Why Would an Ex Text You Merry Christmas? 

Why did my ex text me on Christmas? Out of the blue, your ex slides on the DM or text you Merry Christmas and you are like, “Why would an ex text you Merry Christmas?”

Why would an ex text you Merry Christmas? 

Hey, my ex texts me on holidays…

There are some possible reasons why did my ex text me on Christmas, they are: 

1. Your Ex Just Being Polite

Don’t take it too far, maybe your ex is just being polite. He or she just wants to wish you Merry Christmas like everybody else. It might be a true religious purpose of Merry Christmas wishes your ex wants to tell you. 

2. Your Ex Forwards The Merry Christmas text to All Contacts

You know, a forward message that we send to all contact numbers because we are too lazy to type the original wishes. Maybe your ex just does that, forward the Merry Christmas wishes to anyone without really meaning it but just for formalities. 

3. Nostalgia Seasons

When he texts you Merry Christmas, he might be feeling nostalgia seasons about the good times with you. Maybe you and him had the best Christmas seasons before and he missed it. Or you guys had plans on Christmas before you broke up, and he is just reminiscing about it now. 

Christmas reminds him of you? Who knows. 

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4. Your Ex Just Lonely

Why would an ex text you Merry Christmas? He or she might just feel lonely. 

Christmas, December, New Year, all the holiday seasons can be lonely days for your ex. Your ex doesn’t know what to do, all alone, or drunk, and they only text you when they feel lonely. That’s a common reason why he texted me on Christmas.

5. Your Ex Still Thinking about You

Christmas holiday is the best time for family, friends, couples, and relatives to spend some quality time together. And maybe your ex doesn’t have anyone to be with, and your ex is thinking about you, or been thinking about you all this time. Your ex texts you just because you are in his mind. 

6. Your Ex Have Been Waiting for It

Your ex knows they can’t text you out of the blue or ask about random shits. So when it’s the holiday season, they think they can get a topic to text you first without being suspicious.

Then later, he wants to know how you are and your holidays plans, and so on. You could see if your ex gives the signs to want you back again. 

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What to Respond When Your Ex Text Me on Holidays?

My ex called me on Christmas and what to do? Here’s the tips what to say when he texts you Merry Christmas: 

1. Don’t Need to Respond Immediately

Just because it’s a holiday, doesn’t mean you have time to respond to an ex immediately. You are busy doing something, finish it all first, then you can reach your phone to respond to your ex only if you want to. 

2. Just Replay with A Basic Respond

What to expect? Nothing much. When he texts you Merry Christmas, you could reply with “Thank you!” or “Happy Holiday too” or “Merry Christmas for you too!” 

It’s simple and it’s powerful. You wanna keep boundaries with your ex cause you don’t wanna fall for it again or you are now good with your own business. 

3. Don’t Really Think about It

When your ex reaches you again after some time, just don’t really think about it. Don’t ever think that your ex might miss you or want you back. Nah. 

Remember that your ex broke up with you for a reason and how painful it was. You don’t wanna go back to the same old love, right? 

4. Or Don’t Respond It

If he texted me on Christmas, I wouldn’t respond. 

But it depends on you. If you are in a good mood and you think it’s okay to respond to your ex, then respond to it. But know the consequences. 

5. Don’t Fall for Your Ex Again

When your ex reaches you out and you fall for them again, this could be something dangerous. You might feel the heartbreak twice, and that’s not gonna be a good idea. 

I don’t think exes can be friends cause it’s just hard. When you finally move on, it’s better to never have any sort of relationship ever again. Unless, you are sure you don’t want your ex back ever again. 

6. Stand Up for Yourself

Don’t let your ex ruin your effort to move on. Don’t let your ex join in your life again just to break you again. Regain your power, don’t let one Merry Christmas or Happy Holiday text make you wanna go back with your ex again. Unless You Think You Wanna Give A Second Chance.

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7. You Could Block Your Ex

If you think it’s better for you to never see your ex again and to never have any form of communication, then you could block the numbers or their social media accounts. 

8. Enjoy Your Christmas Without Them 

At the end of the day, just enjoy your holidays alone without your ex. You have your own business and your own life to live. The past is the past. Leave it all behind. 

That’s some reasons why ex text on Christmas. If you think you can be friends with an ex without any sort of personal romantic feeling, so good. If you think it’s better to never talk to them again, then don’t ever respond to their holiday text.