What to Do to Make My Girl Feel Better? 19 Possible Ways to Cheer Her Up

Umm, what to do to make my girl feel better? Your girl seems off lately and you wonder what you can do to make her feel better. Girls are sometimes complicated to understand, so take a look about how to make your girlfriend feel better when she’s sad in this article. 

What to Do to Make My Girl Feel Better

Want to know what to do to make my girl feel better? Here are some tips, tricks, and opinion to make her feel a little better and the relationship feel great: 

Appreciate Her 

Appreciate her effort to love you in any possible ways. For example, say thank you when she makes time to call you in the morning before she goes to work. Also, wish her something good and sweet to start the day. 

Listen to Her 

Listen to her and let her express her feelings about everything. That’s gonna make her feel better and she will know that she trusts you to tell all of the things.

Show good response and gesture. Let her know that she is heard and you understand her feelings. 

Go to The Groceries with Her 

You can accompany her to go to the groceries and then cook together for dinner. It’s a simple thing but I guess it’s so relaxing. You spend time with her, you just get along, and she will forget the things she is sad about that day. 

Take Her to McDonald’s 

What to do to make my girl feel better when she seems sad? McDonald’s never goes out of style. 

Take her to McDonald’s, order her some of her favorite meals, the Big Mac and Chocolate Shake, plus McFlurry maybe. Dine in or drive thru or take away dinner, as you wish. 

But drive thru is a nice idea. Eat those in the parking lot while having a lil chat, and play some favorite songs. Then, just drive along to wherever she wants. 

Subway Ride with Her 

I don’t know about her but sometimes I like subway rides. It’s a wonderful feeling to go to the subway with somebody you love. 

You can look at the city while talking to them. If you purposely hangout with them by subway, that’s gonna be a sweet memory too. It’s like you and her wanna go somewhere far to escape a lil bit. 

Hold Her Hand in Public 

One of those things to make her happy is by holding her hands, even in public. That’s a simple sign to show her that you care about her and simply it’s just sweet. How you wish you keep holding her hand through thick and thin. 

Do New Things Together 

You and her have had some bad weeks, why don’t you guys play new experiences together? Do new things together as you and her likes. 

Like maybe, a long drive to another city, bake a cake, cook some Chinese food, eat Indomie or ramen noodles together, or anything. Just about everything that will make you guys feel happy, enjoy, and create those new memories. 

Give A Little Surprise 

Give her a little surprise to cheer her day. For example, show up to her front door with some ice creams or snacks or some takeaway pizza. She will blush and giggle and says you are crazy but she likes it. 

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How to Make A Woman Feel Loved and Secure 

Here’s some tips about how to make a woman feel loved and secure: 

Ask for Her Opinion

It’s like you include her in your life by asking her opinion about small or big deals. That will make her feel important in your life, also you get to know her taste, her mind, her ways of thinking better. 

Like, ask her opinion about what’s the best gift for your guy mate’s birthday. Ask her about what’s cooler in you, the pale white shirt or navy blue shirt. 

Remember Her Little Details 

This is what girls do, she wants you to care about her in every little detail. She didn’t tell you that she got a haircut cause she wants you to notice it first. So, you better pay attention to her details. 

Help Her to Solve Problems 

Also, give your best opinion about something that she asked. Help her to figure out some problems she’s been through. Show her that you want to help and you care about her. 

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Give Her A Small Meaningful Gift 

Any gifts, don’t need to be expensive but meaningful. Like, gift her your hoodies to keep her warm in the winter. Give her a water bottle to remind her that she needs to keep hydrated. Send her some sunscreen maybe, or anything she needs them most lately. 

Help Her with Her Stuff 

What to do to make my girl feel better? Help her with groceries. Help her apply the lipstick in a cute way. Help her set the playlist for her to meditate before bedtime. 

If she had some issues at her job, listen to her then try to give her some wise opinion. Make her feel calmer so she can think clearly. 

Be Loyal and Honest 

How to make your girlfriend feel better when she’s sad? What else can you do? Just be who you are and love the way you are. Who you are is the loyal and honest one. The type of good ones that she feels so lucky to keep you around. 

Be Old-Fashioned Good Guy 

It’s never go out of style to be old-fashioned cute guy, like, open the door for her, follow the pedestrian safety tips when you walk with her, drive her home, text her to drive safe, hold her hand, play with her, and any typical romantic ways to say I love you without directly saying I love you

Be Physically and Emotionally Present

How to make a woman feel loved and secure? Be physically and emotionally present and attached to her. Create a meaningful conversation, look at her, and be with her. 

How to Make Your Girlfriend Happy When She’s Sad Through Text

If you can meet her in person when she doesn’t feel good, here are some tips about how to make your girlfriend happy when she’s sad through text. 

Send A Sweet Text 

It’s the classic way. Text her sweet things but don’t be cringy. You could text how you wish you are with her right now eating ice cream. 

Leave A Voice Note 

I like it when my man talking shits on the voice note. I like it when my man sings and he forgets the lyrics. Just talk about everything on the voice note that when she listens, she will smile while you think you are crazy and she likes it. 

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Send Her Memes 

Lol, I don’t know how to make your girlfriend happy when she’s sad through text but I think a really funny meme will do. Don’t you and your girls like sharing stupid funny memes? 

People on the internet are so stupid and funny and that’s what makes us laugh. So, try to send her some funny ones and be silly laughing together. 

That’s all about how to make your girlfriend feel better when she’s sad. Tell her that you feel so grateful that she is with you. Tell her that you wanna learn and grow better with her. In the end, just love her the way she deserves.