’t even know if the two of you are a good fit, if you guys love each other, or if you can work it out together again. 
  • Don’t text your ex on holidays just because you just wanna remind them about the bad chapter or the bad romance you had with them.

Should you text your ex Merry Christmas? You should not text them again if you don’t fully understand what’s your motive for reaching out again, mostly, if you know whether you or your ex are not in the best emotional state to rekindle the relationship or move on for good. 

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You Can Text An Ex on Christmas IF…

Should you text your ex Merry Christmas? You can wish them on holidays if you guys: 

  • If you and your ex are in a good place after the break up, then you can text them casually wishing them Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year. That’s fun and good. 
  • If the two of you have moved on, now is mature enough, and not hating each other. You can text your ex on holidays and wish them for the best, also you can be friends then. 
  • If it’s been long gone, if you have a good life with the new lovers, if you can laugh about the breakup drama with that ex, and now have a good relationship with your ex. 
  • If it was not a toxic relationship, wan’t a nasty bad breakup, then I guess you can. 

You can text an ex on Christmas and A Happy New Year if you believe you are not hurting them and not upsetting yourself. Do you get it?