What do you do when your boyfriend doesn’t give you attention?

There are a number of reasons why your boyfriend ignores you, like maybe he’s mad at you but can’t deal with it, he’s considering breaking up, just need some space, or somehow just busy at work. Indeed, let’s find out some opinion about what do you when your boyfriend doesn’t give you attention. 

Signs of Your Boyfriend Ignoring You 

People say that women are complicated, so do men. A man can go from “I love u” to “a complete silent” in a blink of an eye. 

It’s easy to notice when a man ignores you but it’s not easy to find out why. Before you jump into bad conclusion, let’s consider all the signs of your boyfriend ignoring you: 

1. He never asks you about anything. 

Your boyfriend can be a super nerd and introvert who always seems ignorant or never shows emotions, but you know he cares about you as always. It’s different when a guy just simply ignores you. He never asks questions about everything, even simple things like how your day was. He used to care about you, made sure you are okay, but now you slowly feel like he doesn’t care about you anymore. 

2. He cut off communication 

It’s the obvious sign a man ignores you. He doesn’t want to talk to you anymore. Not on text message, phone call, voice note, nothing he just leaves you in blue.

He will also tell you some excuse to not meet you in person. If you are there next to him, he will keep himself busy when he is actually now. He will refuse every single word you say. 

3. He detaches your emotion 

He knows he ignores you softly and he knows it breaks your heart, but he just let you go. He is no longer making an effort to you. He also never apologies that he hurts you, yet he becomes so cold and heartless. 

4. He keeps silent to make it like it’s your fault 

It hurts to say but when he ignores you, you will reach out to him and you will get hurt. He has his control on you. Everything he does to you like him being ignorant and cold and heartless, he will make you feel like it’s your fault. 

5. He doesn’t wanna solve the issue 

Okay, you might be doing something really bad that hurt him and make him wanna run away from you, but it doesn’t mean he can ignore you that way. As a grown-up man, he should speak up and solve the problems. He can tell what you did wrong to him and how to make it better. You also need to analyze what went wrong and how to solve it, so nobody is going to get hurt. 

6. He punishes you with silence

I really hate that but to ignore someone or punish someone with silence is deadly painful. I’ve been the few times and it leaves me haunted even today. That’s the worst signs of a man ignoring you. 

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Reasons Why Your Boyfriend Ignoring You

It’s sad to say but there are so many reasons why your boyfriend is ignoring you. He could be busy, you hurt him, he’s emotionally unstable, he doesn’t love you, or he just doesn’t have good conflict management where he loves to run away instead of talking to you to solve the problems. 

Here are some possible reasons why your boyfriend ignoring you: 

1. Busy 

Do you know his schedule or current projects? He is busy in life, maybe. He’s into something big and important, feeling exhausted and tired and overwhelmed, and anything. 

2. It means nothing 

I have met a few men with a really weird behavior that sometimes he doesn’t want to talk to anyone and it’s not personal. It’s now that he avoided me or he hated me, he just needed sometimes to be alone. He came back feeling better. 

Yes, it got me worried as you do today, but it is just what it is. But then I got it. Sometimes people don’t feel like talking or doing anything and that could be about personal reasons or mental health issues. 

3. You hurt him 

Yes, maybe we do something really bad that people get mad about it and they ignore us. That happened, right? Recall it if you did something awful lately, if you think so, then tell he sorry or something. 

4. He lost interest 

You are not ready for this, but if he is ignoring for more that a week now, that could the signs of he lost interest in you. Also if you reach out to him, if you wanna talk, if you need some reasons, but he just disappears out of the blue, that’s the bad sign. 

5. He is thinking about break up 

What does it mean when your boyfriend doesn’t give you attention? That could be a break up sign. Your boyfriend is ignoring you and you don’t know why, that’s the sign of the sinking ship of the relationship. Okay, you might hurt him and he ignores you, that’s bad if he can’t address the main issue. 

Okay, he is so bloody busy nowadays but who the f is so busy to care about someone he loves? No matter what the situation is, that would be better if the two of you communicate instead of ignoring or giving silent treatment. 

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What do you do when your boyfriend doesn’t give you attention?

This happened many times in my love life when a guy I loved suddenly ignored me like I didn’t even exist. That’s hurt so bad.

That hurts even worse when we thought he was everything and he would never hurt you. You’ve been thinking about many possible reasons why he ignores you, then you become needy and anxious. 

Don’t be so desperate, here are some tips about that to do when a guy ignores you: 

1. Talk and ask him 

Get your mind clear from every worst scenario you have been thinking in your mind. Be calm, don’t get in tension, and don’t use bad words when you try to ask him why. 

You could try the nicest text line like, “hey, I think you have been away and I wonder what happened. Hope all is good.” If you meet him in person, don’t blow up with emotion. Have some tea, after dinner, or in a situation where it is warm and comfortable to have a deep talk in. 

2. Don’t expect too much 

It’s not easy to say but maybe our expectation about him is too high. The more we expect to somebody, the more frustrated we become. We stress too much about people who doesn’t even give a damn about us, cause we want him to be something he is not. our expectation can hurt us more that he hurt us. 

3. Get your life together 

Him not replying to your text for a week? Don’t mind about it. Get your life busy by doing the best stuff you could. Finish your job, your homework, workout, cooking, or anything. 

If he wants to text you, he will text you right away. He doesn’t need to leave you in blue or wait for a week to talk to you if he really wants to keep the relationship with you. Go girl, just relax and chill that the real right guy doesn’t play such a game with you. 

4. Don’t text him or reach out 

He is not showing efforts, so why you? If you have tried to glue the relationship but he keeps ignoring you and you feel unloved, then stop. 

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5. Don’t check on your phone 

You will be so anxious to always check your phone wishing for his calls. Don’t. Remember that you have so much stuff to accomplish today. Only use the phone to communicate with important people or projects or stuff. Other than that, get a life. 

6. Take decision

I think you don’t wanna be with someone who ignores you or gives you silent treatment all the time. You and him need to learn about how to build a healthy relationship. If he doesn’t feel so, then walk him to the exit door of your life. 

7. Do nothing 

How to get my boyfriend to pay attention to me again? Don’t. Don’t look for someone’s attention cause that doesn’t make you look attractive to anyone. Just mind your own business, be beautiful inside and out, and grow to be the most beautiful flower in the garden. You don’t need to look for his attention, cause you are the whole view.

What do you do when your boyfriend doesn’t give you attention? You decide. Remember that this is just some opinion, you can take it or not. Also, everyone has different situations but we wish you all the best for your love life forevermore.